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Reference list

Updates: October 2006

New subjects

Acres, Birt (1854?–1918), film-maker
Acton, Sir Robert (b. before 1497, d. 1558), saddler and member of parliament
Alleyne, Thomas (c.1488–1558), clergyman and benefactor
Allington, William (d. 1446), administrator and speaker of the House of Commons
Allington, Sir William (d. 1479), speaker of the House of Commons
Ashwell, Mary (fl. 1662–1664) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Aske, Robert (1619–1689), silk merchant and benefactor
Bambatha ka Mancinza (1865/6–1906), chief and rebel in Natal
Bancroft, Francis (1667–1728), financial agent and benefactor
Barker, William George (1868–1951), film producer
Barker (fl. 1665–1667) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Barnett, Henry Walter (1862–1934), photographer
Barraud, Herbert Rose (1844/5–1896), photographer
Bassano, Alexander (1829–1913), photographer and artist
Battye, Aubyn Bernard Rochfort Trevor- (1855–1922), traveller and naturalist
Baynard, Richard (1371–1434), lawyer and speaker of the House of Commons
Bayning, Paul (c.1539–1616), merchant
Beard, Richard (1801–1885), photographic entrepreneur
Beresford, George Charles (1864–1938), photographer and memoirist
Birch, Jane (b. 1643/4, d. after 1703) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Birch, Wayneman (fl. 1660–1663) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Bird, Walter Leonard Frederick (1903–1969), photographer
Borlase, Sir William (c.1562–1629), politician and benefactor
Bowker, Agnes (b. 1541/2), servant and alleged mother of a cat
Box, Henry (1585–1662), educational benefactor
Box, Mary (d. 1679), educational benefactor [see under Box, Henry (1585–1662)]
Brooke, Frances, Lady Cobham (b. after 1530, d. 1592), courtier
Brookes, John Henry (1891–1975), educational administrator and craftsman
Burn, Amos (1848–1925), chess player
Calle, Richard (d. in or after 1503), administrator and land agent
Cameron, William (c.1787–1851), pedlar and beggar
Campbell, Henry James (1813–1889), textile merchant and school founder
Carrick, William (1827–1878), photographer
Clifford, Charles (1819?–1863), photographer
Collier, Richard (1480x85?–1533), mercer and benefactor
Cooke, Joan (d. 1544/5) [see under Cooke, John (d. 1528)]
Cooke, John (d. 1528), mercer and benefactor
Coster, Howard Sydney Musgrave (1885–1959), photographer
Cottesmore, John (d. 1439), justice
Crawford, John (1775–1831), sailor and naval hero
Crowther, James Gerald (1899–1983), science journalist and administrator
Cundall, Joseph (1818–1895), publisher and photographer
Cure, Thomas (d. 1588), saddler
Dauntsey, William (c.1480–1543), merchant and benefactor
Dewhurst, Robert (1576/7–1645), lawyer and benefactor
Dormer, Sir William (1512?–1575) [see under Pelham, Dorothy, Lady Pelham (d. 1613)]
Dowe, Robert (c.1523–1612), merchant and benefactor
Dyer, John (1653/4–1713), newsletter writer
Edwards, Huw Thomas (1892–1970), trade unionist and politician in Wales
Edwards, Thomas (d. 1681) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Ellis, Thomas (d. 1562), merchant and benefactor
Englefield, Sir Thomas (1455–1514), royal councillor and speaker of the House of Commons
Evans, Evan (1795–1855), Welsh-language poet
Falcieri, Giovanni Battista (1798–1874), servant
Fish, Walter (d. 1585), tailor
Fitzwilliam, Sir Thomas (d. 1497), lawyer and speaker of the House of Commons
Fontane, Theodor (1819–1898), novelist and travel writer
French, (Leonard) John (1907–1966), photographer
Gainsborough, Humphrey (bap. 1718, d. 1776), Independent minister and engineer
Glaisher, Cecilia Louisa (1828–1892), photographer
Godolphin, Elizabeth (bap. 1663, d. 1726), benefactor
Gosnell, Winifred (fl. 1662–1669) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Green, John (d. 1473), lawyer and speaker of the House of Commons
Hardcastle, Joseph (1752–1819), merchant and evangelical activist
Hardman, Edward Fitzmaurice Chambré (1898–1988), photographer
Hardye, Thomas (d. 1599), benefactor
Harrower, John (1733–1777?), indentured servant and journal writer
Hartley, David (c.1731–1770), coiner
Heath, (Robert) Vernon (1819/20–1895), photographer
Herwarth, Philibert, Baron von Hüningen (1644–1721), diplomat and benefactor
Hinton, Alfred Horsley (1863–1908), photographer
Hopley, Thomas (1819–1876), schoolmaster and convicted homicide
