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Reference list

Climbers of Mount Everest in the Oxford DNB

The following list identifies Oxford DNB subjects who took part in expeditions to Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain (8848 metres). The mountain's location was first recorded in 1841 by Sir George Everest, surveyor-general of India, after whom ‘Peak XV’ was named in 1856. The first British reconnaissance expedition took place in 1921 and the summit was first reached on 29 May 1953 by Tenzing Norgay (see below) and the New Zealander Edmund Hillary (b. 1919). The first British climbers to reach the summit, on 24 September 1975, were Doug Scott (b. 1941) and Dougal Haston (see below).

This list provides for each subject the years of the Everest expeditions in which they participated, followed by any important details. It is ordered chronologically by the year of the first Everest expedition for each subject (and alphabetically by surname where that year coincides).
Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury (1883–1963)1921; leader of first British expedition
George Mallory (1886–1924)1921; 1922; 1924; killed with Andrew Irvine during 1924 expedition; body discovered in 1999
Charles Granville Bruce (1866–1939)1922; 1924; leader of 1922 and 1924 expeditions, but did not climb
George Ingle Finch (1888–1970)1922
Tom George Longstaff (1875–1964)1922
John Baptist Lucius Noel (1890–1989)1922; 1924
Edward Felix Norton (1884–1954)1922; 1924; leader of 1924 expedition
(Theodore) Howard Somervell (1890–1975)1922; 1924
Andrew Comyn Irvine (1902–1924)1924; killed with George Mallory during 1924 expedition
Noel Odell (1890–1987)1924; 1938
Sir (John Edmund) Hugh Boustead (1895–1980)1933
Hugh Ruttledge (1884–1961)1933; 1936; leader of 1933 and 1936 expeditions
Eric Earle Shipton (1907–1977)1933; 1935; 1936; 1938; 1951
Francis Sydney Smythe (1900–1949)1933; 1936; 1938
Lawrence Rickard [Bill] Wager (1904–1965)1933
Sir Percy Wyn-Harris (1903–1979)1933; 1936
Tenzing Norgay (1914–1986)1935; 1936; 1938; 1947; 1952; 1953; with Edmund Hillary, first man to reach summit, 29 May 1953
Harold William Tilman (1898–1977x9)1935; 1938; 1950; leader of 1938 expedition
Thomas Duncan Bourdillon (1924–1956)1951; 1953; opened route for Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, 26 May 1953
Sir (Robert) Charles Evans (1918–1995)1953; deputy leader of 1953 expedition; accompanied Thomas Bourdillon on first ascent attempt, 26 May 1953
(Henry Cecil) John Hunt, Baron Hunt (1910–1998)1953; leader of 1953 expedition
(Cuthbert) Wilfrid Francis Noyce (1917–1962)1953
(Lewis) Griffith Cresswell Evans Pugh (1909–1994)1953
Duncan Curdy McSporran [Dougal] Haston (1940–1977)1971; 1975; first British climber to reach summit, with Doug Scott, 24 Sept 1975
Donald Desbrow Whillans (1933–1985)1971; 1972
Peter David Boardman (1950–1982)1975; 1982; reached summit, 26 Sept 1975; killed during 1982 expedition
Alan Paul Rouse (1951–1986)1980; 1981; first British climber to reach summit of second highest mountain, K2, 4 Aug 1986
Thomas Joseph [Joe] Tasker (1948–1982)1980; 1982; killed during 1982 expedition
Julian Vincent [Mo] Anthoine (1939–1989)1986; 1988
Alison Jane Hargreaves (1962–1995)1994; 1995; second British woman to reach summit, 13 May 1995