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Reference list

Updates: January 2008

New subjects

Aiken, Joan Delano (1924–2004), children's writer
Alice, Princess, duchess of Gloucester (1901–2004)
Anand, Mulk Raj (1905–2004), author
Backhouse, Janet Moira (1938–2004), curator of manuscripts
Barber, John Norman Romney (1919–2004), motor industry executive
Barnes, Peter Henry (1931–2004), playwright and screenwriter
Bell, Vernon Cecil Frederick (1922–2004), founder of the British karate movement
Best, Richard (1916–2004), film editor
Birk, Ellis Samuel (1915–2004), lawyer [see under Birk, Alma Lillian, Baroness Birk (1917–1996)]
Birks, Peter Brian Herrenden (1941–2004), jurist
Blow, David Mervyn (1931–2004), crystallographer and biophysicist
Booth, Sir David Alwyn Gore- (1943–2004), diplomatist
Boyd, Sir Robert Lewis Fullarton (1922–2004), physicist and engineer
Bray, (William) John (1911–2004), telecommunications engineer
Brett, Lionel Gordon Baliol, fourth Viscount Esher (1913–2004), architect and town planner
Brigstocke, Heather Renwick, Baroness Brigstocke (1929–2004), headmistress and public servant
Brown, Fred (1925–2004), virologist
Brown, (Elizabeth) Iona (1941–2004), violinist and conductor
Bryans, Dame Anne Margaret (1909–2004), charity worker and hospital governor
Buckeridge, Anthony Malcolm (1912–2004), schoolmaster and author
Bullock, Alan Louis Charles, Baron Bullock (1914–2004), historian and college head
Burchfield, Robert William (1923–2004), lexicographer
Cahill, Joseph [Joe] (1920–2004), Irish republican activist
Calcutt, Sir David Charles (1930–2004), barrister and college head
Callender, Sheila Theodora Elsie (1914–2004), physician and haematologist
Campbell, Judy Mary (1916–2004), actress
Carline, Nancy Mona (1909–2004), painter [see under Carline, Richard Cotton (1896–1980)]
Carse, (Verner) Duncan (1913–2004), polar explorer and broadcaster
Carter, Sydney Bertram (1915–2004), songwriter and journalist
Cavendish, Andrew Robert Buxton, eleventh duke of Devonshire (1920–2004), landowner
Chapple, Francis Joseph [Frank], Baron Chapple (1921–2004), trade unionist
Charles, (William) John (1931–2004), footballer
Checkland, (Edith) Olive (1920–2004), historian [see under Checkland, Sydney George (1916–1986)]
Clough, Brian Howard (1935–2004), footballer and football manager
Coker, Peter Godfrey (1926–2004), painter and etcher
Coldstream, Sir George Phillips (1907–2004), lawyer and civil servant
Cook, Sir Alan Hugh (1922–2004), physicist and college head
Cooke, (Alfred) Alistair (1908–2004), broadcaster and writer
Crick, Francis Harry Compton (1916–2004), molecular biologist
Cropper, Dame Hilary Mary (1941–2004), businesswoman
Dalton, Katharina Dorothea (1916–2004), chiropodist and physician
Diamond, John [Jack], Baron Diamond (1907–2004), accountant and politician
Dibnah, Frederick [Fred] (1938–2004), steeplejack and television presenter
Doniach, Deborah (1912–2004), immunologist
Dudgeon, Antony Greville (1916–2004), air force officer
Dunstan, Gordon Reginald (1917–2004), Church of England clergyman, theologian, and writer on medical ethics
Ehrlich, Cyril (1925–2004), economic and social historian and writer on music
Elis, Islwyn Ffowc (1924–2004), Welsh-language writer
Emery, Sir Peter Frank Hannibal (1926–2004), politician and businessman
Farmer, Frank Taylor (1912–2004), medical physicist
Feilden, Geoffrey Bertram Robert [Bob] (1917–2004), engineer
Fiennes, Virginia Frances [Ginny] Twisleton-Wykeham-, Lady Fiennes (1947–2004), polar explorer and expedition organizer
