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Reference list

Updates: January 2014

New subjects

Acheson, Sir (Ernest) Donald (1926–2010), medical officer
Alan, Ray (1930–2010), ventriloquist, writer, and television presenter
Allchin, Arthur Macdonald [Donald] (1930–2010), Church of England clergyman and theologian
Allchin, (Frank) Raymond (1923–2010), archaeologist and scholar of early Indian culture
Allison, Malcolm Alexander (1927–2010), footballer, football coach, and football manager
Allott, Miriam (1920–2010), literary scholar [see under Allott, Kenneth Cyril Bruce (1912–1973)]
Angus, Sir Michael Richardson (1930–2010), industrialist
Bainbridge, Dame Beryl Margaret (1932–2010), actress, writer, and artist
Baldwin, Sir Peter Robert (1922–2010), civil servant
Bangham, Alec Douglas (1921–2010), haematologist
Barron, John Adrian Shepherd- (1925–2010), businessman
Beach, Harold Henry (1913–2010), engineer and car designer
Beckett, Arnold Heyworth (1920–2010), pharmacologist
Beckett, Harold Winston [Harry] (1923–2010), jazz trumpeter
Bedser, Sir Alec Victor (1918–2010), cricketer and businessman
Bedser, Eric Arthur (1918–2006), cricketer [see under Bedser, Sir Alec Victor (1918–2010)]
Beresford, (Beatrice) Elisabeth (1926–2010), novelist and children's author
Bingham, Thomas Henry, Baron Bingham of Cornhill (1933–2010), judge
Black, Sir James Whyte (1924–2010), pharmacologist
Blair, Claude (1922–2010), museum curator and scholar of arms and armour
Blaxter, Mildred Lillington (1925–2010), sociologist
Booth, Albert Edward (1928–2010), politician
Brancker, (Winifred) Mary (1914–2010), veterinary surgeon
Bray, Barbara (1924–2010), translator and script editor
Brownlie, Sir Ian (1932–2010), jurist
Bumpus, Judith Harriet (1939–2010), radio producer and art historian
Burbidge, Geoffrey Ronald (1925–2010), astronomer
Burgon, Geoffrey Alan (1941–2010), composer
Burnell, Richard Desborough (1917–1995), sculler and rowing correspondent [see under Bushnell, Bertram Harold Thomas [Bert] (1921–2010)]
Bushnell, Bertram Harold Thomas [Bert] (1921–2010), sculler and marine engineer
Carmichael, Ian Gillett (1920–2010), actor
Carpenter, Harry Leonard (1925–2010), sports journalist and broadcaster
Cheeseman, Peter Barrie (1932–2010), theatre director
Churchill, Winston Spencer (1940–2010), journalist and politician [see under Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer (1911–1968)]
Clark, David Hazell (1920–2010), psychiatrist
Clarke, Patricia Hannah (1919–2010), microbial biochemist
Clarke, Raymond Thurston (1925–2010), charity worker and public servant
Clements, Gladys Agnes [Julia], Lady Seton (1906–2010), journalist and promoter of flower arranging
Close, Anthony John (1937–2010), Spanish scholar
Clothier, Sir Cecil Montacute (1919–2010), barrister and public servant
Clucas, Sir Kenneth Henry (1921–2010), civil servant
Coates, Kenneth Sidney [Ken] (1930–2010), sociologist and politician
Cockayne, David John Hugh (1942–2010), electron microscopist
Cox, Oliver Jasper (1920–2010), architect [see under Cox, Sir Anthony Wakefield (1915–1993)]
Cradock, Sir Percy (1923–2010), diplomatist
Crichlow, Frank Gilbert (1932–2010), musician, restaurateur, and community activist
Crofton, Eileen Chris, Lady Crofton (1919–2010), physician and public health campaigner [see under Crofton, Sir John Wenman (1912–2009)]
Cunningham, Andrew Willshire (1910–2010), trade unionist, local government politician, and criminal