Howard, Aletheia, countess of Arundel, of Surrey, and of Norfolk, and suo jure Baroness Furnivall, Baroness Talbot, and Baroness Strange of Blackmere (d. 1654), patron and collector of art
Howard, Katherine, countess of Nottingham (1545x50–1603), courtier
Hughes, Victoria (1897–1978), lavatory attendant and author
Husee, John (d. 1548), agent and soldier
Inman, Philip Albert, Baron Inman (1892–1979), hospital administrator and businessman
James, John (d. 1680) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Jenkins, John (1770–1829), Church of England clergyman and antiquary
Juyn, Sir John (d. 1440), justice
Kebbel, Thomas Edward (1826–1917), journalist
Kenyon, James (1850–1925), film-maker [see under Mitchell, Sagar Jones (1866–1952)]
Kernahan, (John) Coulson (1858–1943), writer and promoter of compulsory military service
Kernahan, Mary Jane Hickling (1857–1941) [see under Kernahan, (John) Coulson (1858–1943)]
Knollys, Katherine, Lady Knollys (c.1523–1569), courtier
Lamb, Roger (1756–1830), soldier and writer
Lemere, (Henry) Bedford (1865–1944), architectural photographer
Little, Clement (c.1527–1580), lawyer and benefactor
Lucraft, Benjamin (1809–1897), cabinet-maker and political activist
Mackenzie, Colin (1697/8–1775), physician and man-midwife
Marjoribanks, John (1758/9–1796), poet and army officer
Mayne, Ethelind Frances Colburn (1865–1941), author and translator
Mellers, Agnes (d. 1513/14), benefactor
Mellers, Richard (d. 1507) [see under Mellers, Agnes (d. 1513/)]
Mercer, Mary (b. 1647) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Mico, Jane, Lady Mico (b. in or before 1634, d. 1670) [see under Mico, Sir Samuel (d. 1666)]
Mico, Sir Samuel (d. 1666), merchant and benefactor
Mitchell, Sagar Jones (1866–1952), film-maker
Moat, Henry (1871–1940), servant
Moraley, William (1698–1762), indentured servant and writer
Morelli, Cesare (fl. 1673–1687) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Mortimer, Francis James (1874–1944), photographer, writer, and editor
Moulson, Ann, Lady Moulson (1576–1661), benefactor
Murray, John (1809–1898), army surgeon and photographer
Nicholls, Horace Walter (1867–1941), photographer
Pearman, John (1819–1908), soldier and autobiographer
Pelham, Dorothy, Lady Pelham (d. 1613), benefactor
Penlez, Bosavern (1726–1749), wigmaker and convicted rioter
Pepys, Paulina (1640–1689) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Plant, (Samuel) Cornell (1866–1921), river pilot and cartographer
Powell, (Ellen) Margaret (1907–1984), domestic servant and writer
Price, Chase (1731–1777), politician and wit
Price, William Frederick Lake (1810–1896), photographer and watercolourist
Radcliffe, Mary (c.1550–1617/18), courtier
Reckitt, Albert Leopold (1877–1947), chemical manufacturer and benefactor
Robson, Edward Robert (1835–1917), architect and surveyor
Rosee, Pasqua (fl. 1651–1656), coffee-house keeper
Roysse, John (1500/01–1571), mercer and benefactor
St John, Ambrose (1815–1875), Roman Catholic priest and headmaster
Scudamore, Mary, Lady Scudamore (c.1550–1603), courtier
Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)
Sexey, Hugh (d. 1619), lawyer and benefactor
Shen Fuzong (c.1658–1691), traveller and convert to Christianity
Skut, John (fl. 1519–1547), tailor
Smith, David (d. 1587), embroiderer and benefactor
Smith, Sir James (c.1621–1681), politician and benefactor
Stafford, Dorothy, Lady Stafford (1526–1604), courtier
Stanford, John Montague Benett- (1870–1947), cinematographer and landowner
Stoneman, Walter Ernest (1876–1958), photographer
Sturmy, Sir William (c.1356–1427), diplomat and speaker of the House of Commons
Symonds, Peter (c.1528–1586/7), mercer and benefactor
Thrift, John (d. 1752), public executioner and murderer
Tonge, Susan (b. before 1510, d. in or after 1564), courtier
Vandyk, Carl (1851–1931), photographer
Vandyk, Herbert (1879–1943), photographer [see under Vandyk, Carl (1851–1931)]
Ware, Richard of (d. 1283), abbot of Westminster
Watson, George (1654–1723), accountant and benefactor
Wigston, Roger (1482/3–1542) [see under Wyggeston, William (c.1467–1536)]
Willett, Deborah (1650/51–1678) [see under Servants of Samuel Pepys (act. 1658–1703)]
Williams, Sir John, baronet (1840–1926), physician and benefactor
Williams, Thomas Richard (1824–1871), photographer
Williamson, Joseph (1769–1840), tunnel builder and philanthropist
Wren, Walter (1834–1898), teacher
Wright, Thomas (1839–1909), engineer and social commentator
Wyggeston, William (c.1467–1536), merchant and benefactor