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Reference list

Updates: October 2007

New subjects

Abbott, Peter Harriss (1774/5–1850), accountant and official assignee
Aitken, William (1812?–1869), Chartist and factory reformer
Allan, James (1734–1810), Northumbrian piper and rogue
Anson, Peter Frederick (1889–1975), monk, writer, and artist
Ascelin (d. 1148), bishop of Rochester
Baker, Beatrice May (1876–1973), headmistress and internationalist
Bennie, George (1891–1957), inventor
Blois, William de (d. 1206), bishop of Lincoln
Boddington, Henry (1813–1886), brewer
Bouverie, Jacob, first Viscount Folkestone (bap. 1694, d. 1761), patron of science and philanthropist
Bradley, Caroline Frances (1946–1983), showjumper
Brain, Samuel Arthur (1850–1903), brewer
Branford, Benchara Bertrand Patrick (1867–1944), mathematician [see under Branford, Victor Verasis (1863–1930)]
Branford, Frederick Victor Rubens (1892–1941), poet [see under Branford, Victor Verasis (1863–1930)]
Branford, Victor Verasis (1863–1930), sociologist and businessman
Bransford, Wolstan (d. 1349), prior of Worcester and bishop of Worcester
Browne, John (d. 1476) [see under Browne, William (d. 1489)]
Browne, William (d. 1489), merchant and benefactor
Cairoli, (Humbert Jean) Charles (1910–1980), clown
Chaury, Robert (d. 1278), bishop of Carlisle
Claydon, John (d. 1415), heretic
Cobbold, Lady Evelyn (1867–1963), traveller and convert to Islam
Cooke, Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe (1840–1911), politician and promoter of cider making
Dickinson, John (1782–1869), paper manufacturer and inventor
Douglas, John William Henry Tyler (1882–1930), cricketer and all-round sportsman
Duma, Dervish (1908–1998), diplomatist and leader of the Albanian community in Britain
Elliot, Launceston (1874–1930), weightlifter and strongman
Esmonde, Sir Osmond Thomas Grattan, twelfth baronet (1896–1936) [see under Esmonde, Sir Thomas Henry Grattan, eleventh baronet (1862–1935)]
Esmonde, Sir Thomas Henry Grattan, eleventh baronet (1862–1935), landowner and politician
FitzRoy, Charles, second duke of Grafton (1683–1757), courtier and politician
Foliot, Hugh (d. 1234), bishop of Hereford
Fremantle, Elizabeth, Lady Fremantle (1778–1857), diarist
Frost, Thomas (1821–1908), radical writer
Gilbert, Robert (d. 1448), bishop of London
Goodchild, John (1697–1756), linen draper and philanthropic society administrator
Graham, George (1801–1888), civil servant
Gurney, Sybella Catherine Nino (1870–1926), housing reformer [see under Branford, Victor Verasis (1863–1930)]
Gynwell, John (d. 1362), bishop of Lincoln
Hahn, Emily (1905–1997), author and traveller
Harding, (Thomas) Walter (1843–1927), pin manufacturer and civic art patron
Hargreaves, William Mason Creer (1919–2000), campaigner for disabled people's rights
Hemenhale, Thomas (d. 1338), bishop of Worcester
Hendry, James Findlay (1912–1986), poet and essayist
Howard, Peter Dunsmore (1908–1965), journalist and leader of Moral Re-Armament
Hutton, Edward (1875–1969), Italophile and travel writer
Johnson, Cicely (fl. 1617/18–1636/7), religious writer
Ketton, John (d. 1316), bishop of Ely
King, Lady Isabella Lettice (1772–1845), philanthropist
Lenn, William (d. 1373), bishop of Worcester
Levi, Peter Chad Tigar (1931–2000), poet and scholar
Levy, Moses Elias (1782–1854), Jewish reformer and slavery abolitionist
Loveday, Emily Mary (b. 1799), Roman Catholic convert
Maidstone, Walter (d. 1317), bishop of Worcester
Mairet, Philippe Auguste (1886–1975), draughtsman and critic
Marsh, Irene Mabel (1875–1938), promoter of women's physical education
Marsham, Robert, second Baron Romney (1712–1793), patron of science and philanthropist
Marzials, Théophile-Jules-Henri (1850–1920), poet and songwriter
McFarlane, Ian Dalrymple (1915–2002), French scholar
Meux family (per. 1757–1910), brewers
Meux, Sir Henry, first baronet (1770–1841) [see under Meux family (per. 1757–1910)]
Meux, Sir Henry, second baronet (1817–1883) [see under Meux family (per. 1757–1910)]
Meux, Henry Bruce, third baronet (1856–1900) [see under Meux family (per. 1757–1910)]
Meux, Richard (1734–1813) [see under Meux family (per. 1757–1910)]
Meux, Valerie Susie, Lady Meux (1852–1910) [see under Meux family (per. 1757–1910)]
Moiseiwitsch, Benno (1890–1963), pianist
More, Samuel (1726–1799), apothecary and administrator
Morton, Lucy (1898–1980), swimmer
Mutton, Sir Peter (1562?–1637), lawyer and politician
Napier, Arthur Sampson (1853–1916), philologist
Nash, Rosalind Frances Mary (1862–1952) [see under Nash, Vaughan Robinson (1861–1932)]
Nash, Vaughan Robinson (1861–1932), journalist and public servant
Nasmith, Sir Martin Eric Dunbar- (1883–1965), submariner and naval officer
Oman, Carola Mary Anima (1897–1978), biographer and novelist
Polakovs, Nicholai [performing name Coco] (1900?–1974), clown
Pyke, Geoffrey Nathaniel Joseph (1893–1948), educationist and inventor
Raphael, Sarah Natasha (1960–2001), painter
Roberts, Edward (1845–1933), tidal computer
Ryder, Samuel (1858–1936), seed merchant and golf sponsor
Seaman, Richard John Beattie (1913–1939), racing driver
Simonds family (per. c.1768–1960), brewers
Simonds, Blackall (bap. 1784, d. 1875) [see under Simonds family (per. c.1768–1960)]
Simonds, Frederick Adolphus [Eric] (1881–1953), brewer [see under Simonds family (per. c.1768–1960)]
Simonds, George Blackall (1843–1929), sculptor [see under Simonds family (per. c.1768–1960)]
Simonds, William Blackall (bap. 1761, d. 1834) [see under Simonds family (per. c.1768–1960)]
Smith, Frank Riley- (1865–1912) [see under Smith, John (1824–1879)]
Smith, Henry Herbert Riley- (1863–1911) [see under Smith, John (1824–1879)]
Smith, John (1824–1879), brewer
Smith, William (1829–1886) [see under Smith, John (1824–1879)]
Solomon, Edward (1855–1895), composer
Swift, Frank Victor (1913–1958), footballer and journalist
Taylor, Stephen James Lake, Baron Taylor (1910–1988), physician and politician
Tennent family (per. c.1740–1890), brewers
Tennent, Hugh (1780–1864) [see under Tennent family (per. c.1740–1890)]
Tennent, Hugh Tennent (1863–1890) [see under Tennent family (per. c.1740–1890)]
Tennent, Robert (1679–1757) [see under Tennent family (per. c.1740–1890)]
Tetley, Charles Francis (1848–1934) [see under Tetley, Joshua (1778–1859)]
Tetley, Francis William (1817–1883) [see under Tetley, Joshua (1778–1859)]
Tetley, Joshua (1778–1859), brewer
Thorp, Joseph Peter (1873–1962), journalist and typographer
Thurgood, Rose (b. c.1602), religious writer [see under Johnson, Cicely (fl. 1617/–1636/)]
Trillek, John (c.1308–1360), bishop of Hereford
Trillek, Thomas (b. in or before 1312, d. 1372), bishop of Rochester
Vere, William de (d. 1198), bishop of Hereford and literary patron
Vipont, Thomas de (d. 1256) [see under Chaury, Robert (d. 1278)]
Volk, Magnus (1851–1937), electrical engineer
Volkhovsky, Felix Vadimovich (1846–1914), revolutionary and man of letters
Waleran (d. 1184), bishop of Rochester
Wareham, Ranulf of (d. 1222), bishop of Chichester
Weld, Jane Charlotte (1806–1871), convert to Roman Catholicism and benefactor
Wettach, (Charles) Adrien [performing name Grock] (1880–1959), clown
Williamson, Elizabeth Leitch (1910–1982), whisky distiller
Wilson, Joseph (1841–1875), songwriter and performer
Woodlock, Henry (c.1250?–1316), bishop of Winchester
Wright, Gladys Frances Miriam (1891–1980), promoter of women's physical education