Cviić, Krsto Franjo [Christopher] (1930–2010), journalist and author
Dale, Margaret (1922–2010), dancer and television producer
Dankworth, Sir John Philip William [Johnny] (1927–2010), jazz musician and composer
Davidson, Basil Craig Risbridger (1914–2010), special operations officer, journalist, and historian
Davies, Sir Lancelot Richard Bell (1926–2010), naval officer
Day, (Désirée) Lucienne Lisbeth Dulcie (1917–2010), textile designer
Day, Ronald Henry [Robin] (1915–2010), furniture designer
Denyer, Peter Brian (1953–2010), electronic engineer and entrepreneur
Desai, Jayaben Suryakant (1933–2010), factory worker, trade unionist, and teacher
Donner, Clive Stanley (1926–2010), film and television director
Dover, Sir Kenneth James (1920–2010), Greek scholar and college head
Duffy, (Anthony) Brian Christopher (1933–2010), photographer
Eaton, (Horace Charles Le) Gai (1921–2010), diplomatist and Muslim scholar
Edwards, Hywel Teifi (1934–2010), literary scholar and cultural historian
Edwards, Owen (1933–2010), broadcasting executive and promoter of the Welsh language
Ehrenberg, Andrew Samuel Christopher (1926–2010), statistician and marketing scientist
Ettedgui, Joseph (1936–2010), fashion designer and retailer
Evans, (Caroline) Mary Forbes (1936–2010), picture librarian and author
Fleming, Thomas Kelman (1927–2010), actor, director, and broadcaster
Flowers, Brian Hilton, Baron Flowers (1924–2010), theoretical physicist, public servant, and university administrator
Foot, Michael Mackintosh (1913–2010), journalist, politician, and author
Foot, Philippa Ruth (1920–2010), philosopher
Ford, Sir Hugh (1913–2010), mechanical engineer
Fox, Wallace (1920–2010), medical researcher
Francis, Richard Stanley [Dick] (1920–2010), jockey and author
Frost, Honor Elizabeth (1917–2010), marine archaeologist
Gibbard, Leslie David (1945–2010), cartoonist and film animator
Gillett, Charles Thomas (1942–2010), disc jockey and musicologist
Gillingham, (Francis) John (1916–2010), neurosurgeon
Gillum, John Reginald (1928–2010), merchant banker
Glasser, Cyril (1942–2010), solicitor
Godley, Wynne Alexander Hugh (1926–2010), economist and musician
Goulder, Michael Douglas (1927–2010), biblical scholar
Goulding, Sir Marrack Irvine (1936–2010), diplomatist, international civil servant, and college head
Grant, Cyril Ewart Lionel [Cy] (1919–2010), actor and singer
Gray, Clemency Anne Rosemary [Rose] (1939–2010), restaurateur and cookery writer
Green, Michael Robert [Mick] (1944–2010), guitarist
Green, (Phyllis) Pamela (1929–2010), model and actress
Greenwood, James Thomson [Jim] (1928–2010), teacher, rugby union player, and coach
Gregory, Richard Langton (1923–2010), experimental psychologist
Griffith, John Aneurin Grey (1918–2010), legal scholar
Halliday, (Simon) Frederick Peter [Fred] (1946–2010), scholar of international relations
Hamilton, (Myer) Alan Barry King- (1904–2010), judge
Hanrahan, Brian (1949–2010), journalist and broadcaster
Hatto, Arthur Thomas (1910–2010), scholar of German literature and of archaic poetry
Haywood, Sir Harold (1923–2010), youth worker and charity administrator
Healey, Edna May, Lady Healey (1918–2010), biographer
Hearst, Stephen (1919–2010), broadcasting executive and producer
Hennessy, David James George, third Baron Windlesham and Baron Hennessy (1932–2010), politician, broadcasting executive, and college head
Hicks, Carola Margaret (1941–2010), art historian
Higgins, Alexander Gordon [Alex] (1949–2010), snooker player
Hilton, Peter John (1923–2010), code breaker and mathematician
