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Consorts of the monarchs of England (943?–1707)

Although the first queen consort is often stated to have been Matilda, wife of William I, as she was the first to have a coronation ceremony, the following list also acknowledges the importance of the wives of the Anglo-Saxon kings. Æthelstan (r. 927–939) is not known to have been married, and this sequence therefore begins with the wives of his brother, Edmund I. Prior to the eleventh century the marital histories of monarchs are often extremely unclear. The wives of the kings of England were thereafter styled queen, but no convention obtained for the husbands of queens. In the sixteenth century, the husband of Mary I, Philip, was styled king, and it was understood that this gave him a share of the regnal power. William III and Mary II were appointed joint reigning monarchs in 1689; neither is included here.
Ælfgifu (d. 944), first consort of Edmund I, 943?–944
Æthelflæd (d. after 991), second consort of Edmund I, 944–6
Ælfgifu (d. 957/8), consort of Eadwig, 956–957/8
Æthelflæd Eneda (d. c.962), first consort of Edgar, c.962
Wulfthryth [St Wulfthryth] (d. c.1000), second consort of Edgar, to before 964
Ælfthryth (d. 999x1001), third consort of Edgar, 964–75
Ælfgifu (d. c.1000), first consort of Æthelred II, c.985–c.1000
Emma [Ælfgifu] (d. 1052), second consort of Æthelred II, 1002–14, 1014–16
Ealdgyth (fl. 1015–1016), consort of Edmund II, 1016
Ælfgifu [Ælfgifu of Northampton] (fl. 1006–1036), first consort of Cnut, 1016–17
Emma [Ælfgifu] (d. 1052), second consort of Cnut, 1017–35
Ælfgifu, consort of Harold I; existence uncertain
Edith [Eadgyth] (d. 1075), consort of Edward, 1045–51, 1052–66
Ealdgyth [Aldgyth] (fl. c.1057–1066), consort of Harold II, 1066
Matilda [Matilda of Flanders] (d. 1083), consort of William I, 1066–83
Matilda [Edith, Mold, Matilda of Scotland] (1080–1118), first consort of Henry I, 1100–18
Adeliza [Adeliza of Louvain] (c.1103–1151), second consort of Henry I, 1121–35
Matilda [Matilda of Boulogne] (c.1103–1152), consort of Stephen, 1135–52
Eleanor [Eleanor of Aquitaine] (c.1122–1204), consort of Henry II, 1154–89
Berengaria [Berengaria of Navarre] (c.1165–1230), consort of Richard I, 1191–9
Isabella (c.1160–1217), first consort of John; never regarded as queen
Isabella [Isabella of Angoulême] (c.1188–1246), second consort of John, 1200–16
Eleanor [Eleanor of Provence] (c.1223–1291), consort of Henry III, 1236–72
Eleanor [Eleanor of Castile] (1241–1290), first consort of Edward I, 1272–90
Margaret [Margaret of France] (1279?–1318), second consort of Edward I, 1299–1307
Isabella [Isabella of France] (1295–1358), consort of Edward II, 1308–27
Philippa [Philippa of Hainault] (1310x15?–1369), consort of Edward III, 1328–69
Anne [Anne of Bohemia] (1366–1394), first consort of Richard II, 1382–94
Isabella [Isabella of France] (1389–1409), second consort of Richard II, 1396–9
Joan [Joan of Navarre] (1368–1437), consort and second wife of Henry IV, 1402–13
Catherine [Catherine of Valois] (1401–1437), consort of Henry V, 1420–22
Margaret [Margaret of Anjou] (1430–1482), consort of Henry VI, 1444–61, 1470–71
Elizabeth [née Elizabeth Woodville] (c.1437–1492), consort of Edward IV, 1464–70, 1471–83
Anne [née Anne Neville] (1456–1485), consort of Richard III, 1483–5
Elizabeth [Elizabeth of York] (1466–1503), consort of Henry VII, 1486–1503
Katherine [Catalina, Catherine, Katherine of Aragon] (1485–1536), first consort of Henry VIII, 1509–33
Anne [née Anne Boleyn] (c.1500–1536), second consort of Henry VIII, 1533–6
Jane [née Jane Seymour] (1508/9–1537), third consort of Henry VIII, 1536–7
Anne [Anne of Cleves] (1515–1557), fourth consort of Henry VIII, 1540
Katherine [Catherine; née Katherine Howard] (1518x24–1542), fifth consort of Henry VIII, 1540–41
Katherine [Kateryn, Catherine; née Katherine Parr] (1512–1548), sixth consort of Henry VIII, 1543–7
Lord Guildford Dudley (c.1535–1554), husband of Lady Jane Grey, 1553
Philip [Philip II of Spain, Felipe II] (1527–1598), consort of Mary I, 1554–8
Anne [Anna, Anne of Denmark] (1574–1619), consort of James VI and I, 1603–19
Henrietta Maria [Princess Henrietta Maria of France] (1609–1669), consort of Charles I, 1625–49
Catherine [Catherine of Braganza, Catarina Henriqueta de Bragança] (1638–1705), consort of Charles II, 1662–85
Mary [Mary of Modena] (1658–1718), consort of James II and VII, 1685–8
George, prince of Denmark and duke of Cumberland (1653–1708), consort of Anne, 1702–8