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Secretaries and secretaries of state for Scotland (1885–2012)

The office of secretary for Scotland was created in 1885, the holder being the government minister responsible for Scottish administration. After 1892, except when a war cabinet was in existence, the Scottish secretary was a member of the cabinet. In 1926 the Scottish secretary was made a full secretary of state.

1885–1886Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, sixth duke of Richmond, sixth duke of Lennox, and first duke of Gordon (1818–1903)
1886 (Feb–March)George Otto Trevelyan (1838–1928)
1886 March–JulyJohn William Maule Ramsay, thirteenth earl of Dalhousie (1847–1887)
1886–7Arthur James Balfour (1848–1930)
1887–1892Schomberg Henry Kerr, ninth marquess of Lothian (1833–1900)
1892–1895Sir George Otto Trevelyan, second baronet (1838–1928)
1895–1903Alexander Hugh Bruce, sixth Lord Balfour of Burleigh (1849–1921)
1903–1905Andrew Graham Murray (1849–1942)
1905 (Feb–Dec)John Adrian Louis Hope, seventh earl of Hopetoun and first marquess of Linlithgow (1860–1908)
1905–1912John Sinclair, first Baron Pentland (1860–1925)
1912–1916Thomas McKinnon Wood (1855–1927)
1916 (July–Dec)Harold John Tennant (1865–1935)
1916–1922Robert Munro (1868–1955)
1922–1924Ronald Crauford Munro Ferguson, Viscount Novar (1860–1934)
1924William Adamson (1863–1936)
1924–1929Sir John Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave, second baronet (1876–1940)
1929–1931William Adamson (1863–1936)
1931–1932SirArchibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair (1890–1970)
1932–1936Sir Godfrey Pattison Collins (1875–1936)
1936–1938Walter Elliot Elliot (1888–1958)
1938–1940(David) John Colville (1894–1954)
1940–1941(Alfred) Ernest Brown (1881–1962)
1941–1945Thomas Johnston (1881–1965)
1945 (May–Aug)(Albert Edward) Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose, sixth earl of Rosebery and second earl of Midlothian (1882–1974)
1945–1947Joseph Westwood (1884–1948)
1947–1950Arthur Woodburn (1890–1978)
1950–1951Hector McNeil (1907–1955)
1951–1957James Gray Stuart (1897–1971)
1957–1962John Scott Maclay (1905–1992)
1962–1964Michael Antony Cristobal Noble (1913–1984)
1964–1970William Ross (1911–1988)
1970–1974Gordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell (1921–2005)
1974–1976William Ross (1911–1988)
1976–1979Bruce Millan (1927–2013)
1979–1986George Kenneth Hotson Younger, Baron Younger of Prestwick and fourth Viscount Younger of Leckie (1931–2003)
1986–1990Malcolm Leslie Rifkind (b. 1946)
1990–1995Ian Bruce Lang (b. 1940)
1995–1997Michael Bruce Forsyth (b. 1954)
1997–1999Donald Campbell Dewar (1937–2000)
1999–2001John Reid (b. 1947)
2001–2003Helen Lawrie Liddell (b. 1950)
2003–2006Alistair Maclean Darling (b. 1953)
2006–2007Douglas Garven Alexander (b. 1967)
2007–2008Desmond Henry (Des) Browne (b. 1952)
2008–2010James Francis (Jim) Murphy (b. 1967)
2010 (May)Daniel Grian (Danny) Alexander (b. 1972)
2010–[2013]Michael Kevin Moore (b. 1965)