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Reference list

Updates: October 2008

New subjects

Anderson, Sir (William) Ferguson (1914–2001), geriatrician
Appleby, John (d. 1389), dean of St Paul's, London, and diplomat
Arkwright, Sir John Stanhope (1872–1954), politician and hymn writer
Ashington group (act. 1934–1983)
Attenborough, Frederick Levi (1887–1973), historian and college administrator
Balch, Herbert Ernest (1869–1958), cave explorer and museum curator
Ballard, Ernest (1870–1952), horticulturist [see under Ballard, Stephen (1804–1890)]
Ballard, (Grace) Helen (1908–1995) [see under Ballard, Stephen (1804–1890)]
Ballard, Stephen (1804–1890), civil engineer
Bell, Donald Simpson (1890–1916), schoolteacher, footballer, and soldier
Benham, Gertrude Emily (1867–1938), traveller and collector
Bernard (d. 1214), bishop of Carlisle
Bonaparte, Louis Lucien (1813–1891), philologist
Boxall, Nellie (1890–1965), cook and servant
Boyd, Sir Gerald Farrell (1877–1930), army officer
Boys, Sibylle, Lady Boys (b. c.1370, d. in or after 1455), literary patron
Brian, Reginald (d. 1361), bishop of Worcester
Bulley, Arthur Kilpin (1861–1942), cotton broker and gardener
Cannan, May Wedderburn (1893–1973), writer
Carrington, Samuel (bap. 1798, d. 1870), geologist and archaeologist
Cavendish, William, second duke of Devonshire (1670/71–1729), politician and art collector
Chauhan, Subhadra Kumari (1904–1948), poet, short-story writer, and political activist in India
Coltman, William Harold (1891–1974), soldier and gardener
Cox, Edgar William (1882–1918), army and intelligence officer
Cox, Euan Hillhouse Methven (1893–1977), plant collector and gardener
Crawford, Sir William Smith (1878–1950), advertising agent
Cumming, Hanway Robert (1867–1921), army officer and author
Dix, William Chatterton (1837–1898), hymn writer
Dobell, Sir Charles MacPherson (1869–1954), army officer
Doyle, William Joseph Gabriel (1873–1917), Roman Catholic priest and military chaplain
Durant, Henry William (1902–1982), opinion pollster and market researcher
Dwivedi, Mahavir Prasad (1864–1938), writer and editor in India
Dyer, Alfred Stace (1849–1926), moral reformer
Ellacombe, Henry Nicholson (1822–1916), Church of England clergyman and gardener
Farson, Daniel Negley (1927–1997), journalist and author
Findlater, George Frederick (1872–1942), soldier and piper
Fish, Margery (1892–1969), gardener and author
Fish, Walter George (1874–1947), journalist [see under Fish, Margery (1892–1969)]
Fitzpatrick, Anne, countess of Upper Ossory (1737/8–1804), correspondent of Horace Walpole
Fullard, Philip Fletcher (1897–1984), air force officer
Giri, Varahagiri Venkata (1894–1980), trade unionist and president of India
Gopal, Sarvepalli (1923–2002), historian
Haldane, Sir (James) Aylmer Lowthorpe (1862–1950), army officer and author
Harrison, Edward Frank (1869–1918), analytical chemist and army officer
Herbert, Godfrey (1884–1961), naval officer
Hill, Sir John (1774–1855), naval officer
Holland, Margaret, duchess of Clarence (b. in or before 1388, d. 1439), wealthy widow and monastic patron
Hugh (d. 1223), bishop of Carlisle
Husain, Sir Mian Fazl-i- (1877–1936), politician in India
Isaacs, Bernard (1924–1995), geriatrician
Jackman family (per. 1763–1976), horticulturists and nurserymen
Jackman, Arthur George (1866–1926) [see under Jackman family (per. 1763–1976)]
Jackman, George (1801–1869) [see under Jackman family (per. 1763–1976)]
Jackman, George (1837–1887) [see under Jackman family (per. 1763–1976)]
Jackman, (George) Rowland (1902–1976) [see under Jackman family (per. 1763–1976)]
Jeudwine, Sir Hugh Sandham (1862–1942), army officer
John (d. 1137), bishop of Rochester
Julian, John (1839–1913), Church of England clergyman and hymnologist
Kauffer, Edward McKnight (1890–1954), artist and graphic designer
Kelly, Sir (William Archibald) Howard (1873–1952), naval officer
Khan, Agha Muhammad Yahya (1917–1980), president of Pakistan
Kidwai, Rafi Ahmad (1894–1954), politician in India
Kilbourn, Oliver Percival (1904–1993) [see under Ashington group (act. 1934–1983)]
King, Hugh Fortescue Locke (1848–1926), landowner and motor-racing promoter
Laidlaw, Daniel Logan (1875–1950), soldier and piper
Lakshmi Bai, rani of Jhansi (1827/1828–1858), warrior queen in India
