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Reference list

British envoys and ambassadors to the United States of America (1791–2013)

The first minister sent from Great Britain to the United States was appointed in 1791 with the status of minister-plenipotentiary. Until 1893 the British diplomatic representative in the USA had the standing of envoy-extraordinary and minister-plenipotentiary; from then the rank of the British representative was raised from envoy to ambassador. From 1803 the British representatives were resident in Washington.

In addition to the envoys and ambassadors listed below, three British diplomatic representatives conducted special missions to the United States: in 1807, George Henry Rose (1770–1855); in 1842, Alexander Baring, first Baron Ashburton (1773–1848); and in 1854, James Bruce, eighth earl of Elgin and twelfth earl of Kincardine (1811–1863).
1791–1795George Hammond (1763–1853)
1796–1800Robert Liston (1742–1836)
1803–1806Anthony Merry (1756–1835)
1806–1809David Montagu Erskine (1776–1855)
1809–1811Francis James Jackson (1770–1814)
1811–1812Augustus John Foster (1780–1848)
1815–1820 Charles Bagot (1781–1843)
1820–1824Stratford Canning (1786–1880)
1825–1835Sir Charles Richard Vaughan (1774–1849)
1836–1844Henry Stephen Fox (1791–1846)
1844–1847Richard Pakenham (1797–1868)
1849–1852(William) Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer (1801–1872)
1852–1856John Fiennes Twisleton Crampton (1805–1886)
1857–1858Francis Napier, tenth Lord Napier of Merchistoun (1819–1898)
1858–1865Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons, second Baron Lyons (1817–1887)
1865–1867Sir Frederick William Adolphus Wright-Bruce (1814–1867)
1867–1881Sir Edward Thornton (1817–1906)
1881–1888Lionel Sackville Sackville-West (1827–1908)
1889–1902Julian Pauncefote, Baron Pauncefote (1828–1902)
1902–1903Sir Michael Henry Herbert (1857–1903)
1903–1906Sir (Henry) Mortimer Durand (1850–1924)
1907–1913James Bryce (1838–1922)
1913–1918Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice (1859–1918)
1918–1919Rufus Daniel Isaacs, earl of Reading (1860–1935)
1920–1924Sir Auckland Campbell Geddes (1879–1954)
1924–1930Sir Esme William Howard (1863–1939)
1930–1939Sir Ronald Charles Lindsay (1877–1945)
1939–1940Philip Henry Kerr, eleventh marquess of Lothian (1882–1940)
1941–1946Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, first earl of Halifax (1881–1959)
1946–1948Archibald John Kerr Clark Kerr, Baron Inverchapel (1882–1951)
1948–1952Sir Oliver Shewell Franks (1905–1992)
1952–1956Sir Roger Mellor Makins (1904–1996)
1956–1961Sir Harold Anthony Caccia (1905–1990)
1961–1965(William) David Ormsby Gore, fifth Baron Harlech (1918–1985)
1965–1969Sir Patrick Henry Dean (1909–1994)
1969–1971John Freeman (1915–2014)
1971–1974(George) Rowland Stanley Baring, third earl of Cromer (1918–1991)
1974–1977Sir Peter Edward Ramsbotham (1919–2010)
1977–1979Peter Jay (b. 1937)
1979–1982Sir (John) Nicholas Henderson (1919–2009)
1982–1986Sir (John) Oliver Wright (1921–2009)
1986–1991Sir Antony Arthur Acland (b. 1930)
1991–1995Sir Robin William Renwick (b. 1937)
1995–1997Sir John Olav Kerr (b. 1942)
1997–2003Sir Christopher John Rome Meyer (b. 1944)
2003–2007Sir David Geoffrey Manning (b. 1949)
2007–2012Sir Nigel Elton Sheinwald (b. 1953)
2012–Sir Peter John Westmacott (b. 1950)