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Holders of the Faraday medal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (1922–2012)

The Faraday medal, named after the natural philosopher Michael Faraday (1791–1867), is the highest award of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). It was established in 1922 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first ordinary meeting of the Society of Telegraph Engineers, subsequently the IEE. Awarded by the IEE not more than once a year, the medal is given in recognition of notable scientific or industrial achievement in electrical engineering, or for conspicuous service rendered to the advancement of electrical science. There is no restriction as regards nationality, country of residence, or membership of the IEE. In practice most recipients have either been of British nationality or spent a substantial proportion of their careers in Britain.

The IEE's Faraday medal should not be confused with the Royal Society of Chemistry's Faraday medal, awarded to the givers of the triennial Faraday lectures (instituted in 1869), or with the Royal Society's Faraday medal, awarded annually (since 1986) to the winners of the Michael Faraday prize.
1922Oliver Heaviside (1850–1925)
1923Sir Charles Algernon Parsons (1854–1931)
1924Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti (1864–1930)
1925Sir Joseph John Thomson (1856–1940)
1926Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton (1845–1940)
1927Elihu Thomson (1853–1937)
1928Sir (John) Ambrose Fleming (1849–1945)
1929Guido Semenza (d. 1929)
1930Sir Ernest Rutherford, (1871–1937)
1931Charles Hesterman Merz (1874–1940)
1932Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851–1940)
1933no award
1934Sir Frank Edward Smith (1876–1970)
1935Frank Baldwin Jewett (1879–1949)
1936Sir William Henry Bragg (1862–1942)
1937André Eugène Blondel (1863–1938)
1938Sir John Francis Cleverton Snell (1869–1938)
1939William David Coolidge (1873–1975)
1940Alexander Russell (1861–1943)
1941Sir Arthur Percy Morris Fleming (1881–1960)
1942Peter Leonidovich Kapitza (1894–1984)
1943Sir Archibald Page (1875–1949)
1944Irving Langmuir (1881–1957)
1945Sir Clifford Copland Paterson (1879–1948)
1946Sir Edward Victor Appleton (1892–1965)
1947Sir (Standen) Leonard Pearce (1873–1947)
1948Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant (1901–2000)
1949Charles Samuel Franklin (1879–1964)
1950Sir James Chadwick (1891–1974)
1951Thomas Lydwell Eckersley (1886–1959)
1952Ernest Orlando Lawrence (1901–1958)
1953Sir (Arthur) Stanley Angwin (1883–1959)
1954Sir Isaac Shoenberg (1880–1963)
1955Sir John Douglas Cockcroft (1897–1967)
1956George William Osborn Howe (1875–1960)
1957Waldemar Borgquist
1958Sir (William) Gordon Radley (1898–1970)
1959Luigi Emmannueli
1960Sir George Paget Thomson (1892–1975)
1961Julius Adams Stratton (1901–1994)
1962Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson Schonland (1896–1972)
1963Pierre M. J. Ailleret (1900–1995)
1964Joseph Ronald Mortlock (1903–1992)
1965Vladimir Kosma Zworykin (1889–1982)
1966John Ashworth Ratcliffe (1902–1987)
1967Harold Everard Monteagle Barlow (1899–1989)
1968Leslie Herbert Bedford (1900–1989)
1969Phillip Sporn (1896–1978)
1970Charles William Oatley (1904–1996)
1971Sir Martin Ryle (1918–1984)
1972Frederic Calland Williams (1911–1977)
1973Sir Nevill Francis Mott (1905–1996)
1974George Millington
1975John Millar Meek (1912–2005)
1976Thomas Otten Paine (1921–1992)
1977John Bertram Adams (1920–1984)
1978Erich Friedlander
1979Robert N. Noyce (1927–1990)
1980Eric Albert Ash (b. 1928)
1981Maurice Vincent Wilkes (1913–2010)
1982Brian David Josephson (b. 1940)
1983William Alexander Gambling (b. 1926)
1984Alexander Lamb Cullen (1920–2013)
1985Charles Antony Richard (Tony) Hoare (b. 1934)
1986(Edwin Douglas) Ramsay Shearman (b. 1924)
1987David Evan Naunton Davies (b. 1935)
1988Cyril Hilsum (b. 1925)
1989Charles Kuen Kao (b. 1933)
1990Peter John Lawrenson (b. 1933)
1991Alan Walter Rudge (b. 1937)
1992Laszlo Solymar (b. 1930)
1993Alistair George James MacFarlane (b. 1931)
1994John Parnaby (1937–2011)
1995John David Rhodes (b. 1943)
1996Stewart Crichton Miller (1934–1999)
1997John Edwin Midwinter (b. 1938)
1998Roger Michael Needham (1935–2003)
1999Patrick Arthur McKeown (b. 1930)
2000(John) Michael Brady (b. 1945)
2001Christopher John Harris (b. 1945)
2002Sir Robin Keith Saxby (b. 1947)
2003Sir Richard Henry Friend (b. 1953)
2004Peter Mitchell Grant (b. 1944)
2005Azim Premji (b. 1945)
2006John Vincent McCanny (b. 1952)
2007Stephen Byram (Steve) Furber (b. 1953)
2008Josef Kittler (b. 1946)
2009Sir Martin Nicholas Sweeting (b. 1951)
2010Donal Donat Conor Bradley (b. 1962)
2011Donald Ervin Knuth (b. 1938)
2012Leonardo Chiariglione (b. 1943)