Holdsworth, Sir (George) Trevor (1927–2010), businessman
Holmes, Andrew Jeremy [Andy] (1959–2010), oarsman and rowing coach
Hornby, Sir Simon Michael (1934–2010), businessman and gardener
Howard, Anthony Michell (1934–2010), journalist and broadcaster
Hyslop, Sir Robert John [Robin] Maxwell- (1931–2010), politician
Ibbotson, Eva Maria Charlotte Michelle (1925–2010), author
Ingold, (Cecil) Terence (1905–2010), mycologist and botanist
Jakobovits, Amélie, Lady Jakobovits (1928–2010), charity patron [see under Jakobovits, Immanuel, Baron Jakobovits (1921–1999)]
Jeffries, Lionel Charles (1926–2010), actor and film director
Jenkins, (Margaret) Elizabeth Heald (1905–2010), novelist and biographer
Johnson, Anthony Reginald [performing name Anthony Rolfe Johnson] (1940–2010), singer
Jones, Kathleen [Kay] (1922–2010), historian and scholar of social policy
Judt, Tony Robert (1948–2010), historian and political commentator
Julius, Rosamind (1923–2010), design entrepreneur and furniture manufacturer
Julius, Leslie (1917–1989), furniture retailer [see under Julius, Rosamind (1923–2010)]
Kenworthy, David Montague de Burgh, eleventh Baron Strabolgi (1914–2010), artist and politician [see under Kenworthy, Joseph Montague, tenth Baron Strabolgi (1886–1953)]
Kermode, Sir (John) Frank (1919–2010), literary scholar and critic
Keynes, Richard Darwin (1919–2010), physiologist and historian
King, Charles Spencer [Spen] (1925–2010), automotive engineer
Knowles, Dorothy (1906–2010), French scholar and fencing champion
Knox, Bernard MacGregor Walker (1914–2010), classical scholar and essayist
Laing, Hector, Baron Laing of Dunphail (1923–2010), businessman and philanthropist
Langridge, Philip Gordon (1939–2010), singer
Lau, Din Cheuk (1921–2010), scholar and translator of Chinese philosophy and literature
Lawton, Richard (1925–2010), geographer
Le Bailly, Sir Louis Edward Stewart Holland (1915–2010), naval officer
Leonard, Graham Douglas (1921–2010), bishop of London and Roman Catholic priest
Lewis, Gordon Manns (1924–2010), aeronautical engineer
Lowndes, Gillian Marjorie (1936–2010), ceramic artist
Lyell, Nicholas Walter, Baron Lyell of Markyate (1938–2010), barrister and politician
Mackerras, Sir (Alan) Charles MacLaurin (1925–2010), conductor
Maddison, Angus (1926–2010), economist and economic historian
Maitland, Sir Donald James Dundas (1922–2010), diplomatist and civil servant
Malcolm, (Helen) Mary (1918–2010), television announcer
Mandelbrote, Bertram Maurice (1923–2010), psychiatrist
Mark, Sir Robert (1917–2010), police officer
Markus, Robert Austin (1924–2010), historian and philosopher
Marsden, Brian Geoffrey (1937–2010), astronomer
Matthews, Bernard Trevor (1930–2010), turkey farmer
Matthews, Robert Charles Oliver (1927–2010), economist and economic historian
Mayne, William James (1928–2010), children's writer
McClay, Sir Allen James (1932–2010), pharmaceuticals executive and philanthropist
McIntosh, Andrew Robert, Baron McIntosh of Haringey (1933–2010), market researcher and politician
McKellar, Kenneth (1927–2010), singer
McLaren, Malcolm Robert Andrew (1946–2010), music and fashion industry entrepreneur
McLaren, Sir Robin John Taylor (1934–2010), diplomatist
McLaren, William Pollock [Bill] (1923–2010), rugby union commentator and teacher
McQueen, Lee Alexander (1969–2010), fashion designer
Miall, Sarah Greenaway (1918–2010), rally driver and novelist [see under Miall, (Rowland) Leonard (1914–2005)]