Foot, Paul Mackintosh (1937–2004), journalist
Franklin, Stanley Arthur (1930–2004), cartoonist and painter
Friedlander, Albert Hoschander (1927–2004), rabbi and writer
Fulton, Robert Kerr [Rikki] (1924–2004), actor and comedian
Geldray, Max (1916–2004), harmonica player
Gibbs, Sir Roland Christopher (1921–2004), army officer
Gibson, (Richard) Patrick Tallentyre, Baron Gibson (1916–2004), businessman and public servant
Gilmour, Sarah [Sally] (1921–2004), ballerina
Gold, Thomas (1920–2004), astrophysicist
Goossens, (Annie) Sidonie (1899–2004), harpist
Gosling, Nigel Seymour (1909–1982) [see under Lloyd, Maude Doris (1908–2004)]
Graham, Wilhelmina Barns- (1912–2004), painter
Grandy, Sir John (1913–2004), air force officer
Grant, Michael (1914–2004), numismatist and ancient historian
Green, Dame Mary Georgina [Molly] (1913–2004), headmistress
Greene, Sidney Francis, Baron Greene of Harrow Weald (1910–2004), trade unionist
Greenwood, Nigel Palin (1941–2004), gallery owner
Gunn, Thomson William [Thom] (1929–2004), poet and critic
Hadingham, Reginald Edward Hawke [Buzzer] (1915–2004), businessman and tennis administrator
Hailey, Arthur Frederick (1920–2004), novelist
Hammersley, John Michael (1920–2004), mathematician
Hampshire, Sir Stuart Newton (1914–2004), philosopher
Hanson, James Edward, Baron Hanson (1922–2004), industrialist and financier
Hardwick, George Francis Moutrey (1920–2004), footballer
Hart, Francis Dudley [Frank] (1909–2004), rheumatologist
Heatley, Norman George (1911–2004), biochemist
Higgins, (Hugh) Christopher Longuet- (1923–2004), theoretical chemist and cognitive scientist
Hobhouse, John Stewart, Baron Hobhouse of Woodborough (1932–2004), judge
Hodge, Sir Julian Stephen Alfred (1904–2004), merchant banker, businessman, and philanthropist
Holland, Mary Philomena (1935–2004), journalist
Hopcraft, Arthur Edward (1932–2004), journalist and author
Horsley, Alec Stewart (1902–1993), businessman and social activist [see under Horsley, (George) Nicholas Seward (1934–2004)]
Horsley, (George) Nicholas Seward (1934–2004), businessman
Hounsfield, Sir Godfrey Newbold (1919–2004), engineer and inventor
Hubbard, Kenneth Gilbert (1920–2004), air force officer
Hughes, Emlyn Walter (1947–2004), footballer and television sports personality
Jenkins, Hugh Gater, Baron Jenkins of Putney (1908–2004), politician
Jenkins, Vivian Gordon James (1911–2004), rugby player and journalist
Jennings, Sir Robert Yewdall (1913–2004), jurist and judge
Jewell, Norman Limbury Auchinleck [Bill] (1913–2004), submariner and naval officer
Jones, Philip Stuart (1927–2004), television producer
Jowett, Alfred (1914–2004), Church of England clergyman
Kaye, Mary Margaret [Mollie] (1908–2004), novelist
Kear, Janet (1933–2004), ornithologist and conservationist
Keith, Kenneth Alexander, Baron Keith of Castleacre (1916–2004), merchant banker and industrialist
Kelly, Margaret [known as Bluebell] (1910–2004), dancer and businesswoman
Kieft, Cyril William (1911–2004), industrialist and motor engineer
Killick, Sir John Edward (1919–2004), diplomatist
Kinnersley, David John (1926–2004), economist and public servant
Kydd, Frances Ruth Burke Shand (1936–2004), voluntary worker
Lee, Anna (1913–2004), actress
Lee, Sir David John Pryer (1912–2004), air force officer
Lennox, Lord Nicholas Charles Gordon (1931–2004), diplomatist
Levin, (Henry) Bernard (1928–2004), writer and broadcaster
Levy, Allan Edward (1942–2004), barrister
Lloyd, Maude Doris (1908–2004), ballet dancer and critic
MacDonald, (Robert) David (1929–2004), translator, director, and playwright
