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Reference list

Updates: January 2007

New subjects

Acheson, Roy Malcolm (1921–2003), epidemiologist
Alcock, Vivien Dolores (1921–2003), children's writer [see under Garfield, Leon (1921–1996)]
Allan, Sir Anthony James Allan Havelock-, fourth baronet (1904–2003), film producer
Allibone, Thomas Edward [Ted] (1903–2003), physicist and electrical engineer
Amies, Sir (Edwin) Hardy (1909–2003), dressmaker and fashion designer
Amin, Idi (c.1924–2003), president of Uganda
Baines, Sir George Grenfell- (1908–2003), architect and town planner
Banana, Canaan Sodindo (1936–2003), president of Zimbabwe
Banks, John (1934–2003), bookmaker
Bates, Sir Alan Arthur (1934–2003), actor
Bean, Hugh Cecil (1929–2003), violinist
Berk, Lieselotte (1913–2003), dancer and fitness trainer
Bielenberg, Christabel Mary Harmsworth (1909–2003), author
Blackwell, Sir Basil Davenport (1922–2003), engineer and industrialist
Blake, Robert Norman William, Baron Blake (1916–2003), historian and college head
Bloom, André Borisovich [Anthony of Sourozh] (1914–2003), archbishop of Sourozh, head of the Russian Orthodox church in Great Britain and Ireland, and exarch in Europe
Bloom, Solomon [Sidney] (1921–2003), restaurateur
Bonarjee, Stephen Wilson (1912–2003), radio editor
Bond, Ernest Radcliffe (1919–2003), police officer
Borthwick, Alastair Charles (1913–2003), journalist and mountaineer
Brasher, Christopher William (1928–2003), athlete, journalist, and businessman
Bromley, (Lionel) Peter John Stuart (1929–2003), horse-racing commentator
Broom, Sir Ivor Gordon (1920–2003), air force officer
Brunner, (Dorothea) Elizabeth, Lady Brunner (1904–2003), voluntary worker
Brymer, John Alexander [Jack] (1915–2003), clarinettist
Bucknell, Robert Barraby [Barry] (1912–2003), television presenter
Burke, Patricia Rosa Moore (1916–2003), actress
Butterworth, John Blackstock, Baron Butterworth (1918–2003), university administrator
Bywaters, Eric George Lapthorne (1910–2003), rheumatologist
Caplat, Moran Victor Hingston (1916–2003), actor and opera administrator
Carwithen, Doreen Mary (1922–2003), composer [see under Alwyn, William (1905–1985)]
Casson, (Frederick) Michael (1925–2003), potter
Cattaneo, Ambrogio Antonio [Tony] (1927–2003), animator
Causley, Charles Stanley (1917–2003), poet
Chadwick, Lynn Russell (1914–2003), sculptor
Chilcott, Susan (1963–2003), singer
Cochran, William (1922–2003), physicist
Collins, Dame Diana Clavering (1917–2003), campaigner and writer [see under Collins, (Lewis) John (1905–1982)]
Concannon, John Dennis [Don] (1930–2003), politician
Conder, (Hugh) Neville (1922–2003), architect
Cookson, William George (1939–2003), editor and poet
Corrigan, Kathleen [name in religion Felicitas Corrigan] (1908–2003), nun, writer, and church musician
Coxeter, Harold Scott Macdonald [Donald] (1907–2003), mathematician
Crawford, Sir William Godfrey (1907–2003), naval officer
Cross, Sir Kenneth Brian Boyd (1911–2003), air force officer
D'Abo, Jennifer Mary Victoria (1945–2003), businesswoman
Daniels, Maxine (1930–2003), singer
Davidson, Alan Eaton (1924–2003), diplomatist and food historian
Denis, Michaela (1914–2003), writer and wildlife film-maker
Dennis, Richard William George (1910–2003), mycologist
Dodson, Sir Derek Sherborne Lindsell (1920–2003), soldier and diplomatist
Donaldson, Dame (Dorothy) Mary, Lady Donaldson of Lymington (1921–2003), mayor of London
Drew, Joanna Marie (1929–2003), gallery director
Eccles, Mary Morley, Viscountess Eccles (1912–2003), literary collector and scholar
Edwards, Sir George Robert (1908–2003), aircraft designer and industrialist
Fairclough, Sir John Whitaker (1930–2003), computer engineer and public servant
Faith, Adam (1940–2003), singer and actor
Fitzpatrick, Anthony James (1951–2003), engineer
Flemming, John Stanton (1941–2003), economist
Ford, Trevor (1923–2003), footballer
Fraser, Sir Ian James (1923–2003), merchant banker
Frost, Sir Terence Ernest Manitou (1915–2003), artist
Furlong, Monica Mavis (1930–2003), novelist and writer on religion
Garrison, Lenford Alphonso (1943–2003), historian and educationist
Getty, Sir (John) Paul (1932–2003), philanthropist and book collector
Gibb, Maurice Ernest (1949–2003), musician
