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Colonial administrators and post-independence leaders in Zambia (1924–2000)

In 1895 North Zambesia (including Bulozi, known to the British as Barotseland, and occupied by the British South Africa Company in 1891) became part of the Rhodesia Protectorate, administered by the British South Africa Company. From 1900 onwards northern Rhodesia (present-day Zambia) was administered separately from Southern Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) as two units, North-Eastern Rhodesia and North-Western Rhodesia. These were combined to form Northern Rhodesia in 1911. Northern Rhodesia became a British protectorate in 1924. The governors of Northern Rhodesia (1924–64) are listed below.

Between 1953 and 1963 Northern Rhodesia was part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, along with Nyasaland (later Malawi) and Southern Rhodesia. The governors-general and the prime ministers of the federation (1953–63) are listed below. The federation was dissolved at the end of 1963.

Northern Rhodesia was given self-rule in January 1964 and Kenneth Kaunda became the country's first prime minister, serving until the presidential elections held in August. The country became independent from the UK as the Republic of Zambia in October 1964, with a presidential form of government led by Kaunda. The post of prime minister was revived in 1973 but again abolished in 1991. The presidents (1964–2000) and prime ministers (1973–91) of Zambia are listed below.
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Governors of Northern Rhodesia (1924–1964)

1924–1927Sir Herbert James Stanley (1872–1955)
1927 (July–Aug)Richard Allmond Jeffrey Goode (1873–1953); acting governor
1927–1932Sir James Crawford Maxwell (1869–1932)
1932–1934Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs (1881–1955)
1934–1938Sir Hubert Winthrop Young (1885–1950)
1938–1941Sir John Alexander Maybin (1889–1941)
1941 (April–Oct)William Marston Logan (1889–1968); acting governor
1941–1947Sir (Eubule) John Waddington (1890–1957)
1947–1948Robert Christopher Stafford Stanley (1899–1981); acting governor
1948–1954Sir Gilbert McCall Rennie (1895–1981)
1954 (March–May)Alexander Thomas Williams (1903–1984); acting governor
1954–1959Sir Arthur Edward Trevor Benson (1907–1987)
1959–1964Sir Evelyn Dennison Hone (1911–1979)

Governors-general of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (1953–1963)

1953–1957John Jestyn Llewellin, Baron Llewellin (1893–1957)
1957 (Jan–Feb)Sir Robert Clarkson Tredgold (1899–1977); acting governor-general
1957 (Feb–Oct)Sir William Lindsay Murphy (1887–1965); acting governor-general
1957–1963Simon Ramsay, sixteenth earl of Dalhousie (1914–1999)
1963 (May–Dec)Sir Humphrey Vicary Gibbs (1902–1990); acting governor-general

Prime ministers of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (1953–1963)

1953–1956Godfrey Martin Huggins, first Viscount Malvern (1883–1971); Federal Party
1956–1963Sir Roland [Roy] Welensky (1907–1991); Federal Party (1956–7), United Federal Party (1957–63)

Prime minister of Northern Rhodesia (1964)

1964 (Jan–Aug)Kenneth David Kaunda (b. 1924); United National Independence Party

Presidents of Zambia (1964–2000)

1964–1991Kenneth David Kaunda (b. 1924); United National Independence Party
1991–[2002]Frederick J. T. Chiluba (1943–2011); Movement for Multi-Party Democracy

Prime ministers of Zambia (1973–1991)

1973–1975(Mathias) Mainza Chona (1930–2001); United National Independence Party
1975–1977Elijah Mudenda (1927–2008); United National Independence Party
1977–1978(Mathias) Mainza Chona (1930–2001); United National Independence Party
1978–1981Daniel Lisulo (1930–2000); United National Independence Party
1981–1985Nalumino Mundia (1927–1988); United National Independence Party
1985–1989Kebby Musokotwane (1946–1996); United National Independence Party
1989–1991Malimba Masheke (b. 1941); United National Independence Party