Lavis, Henry James Johnston- (1856–1914), vulcanologist and physician
Leete, Alfred Ambrose Chew (1882–1933), graphic artist
Long, Gerald (1923–1998), journalist and news agency executive
Lowndes, Ashley Gordon (1885–1956), biologist and schoolteacher
Lowther, Sir Gerard Augustus, baronet (1858–1916), diplomatist
Lynch, Richard Irwin (1850–1924), horticulturist and botanist
Lyon, Robert (1894–1978) [see under Ashington group (act. 1934–1983)]
Manto, Saadat Hasan (1912–1955), author in Pakistan
Martin, John Biddulph (1841–1897), banker [see under Woodhull, Victoria Claflin (1838–1927)]
Mayo, Katherine (1867–1940), author in the United States of America
Medd, Henry Alexander Nesbitt (1892–1977), architect
Mir Dast (1874–1945), army officer
Mitrinović, Dimitrije (1887–1953), philosopher and social critic
Molyneux, Edward Henry (1891–1974), couturier and art collector
Moore, Sir Frederick William (1857–1949), horticulturist
Morgan, David Watts (1867–1933), miners' leader and politician
Murray, James, Jacobite first earl of Dunbar (1690–1770), politician and governor of the exiled Stuart princes
Neilans, Alison Roberta Noble (1884–1942), suffragist and social reformer
Pakington, Robert (b. in or before 1489, d. 1536), member of parliament and murder victim
Palmer, Katherine (d. 1576), abbess of Syon
Pope, Jessie (1868–1941), poet and writer
Powell, Felix Lloyd (1878–1942), composer
Powell, George Henry (1880–1951) [see under Powell, Felix Lloyd (1878–1942)]
Prichard, Hesketh Vernon Hesketh- (1876–1922), explorer and marksman
Pulteney, Sir William Pulteney (1861–1941), army officer
Rathbone, (Beatrice) Irene (1892–1980), novelist
Ridout, Alan John (1934–1996), composer
St Leger, Anthony (bap. 1731, d. 1786), army officer and racing enthusiast
St Leger, Barrimore Matthew (bap. 1733, d. in or after 1788), army officer [see under St Leger, Anthony (bap. 1731, d. 1786)]
St Leger, John Hayes (1756–1800), army officer, courtier, and rake [see under St Leger, Anthony (bap. 1731, d. 1786)]
Sées, John of (d. 1142) [see under John (d. 1137)]
Sheldon, Joseph Harold (1893–1972), geriatrician
Singh, Chaudhary Charan (1902–1987), prime minister of India
Stern, Sir Frederick Claude (1884–1967), banker and horticulturist
Stokes, Richard Rapier (1897–1957), politician and engineer
Strickland, Sir (Edward) Peter (1869–1951), army officer
Sybilla (d. 1122), queen of Scots and consort of Alexander I
Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)
Tagore, Darpanarayan (1731–1791) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Debendranath (1817–1905) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Dwarkanath (1794–1846), businessman and philanthropist
Tagore, Gopimohan (1760–1818) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Harakumar (d. 1858) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Harimohan (d. 1838) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Jotindramohan (1831–1908) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Joyram (d. 1762) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Nilmoni (d. 1793) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Prasannakumar (1801–1868) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tagore, Sourindramohan (1840–1914) [see under Tagore family (per. 1690–1951)]
Tajuddin Ahmed (1925–1975), prime minister of Bangladesh
Thorne, Sir David Calthrop (1933–2000), army officer and charity director
Thurstan, Anna Violet (1879–1978), nurse and weaver
Toller, Thomas Northcote (1844–1930), philologist and lexicographer
Uniacke, Sir Herbert Crofton Campbell (1866–1934), army officer
West, (Arthur) Graeme (1891–1917), army officer and poet
Wilks, William (1843–1923), Church of England clergyman and gardener
Willaume, David (1658–1741), goldsmith
Willaume, David (1693–1761) [see under Willaume, David (1658–1741)]
Wilson, Harry (1898–1972) [see under Ashington group (act. 1934–1983)]
Woodhull, Victoria Claflin (1838–1927), women's rights campaigner and first female presidential candidate in the United States of America
Woodward, George Ratcliffe (1848–1934), Church of England clergyman and hymn writer
Yolande (d. in or after 1324), queen of Scots and second consort of Alexander III, subsequently duchess of Brittany