Gladwin, Derek Oliver, Baron Gladwin of Clee (1930–2003), trade unionist
Goodwin, Ronald Alfred (1925–2003), conductor, composer, and arranger
Gordon, Giles Alexander Esmé (1940–2003), literary agent and writer
Gorman, William Moore [Terence] (1923–2003), economist
Graham, Winston Mawdsley (1908?–2003), novelist
Grant, Doris Margaret Louise (1905–2003), nutritionist
Greenhill, Basil Jack (1920–2003), diplomatist, maritime historian, and museum director
Gunton, Colin Ewart (1941–2003), theologian and United Reformed church minister
Hallward, Bertrand Leslie (1901–2003), classicist, headmaster, and university administrator
Hancock, Norman (1916–2003), naval architect
Harland, (Walter) Brian (1917–2003), geologist
Heim, Bruno Bernard (1911–2003), archbishop of Xanthos and papal diplomatist
Hemmings, David Leslie Edward (1941–2003), actor, director, and producer
Henley, Sir Douglas Owen (1919–2003), civil servant
Henrion, Daphne Hardy (1917–2003), sculptor
Herbert, Jocelyn (1917–2003), theatre and film designer
Hill, (John Edward) Christopher (1912–2003), historian
Hiller, Dame Wendy Margaret (1912–2003), actress
Hird, Dame Thora (1911–2003), actress and broadcaster
Hirst, Paul Quentin (1946–2003), social and political theorist
Hobman, David Burton (1927–2003), social reformer and charity director
Humphreys, Arthur Leslie Charles (1917–2003), computer industry executive
Hunter, Sir Ian Bruce Hope (1919–2003), impresario
Hurst, John Gilbert (1927–2003), archaeologist
Jackson, Thomas (1925–2003), trade unionist
Jenkins, Roy Harris, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead (1920–2003), politician and author
Jolles, Charlotte Alice Berta Eva (1909–2003), German scholar
Jones, Aubrey (1911–2003), politician and industrialist
Jones, Elsie Elizabeth Duncan- (1908–2003), literary scholar
Katz, Sir Bernard (1911–2003), experimental physiologist
Kelley, Joanna Elizabeth (1910–2003), prison administrator
Kelly, David Christopher (1944–2003), microbiologist and weapons inspector
Kempson, Rachel (1910–2003), actress [see under Redgrave, Sir Michael Scudamore (1908–1985)]
Kerruish, Sir (Henry) Charles (1917–2003), politician and farmer
Kirk, Geoffrey Stephen (1921–2003), Greek scholar
Knight, Sir Arthur William (1917–2003), industrialist
Legum, Colin (1919–2003), journalist
Lewis, (John Frederick) Norman (1908–2003), traveller and author
Marshall, Geoffrey (1929–2003), political scientist
May, Alan Nunn (1911–2003), physicist and spy
McBride, (Sara) Vonla Adair (1921–2003), naval officer
McIntosh, Sir Ian Stewart (1919–2003), naval officer
Menuhin [née Gould], Diana Rosamond Constance Grace Irene, Lady Menuhin (1912–2003), ballerina
Metcalf, Dame Helen (1946–2003), headteacher
Miller, Sir (Oswald) Bernard (1904–2003), department store chairman
Moiseiwitsch, Tatiana Benita (1914–2003), theatre designer
Monkhouse, Robert Alan [Bob] (1928–2003), entertainer and comedian
Morgan, Peter Henry Geoffrey (1919–2003), motor manufacturer
Morgan, Walter Thomas James (1900–2003), biochemist
Mosley, Diana, Lady Mosley (1910–2003), Nazi sympathizer and author
Most, Mickie (1938–2003), singer and record producer
Needham, Roger Michael (1935–2003), computer scientist
Ngakane, Lionel (1928–2003), actor and film director
Nicholson, (Edward) Max (1904–2003), ornithologist and environmentalist
Norris, Sir Christopher Neil Foxley- (1917–2003), air force officer
Oman, Julia Trevelyan [married name Julia Trevelyan Strong, Lady Strong] (1930–2003), designer and gardener
Oppenheim, Sir Duncan Morris (1904–2003), industrialist
Oram, Daphne Blake (1925–2003), composer and sound engineer
Ortiz, Elisabeth Lambert (1915–2003), cookery writer and poet
Palmer, Robert Allen (1949–2003), singer and songwriter
Parkes, Terence [pseud. Larry] (1927–2003), cartoonist
Perring, Franklyn Hugh (1927–2003), botanist and conservationist
Perry, Walter Laing Macdonald, Baron Perry of Walton (1921–2003), pharmacologist and university administrator
Pickering, Sir Edward Davies (1912–2003), journalist and newspaper editor and executive
Poole, Monica Mary (1921–2003), wood-engraver
Pountain, Sir Eric John (1933–2003), industrialist
Powell, Sir (Arnold Joseph) Philip (1921–2003), architect
Praagh, Gordon Van (1909–2003), chemist and educationist