Macdonald, Eleanor Catherine (1910–2004), businesswoman and management consultant
Macdonald, Murdo Ewen (1914–2004), Church of Scotland minister
MacDougall, Sir (George) Donald Alastair (1912–2004), economist and civil servant
McGeoch, John Alexander (1955–2004), rock musician
McKane, William (1921–2004), biblical scholar
McKechnie, Dame Sheila Marshall (1948–2004), housing reformer and consumer rights campaigner
MacLeod, Alistair Reid [Ally] (1931–2004), footballer and football manager
McWhirter, Norris Dewar (1925–2004), author, publisher, and political campaigner
Markova, Dame Alicia (1910–2004), ballerina
Martin, Frank Graeme (1914–2004), sculptor
Mayer, John Henry Basil (1929/30–2004), composer and violinist
Meyer, Sir Anthony John Charles, third baronet (1920–2004), diplomatist and politician
Montagu, Helen Margaret (1929–2004), theatre producer
Moorey, (Peter) Roger Stuart (1937–2004), archaeologist and museum curator
Moraes, Dominic Francis [Dom] (1938–2004), poet and writer
Morgan, Joan (1905–2004), actress
Morishima, Michio (1923–2004), economist
Morton, Sir (Robert) Alastair Newton (1938–2004), businessman
Murray, Lionel [Len], Baron Murray of Epping Forest (1922–2004), trade unionist
Murray, Dame (Alice) Rosemary (1913–2004), chemist and university administrator
Neagu, Paul (1938–2004), artist
Newell, Norman (1919–2004), record producer and songwriter
Nicholson, John Edward (1916–1997) [see under Nicholson, (Lorna) Rosemary (1919–2004)]
Nicholson, (Lorna) Rosemary (1919–2004), garden historian and museum founder
Nicholson, William Edward [Bill] (1919–2004), footballer and football manager
Nicolson, Nigel (1917–2004), politician, publisher, and author
Norton, Peter John Hill-, Baron Hill-Norton (1915–2004), naval officer
Nuttall, Jeffrey Addison [Jeff] (1933–2004), artist and author
Nuttgens, Patrick John (1930–2004), architect, broadcaster, and educationist
Ogilvy, Sir Angus James Bruce (1928–2004), businessman and philanthropist
Paige, Edward George Sydney [Ted] (1930–2004), physicist and engineer
Pantridge, James Francis [Frank] (1916–2004), cardiologist and inventor
Partridge [née Marshall], Frances Catherine (1900–2004), diarist and author
Pasley, Sir (John) Malcolm Sabine, fifth baronet (1926–2004), German scholar and literary critic
Pateman, Jack Edward (1921–2004), aviation engineer and businessman
Pearce, Sir Austin William (1921–2004), industrialist
Pease, (Rendel) Sebastian [Bas] (1922–2004), physicist
Peel, John (1939–2004), radio and television broadcaster
Pereira, Sir (Herbert) Charles (1913–2004), hydrologist and agronomist
Perkin, Harold James (1926–2004), social historian
Phillips, Andrew Kelvin [Andy] (1940–2004), lighting designer
Pike, (Irene) Mervyn Parnicott, Baroness Pike (1918–2004), businesswoman, politician, and voluntary worker
Pimlott, Benjamin John [Ben] (1945–2004), historian and political commentator
Pople, Sir John Anthony (1925–2004), mathematician and theoretical chemist
Potter, Donald Steele (1902–2004), sculptor
Potter, Lynda Lee- (1935–2004), journalist
Relph, Michael Leighton George (1915–2004), film producer and production designer
Richards, Alun Morgan (1929–2004), author and playwright
Richardson, John Samuel, Baron Richardson (1910–2004), physician
Robertson, (Charles) Martin (1911–2004), archaeologist and poet
Roper, Patrick Dacre Trevor- (1916–2004), ophthalmic surgeon and author
Rosenthal, Jack Morris (1931–2004), television dramatist
Roxburgh, Sir John Charles Young (1919–2004), submariner and naval officer
Rubens, Bernice (1923–2004), author