New reference groups

Founders of the Alpine Club (act. 1857–1863)
Founder members of the Art-Workers' Guild (act. 1884–1899)
Associated Prigs (act. 1894–1899)
Birmingham Political Union (act. 1829–1839)
Authors of the Bridgewater Treatises (act. c.1833–1836)
Broad-bottom ministry (act. 1744–1746)
Cottage coterie (act. 1823–1825)
Desert rats (act. 1938–1945)
Fitzrovia (act. c.1925–1950)
Forgotten army (act. 1942–1945)
Early English Franciscans (act. 1224–1272)
Girtin's Sketching Club (act. 1799–1800)
Great Tew circle (act. 1633–1639)
Immortal seven (act. 1688)
Jesuit missionaries to England (act. 1579–1606)
Little Gidding community (act. 1626–1657)
London Revolution Society (act. 1788–1793)
London Working Men's Association (act. 1836–1842)
Major-generals (act. 1655–1657)
MARS group (act. 1933–1957)
Memorialists (act. 1891–1903)
Metaphysical poets (act. c.1600–c.1690)
Contributors to A Mirror for Magistrates (act. 1553–1563)
Montfortians (act. 1258–1265)
Movement (act. 1954–1959)
New Age circle (act. 1907–1922)
Next Five Years group (act. 1934–1938)
Protectoral council (act. 1653–1659)
Providence Island Company (act. 1630–1641)
St John's Wood clique (act. 1863–1890)
Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge among the Poor (act. 1750–1920s)
Steamboat ladies (act. 1904–1907)
Participants in the vestiarian controversy (act. c.1563–c.1570)
War poets (act. 1914–1918)
Contributors to the Yellow Book (act. 1894–1897)