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Reference list

Updates: May 2008

New subjects

Abel, Charles William (1862–1930), missionary
Aislabie, William (1699/1700–1781), landscape designer and landowner
Alfred (d. 1160), bishop of Worcester
Anderson, Sir (James) Norman Dalrymple (1908–1994), missionary, legal scholar, and writer on religion
Asserio, Rigaud de (c.1290–1323), bishop of Winchester
Berkeley, James (c.1275–1327), bishop of Exeter
Bingham, Robert of (d. 1246), bishop of Salisbury
Bitton, Thomas (d. 1307), bishop of Exeter
Blaikie, Thomas (1751–1838), landscape gardener and plant collector
Booth, John (d. 1478), bishop of Exeter
Booth, John (c.1436–1496) [see under Booth, John (d. 1478)]
Brocchus, Aelius (fl. AD 97–105) [see under Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)]
Bromilow, William Edward (1857–1929), missionary
Brown, George (1835–1917), missionary
Burt, Sir Archibald Paull (1810–1879), colonial judge
Burt, William Mathew (c.1725–1781), colonial governor
Busch, John (c.1730–1795), nurseryman and landscape gardener
Busch, Joseph Charles (bap. 1760, d. 1838) [see under Busch, John (c.1730–1795)]
Cerialis, Flavius (fl. AD 97–105) [see under Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)]
Childs, William John (c.1869–1933), author and government official
Chirwa, Orton Edgar Ching'oli (1919–1992), lawyer and politician in Nyasaland and Malawi
Clark, Herbert Francis (1902–1971), landscape architect
Clerke, Sir Philip Jennings-, baronet (1722–1788), politician
Coke, Margaret, countess of Leicester and suo jure Baroness Clifford (1700–1775) [see under Coke, Thomas, earl of Leicester (1697–1759)]
Coke, Thomas, earl of Leicester (1697–1759), politician, architect, and art collector
Conway, Richard Seymour-, fourth marquess of Hertford (1800–1870), art collector
Coutances, John de (d. 1198), bishop of Worcester
Erskine, Sir George Watkin Eben James (1899–1965), army officer
Fitzralph, Robert (d. 1191) [see under Sully, Henry de (d. 1195)]
Genialis, Flavius (fl. AD 97–105) [see under Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)]
Gent, Sir (Gerard) Edward James (1895–1948), civil servant and colonial governor
Godfrey (d. 1135), bishop of Bath
Guillemard, Sir Laurence Nunns (1862–1951), civil servant and colonial governor
Hancock, (Clarence Henry) Ralph (1893–1950), landscape architect and garden designer
Harlow, Vincent Todd (1898–1961), historian and constitutional adviser
Haselshaw, Walter (d. 1308), bishop of Bath and Wells
Hector, Leonard Churchill [Tim] (1942–2002), journalist and political activist in Antigua
Hussein Onn, Tun (1922–1990), prime minister of Malaysia
Jonathan, Leabua Joseph (1914–1987), prime minister of Basutoland and of Lesotho
Katilungu, Lawrence Chola (1914–1961), trade unionist and politician in Northern Rhodesia
Kennedy, David, tenth earl of Cassillis (1727–1792), patron of architecture and landowner
Kennedy, Thomas, ninth earl of Cassillis (1726–1775), smuggler and landowner
Kuper, Hilda Beemer (1911–1992), social anthropologist
Lane, Joseph (bap. 1717, d. 1784), grotto maker
Lane, Josiah (bap. 1753, d. 1833) [see under Lane, Joseph (bap. 1717, d. 1784)]
Lepidina, Sulpicia (fl. AD 97–105) [see under Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)]
Lini, Walter Hadye (1942–1999), chief minister of the New Hebrides and prime minister of Vanuatu
Mallows, Charles Edward (1864–1915), landscape architect
Mamaloni, Solomon Suna'one (1943–2000), chief minister and prime minister of the Solomon Islands
Mara, Ratu Sir Kamisese Kapaiwai Tuimacilai (1920–2004), chief minister, prime minister, and president of Fiji
Marshall, David Saul (1908–1995), chief minister of Singapore
Marwick, Sir Brian Allan (1908–1992), colonial administrator
Mawson, Edward Prentice (1885–1954), landscape architect
Middleton, William (d. 1288), bishop of Norwich
Mitchell, Mary Frances (1923–1988), landscape architect
Moluag [St Moluag] (d. 592), missionary and holy man
Monck, Sir Charles Miles Lambert, sixth baronet (1779–1867), architect, landscape designer, and politician
Moore, Sir Leopold Frank (1868–1945), newspaper proprietor and politician in Northern Rhodesia
Page, (Montague) Russell (1906–1985), garden designer and landscape architect
Peto, Harold Ainsworth (1854–1933), architect and garden designer
Prain, Sir Ronald Lindsay (1907–1991), businessman
Pritchard, William Thomas (1829–1907), consul and adventurer
Purcell, Victor William Williams Saunders (1896–1965), colonial administrator and historian
Ramsey, Mary, Lady Ramsey (d. 1601), philanthropist
Robson, John Henry Matthews (1870–1945), colonial administrator and journalist
Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)
Severa, Claudia (fl. AD 97–105) [see under Roman officers and their wives at Vindolanda (per. AD 97–105)]
Shellabear, William Girdlestone (1862–1947), missionary and Malay scholar
Silvester (d. 1218), bishop of Worcester
Simon (d. 1150), bishop of Worcester
Skeat, Walter William (1866–1953), colonial administrator and ethnographer
Spate, Oskar Hermann Khristian (1911–2000), geographer
Staper, Richard (c.1540–1608), merchant
Strong, Philip Nigel Warrington (1899–1983), archbishop of Brisbane
Sudell, Richard (1892–1968), landscape architect
Sully, Henry de (d. 1195), bishop of Worcester
Tandoh, Kwamina Faux [Chief Kofi Amoah III] (c.1877–c.1932), businessman and spokesman for west African interests
Theulf (d. 1123), bishop of Worcester
Thompson, Robert (1876–1955), woodcarver
Tilden, Philip Armstrong (1887–1956), architect and garden designer
Tottington, Alexander (d. 1413), bishop of Norwich
Triggs, (Harry Benjamin) Inigo (1876–1923), architect and garden designer
Vane, Henry, first earl of Darlington (c.1705–1758), politician
Vane, Henry, second earl of Darlington (1726/7–1792), landowner and patron of architecture [see under Vane, Henry, first earl of Darlington (c.1705–1758)]
Wade, Charles Paget (1883–1956), collector and illustrator
Wickhampton, Robert of (d. 1284), bishop of Salisbury
Wilkinson, Fanny Rollo (1855–1951), landscape gardener
Wilmot, Anthony Talbot de Burgh (1915–1996), colonial administrator, businessman, and evangelist
Wyle, Walter de la (d. 1271), bishop of Salisbury
Yagan (c.1800–1833), Aboriginal warrior
Zwane, Ambrose Phesheya (1924–1998), politician in Swaziland