Price, Cedric John (1934–2003), architect
Prince, Frank Templeton (1912–2003), poet and scholar
Procktor, Patrick George (1936–2003), painter
Pryce, Maurice Henry Lecorney (1913–2003), physicist
Pugh, (Glanville) Vernon (1945–2003), barrister and rugby union administrator
Raine, Kathleen Jessie (1908–2003), poet and literary scholar
Ray, Andrew (1939–2003), actor [see under Ray, Robin (1934–1998)]
Rayne, Max, Baron Rayne (1918–2003), property developer and philanthropist
Redgrove, Peter William (1932–2003), poet and novelist
Rees, Jeremy Martin (1937–2003), arts administrator
Rees, Leighton Thomas (1940–2003), darts player
Reeves, Marjorie Ethel (1905–2003), historian and educationist
Richardson, Sir Michael John de Rougemont (1925–2003), financier
Roberts, John Morris (1928–2003), historian
Roc, Patricia (1915–2003), film actress
Roper, Hugh Redwald Trevor-, Baron Dacre of Glanton (1914–2003), historian
Rowe, Arthur (1936–2003), athlete
Rubinstein, Patricia Giulia Caulfield Kate [pseud. Antonia Forest] (1915–2003), writer
Ruck, Peter Frederick Carter- (1914–2003), solicitor
Russell, (Irwin) Peter (1921–2003), poet and editor
Ryder, Sydney Franklin Thomas [Don], Baron Ryder of Eaton Hastings (1916–2003), journalist and industrialist
Sandford, (Christopher) Jeremy (1930–2003), writer
Saunders, Sir Peter (1911–2003), theatre producer
Schapera, Isaac (1905–2003), ethnographer and social anthropologist
Schlesinger, John Richard (1926–2003), film and stage director
Segal, Judah Benzion (1912–2003), scholar of Semitic languages
Shawcross, Hartley William, Baron Shawcross (1902–2003), barrister, politician, and businessman
Shearman, John Kinder Gowran (1931–2003), art historian
Sheene, Barry Stephen Frank (1950–2003), racing motorcyclist
Short, Irene [Renee] (1916–2003), politician
Sisson, Charles Hubert (1914–2003), poet, essayist, and civil servant
Skelton, Kenneth John Fraser (1918–2003), bishop of Lichfield
Smith, Sir John Cyril (1922–2003), jurist
Smith, Sir Roland (1928–2003), marketing scholar and businessman
Smithson, Peter Denham (1923–2003), architect, writer, and teacher
Spiegl, Fritz (1926–2003), musician and humorist
Sugden, Sir Arthur (1918–2003), businessman
Tait, Sylvia Agnes Sophia (1917–2003), biochemist and endocrinologist
Taylor, Donald Victor (1936–2003), television director and playwright
Taylor, (Robert Murray) Ross (1932–2003), surgeon
Terraine, John Alfred (1921–2003), historian
Thatcher, Sir Denis, first baronet (1915–2003), businessman and prime ministerial consort
Thesiger, Sir Wilfred Patrick (1910–2003), explorer
Thistlethwaite, Frank (1915–2003), historian and university administrator
Thomas, Graham Stuart (1909–2003), horticulturist
Tinniswood, Peter (1936–2003), writer
Travers, Susan Mary Gillian (1909–2003), foreign legionnaire
Tumim, Sir Stephen (1930–2003), judge and prison inspector
Venables, Clare Rosamund (1943–2003), theatre director
Vogt, Marthe Louise (1903–2003), pharmacologist and neurochemist
Walker, Alexander Alfred (1930–2003), film critic and biographer
Watkins, Winifred May (1924–2003), biochemist
Watts, Sir John Peter Barry Condliffe (1930–2003), army officer
Webster, David James (1931–2003), television producer and broadcasting executive
Welch, Elisabeth Margaret (1904–2003), singer and actress
Wells, Alberta Constance [other married name Alberta Constance Ayer, Lady Ayer] (1925–2003), journalist, novelist, and broadcaster
West, Peter Anthony (1920–2003), broadcaster and sports commentator
Wilberforce, Richard Orme, Baron Wilberforce (1907–2003), judge
Wilkins, Sir Graham John [Bob] (1924–2003), industrialist
Williams, Sir Bernard Arthur Owen (1929–2003), philosopher
Williams, Gareth Wyn, Baron Williams of Mostyn (1941–2003), barrister and politician
Williams, Philip James Stradling (1939–2003), physicist and politician
Williamson, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher (1931–2003), composer
Wollheim, Richard Arthur (1923–2003), philosopher
Worsley, Jack Reginald (1923–2003), acupuncturist
Wright, Esmond (1915–2003), historian and politician
Young, Hugo John Smelter (1938–2003), journalist
Younger, George Kenneth Hotson, Baron Younger of Prestwick and fourth Viscount Younger of Leckie (1931–2003), brewer, politician, and banker