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Colonial administrators and post-independence leaders in Kenya (1895–2000)

The sultan of Zanzibar granted control of the coastal area of modern-day Kenya to the British East Africa Association (from 1888 the Imperial British East Africa Company) in 1887. In 1895 the British East Africa Protectorate was declared, with a commissioner appointed by the Foreign Office. In 1905 control was transferred to the Colonial Office, and a governor appointed. The commissioners (1895–1905) and governors (1905–20) of British East Africa are listed below.

The British East Africa Protectorate became the Kenya colony and protectorate in 1920. Limited self-government was given to the white settlers, who elected members to the legislative council from 1919. The governors of Kenya (1920–63) are listed below.

Kenya was given self-rule on a non-racial franchise in June 1963; the Kenya African National Union won the election and Jomo Kenyatta became prime minister. In December 1963 Kenya gained independence from the UK. A year later it became a republic, with Kenyatta as the first president. Kenya became a one-party state in 1982, but multi-party elections were again held from 1992. The presidents of Kenya (1964–2000) are listed below.

Commissioners of British East Africa (1895–1905)

1895–1900Sir Arthur Henry Hardinge (1859–1933)
1900–1904Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot (1862–1931)
1904–1905Sir Donald William Stewart (1860–1905)
1905 (Dec)James Hayes Sadler (1851–1922)

Governors of British East Africa (1905–1920)

1905–1909James Hayes Sadler (1851–1922)
1909–1912Sir (Édouard) Percy Cranwill Girouard (1867–1932)
1912–1917Sir Henry Conway Belfield (1855–1923)
1917–1919Sir Charles Calvert Bowring (1872–1945); acting governor
1919–1920Sir Edward Northey (1868–1953)

Governors of Kenya (1920–1963)

1920–1922Sir Edward Northey (1868–1953)
1922–1925Sir Robert Thorne Coryndon (1870–1925)
1925–1930Sir Edward William Macleay Grigg (1879–1955)
1931–1937Sir Joseph Aloysius Byrne (1874–1942)
1937–1939Sir (Henry) Robert Moore Brooke-Popham (1878–1953)
1940–1944Sir Henry Monck-Mason Moore (1887–1964)
1944–1952Sir Philip Euen Mitchell (1890–1964)
1952–1959Sir (Charles) Evelyn Baring (1903–1973)
1959–1962Sir Patrick Muir Renison (1911–1965)
1963 (Jan–Dec)Malcolm John MacDonald (1901–1981)

Governor-general of Kenya (1963–1964)

1963–1964Malcolm John MacDonald (1901–1981)

Prime minister of Kenya (1963–1964)

1963–1964Jomo Kenyatta (c.1895–1978); Kenya African National Union

Presidents of Kenya (1964–2000)

1964–1978Jomo Kenyatta (c.1895–1978); Kenya African National Union
1978–[2002]Daniel arap Moi (b. 1924); Kenya African National Union