New reference groups

Analytical Society (act. 1812–1813)
Anglo-Norman invaders of Ireland (act. 1169–1172)
Anti-Corn Law League (act. 1839–1846)
Anti-Slavery Society (act. 1823–1833)
Beaux Arts Quartet (act. 1953–1956)
Clerks of Thomas Becket (act. 1162–1170)
British Antarctic expedition (act. 1910–1913)
British Union of Fascists (act. 1932–1940)
Chindits (act. 1943–1944)
Cockney School (act. c.1816–1822)
Founders of the Edinburgh Review (act. 1802–1829)
Fourth Party (act. 1880–1885)
Georgian poets (act. 1912–1922)
Green Ribbon Club (act. c.1674–c.1683)
Health of Towns Association (act. 1844–1849)
Holy Club (act. 1729–c.1738)
Immortal diners (act. 1817)
Mass-Observation (act. 1937–1949)
Contributors to the metrical psalter of 1562 (act. c.1549–1562)
Mince-pie administration (act. 1783–1784)
Ministry of all the talents (act. 1806–1807)
Monastic visitors in England and Wales (act. 1535–1536)
National Charter Association of Great Britain (act. 1840–1858)
Founders of the National Trust (act. 1894–1895)
National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (act. 1896–1918)
New Testament revision company (act. 1870–1881)
Founders of the Oxford Architectural Society (act. 1839–1860)
Philosophic radicals (act. 1830–1841)
Political and Economic Planning (act. 1931–1978)
Founders of the Political Economy Club (act. 1821–1829)
Pro-Boers (act. 1899–1902)
Founders of the Royal Institution of Great Britain (act. 1799–1810)
St Martin's Lane Academy (act. 1735–1767)
Participants in the Savoy conference (act. 1661)
Scholars at King Alfred's court (act. 880–899)
Scottish literary renaissance (act. c.1920–1945)
Scottish martyrs (act. 1792–1798)
Scriblerus Club (act. 1714)
Seven & Five Society (act. 1919–1935)
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (act. 1826–1846)
Ultra tories (act. 1827–1834)
Unit One (act. 1933–1935)
Women's Freedom League (act. 1907–1961)
Women's Social and Political Union (act. 1903–1914)
Wycliffites (act. c.1370–c.1420)