Rue, Dame (Elsie) Rosemary (1928–2004), medical practitioner and medical administrator
Russell, Conrad Sebastian Robert, fifth Earl Russell (1937–2004), historian and politician
Sampson, Anthony Terrell Seward (1926–2004), journalist and author
Sams, Eric Sydney Charles (1926–2004), musicologist and literary scholar
Sangster, Robert Edmund (1936–2004), racehorse owner and breeder
Scanlon, Hugh Parr, Baron Scanlon (1913–2004), trade unionist
Scarman, Leslie George, Baron Scarman (1911–2004), judge
Shaw, Margaret Fay (1903–2004), folklorist and musicologist [see under Campbell, John Lorne, of Canna (1906–1996)]
Shenfield, Arthur (1909–1990), barrister and economist [see under Shenfield, Dame Barbara Estelle (1919–2004)]
Shenfield, Dame Barbara Estelle (1919–2004), social scientist and voluntary worker
Shipman, Harold Frederick (1946–2004), mass murderer
Shoenberg, David (1911–2004), physicist
Shulman, Milton (1913–2004), theatre critic and writer
Sigmund, Miroslav (1907–2004), engineer
Simey, Margaret Bayne, Lady Simey (1906–2004), social scientist and local politician
Simey, Thomas Spensley, Baron Simey (1906–1969), social scientist [see under Simey, Margaret Bayne, Lady Simey (1906–2004)]
Smith, John Maynard (1920–2004), biologist
Smith, Richard Malden [Dick] Heckstall- (1934–2004), jazz and rock saxophonist
Smythe, Clifford Anthony [Tony] (1938–2004), political campaigner
Squire, Raglan Hugh Anstruther (1912–2004), architect
Stacey, Margaret [Meg] (1922–2004), sociologist
Steel, Sir David Edward Charles (1916–2004), oil company executive
Stevens, Denis William (1922–2004), musicologist and conductor
Stockdale, Sir (Arthur) Noel (1920–2004), businessman
Sutton, (Alfred) Shaun Graham (1919–2004), television executive and writer
Tanner, John Benedict Ian (1927–2004), museum director
Tauský, Vilém (1910–2004), conductor and composer
Terry, Arthur Hubert (1927–2004), translator and scholar of Catalan, Spanish, and comparative literature
Thelwell, Norman (1923–2004), cartoonist and illustrator
Trask, Robert Lawrence [Larry] (1944–2004), linguist and Basque scholar
Ustinov, Sir Peter Alexander (1921–2004), playwright and actor
Vane, Sir John Robert (1927–2004), pharmacologist
Villameur, Lise Marie de Baissac (1905–2004), special operations officer and member of the FANY
Wade, Sir (Henry) William Rawson (1918–2004), jurist and college head
Watson, Willie (1920–2004), cricketer and footballer
Weightman, John George (1915–2004), French scholar and critic
Weir, Mary [Molly] (1910–2004), actor
West, Henry William [Harry] (1917–2004), politician
Wheeler, David John (1927–2004), computer scientist
Wickham, Glynne William Gladstone (1922–2004), drama scholar
Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick (1916–2004), molecular biologist
Williams, Sir Alwyn (1921–2004), geologist and university principal
Wilson, Bryan Ronald (1926–2004), sociologist
Wilson, Sir Geoffrey Masterman (1910–2004), barrister, diplomatist, and public servant
Winter, Frederick Thomas [Fred] (1926–2004), jockey and racehorse trainer
Wolstenholme, Sir Gordon Ethelbert Ward (1913–2004), physician, charity director, and promoter of public health care
Wonfor, Andrea Jean (1944–2004), television executive and producer
Woodward, David Alfred (1942–2004), historian of cartography
Woolrych, Austin Herbert (1918–2004), historian
Wormald, (Charles) Patrick (1947–2004), historian
Young, Percy Marshall (1912–2004), music teacher and writer
Younger, Alan Christopher Wyrill (1933–2004), stained-glass artist
Ziff, (Israel) Arnold (1927–2004), businessman and philanthropist