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Archbishops of Wales (1920–2011)

The Church in Wales is an independent province of the Anglican communion with its own archbishop and six dioceses. Disestablishment from the Church of England took place in 1920 following the passage of legislation by the Liberal government in September 1914, subsequently delayed for the duration of the First World War, and amended by the Welsh Church (Temporalities) Act, 1919. The first archbishop of Wales, Alfred George Edwards, was enthroned at St Asaph's Cathedral on 1 June 1920. The appointment, which is held in conjunction with the incumbent's existing bishopric, is made by the six diocesan bishops, from whom a new archbishop is chosen.

This list is ordered chronologically, and gives the dates of office and bishopric for each incumbent.
Alfred George Edwards (1848–1937)1920–1934St Asaph's
Charles Alfred Howell Green (1864–1944)1934–1944Bangor
David Lewis Prosser (1868–1950)1944–1949St David's
John Morgan (1886–1957)1949–1957Llandaff
(Alfred) Edwin Morris (1894–1971)1957–1967Monmouth
(William) Glyn Hughes Simon (1903–1972)1969–1971Llandaff
Gwilym Owen Williams (1913–1990)1971–1982Bangor
Derrick Greenslade Childs (1918–1987)1983–1986Monmouth
George Noakes (1924–2008)1987–1991St David's
Alwyn Rice Jones (1934–2007)1991–1999St Asaph's
Rowan Douglas Williams (b. 1950)1999–2002Monmouth
Barry Cennydd Morgan (b. 1947)2002–Llandaff