Milner, (Arthur John) Robin Gorell (1934–2010), computer scientist and informatician
Milward, Alan Steele (1935–2010), historian
Moore, John Evelyn (1921–2010), naval officer and editor
Morgan, Edwin George (1920–2010), poet and translator
Morrell, Frances Main (1937–2010), schoolteacher, political adviser, and local government politician
Neame, Ronald (1911–2010), cinematographer, film producer, and director
Nearne, Eileen Marie (1921–2010), special operations officer
Nelder, John Ashworth (1924–2010), statistician
Nissel, Muriel (1921–2010), statistician and civil servant
Noble, Sir Iain Andrew, third baronet (1935–2010), financier, entrepreneur, and promoter of the Gaelic language
Park, Daphne Margaret Sybil Désirée, Baroness Park of Monmouth (1921–2010), intelligence officer and college head
Parker, (Mary) Rozsika (1945–2010), art historian and psychotherapist
Pathak, Shanta Gaury (1927–2010), food entrepreneur [see under Pathak, Laxmishanker Gopalji (1925–1997)]
Pickles, James (1925–2010), judge
Pitman, Sir Brian Ivor (1931–2010), banker
Pitt, Ingrid (1937–2010), actress and writer
Plater, Alan Frederick (1935–2010), playwright, novelist, and screenwriter
Plowden, William Julius Lowthian (1935–2010), political scientist and policy adviser
Plowright, Walter (1923–2010), veterinary scientist
Pole, Jack Richon (1922–2010), historian
Porter, Peter Neville Frederick (1929–2010), poet
Prickett, Sir Thomas Other (1913–2010), air force officer
Pugh, Sir Idwal Vaughan (1918–2010), civil servant and ombudsman
Pujji, Mahinder Singh (1918–2010), fighter pilot
Quayle, David Andrew (1936–2010), businessman
Quinton, Anthony Meredith, Baron Quinton (1925–2010), philosopher and college head
Raitz, Vladimir Gavrilovich (1922–2010), holiday entrepreneur
Ramsbotham, Sir Peter Edward (1919–2010), diplomatist
Rayner, Claire Berenice (1931–2010), writer, broadcaster, and social campaigner
Redgrave, Corin William (1939–2010), actor and political activist
Redgrave, Lynn Rachel (1943–2010), actress
Reece, Sir Charles Hugh (1927–2010), chemist and industrialist
Reed, John Lamb (1916–2010), actor and singer
Reid, James [Jimmy] (1932–2010), trade unionist, political activist, and journalist
Richardson, Gordon William Humphreys, Baron Richardson of Duntisbourne (1915–2010), banker
Roberts, Jennifer Susan Margaret [Jenny] (1940–2010), probation officer
Robertson, William Maxwell (1915–2009), broadcaster [see under Beresford, (Beatrice) Elisabeth (1926–2010)]
Ronay, Egon Miklos (1915–2010), restaurateur and guidebook publisher
Rumbold, Dame Angela Claire Rosemary (1932–2010), politician
Sackler, Mortimer David (1916–2010), psychiatrist, pharmaceuticals executive, and philanthropist
Scott, (Felicity) Philippa, Lady Scott (1918–2010), photographer and conservationist [see under Scott, Sir Peter Markham (1909–1989)]
Sekine, (Yasuji) Percy (1920–2010), judo champion and instructor
Sillitoe, Alan (1928–2010), novelist and short story writer
Simmons, Jean Merilyn (1929–2010), actress
Slee, Colin Bruce (1945–2010), Church of England clergyman
Smith, Sir Cyril (1928–2010), politician and manufacturer
Spender, Natasha Gordon, Lady Spender (1919–2010), pianist [see under Spender, Sir Stephen Harold (1909–1995)]
Stack, (Ann) Prunella (1914–2010), health and fitness expert [see under Stack, Mary Meta Bagot (1883–1935)]
Starkey, Greville Michael Wilson (1939–2010), jockey
Stewart, Anthony Terence Quincey (1929–2010), historian
Sutherland, Dame Joan Alston (1926–2010), singer
Tanner, James Mourilyan (1920–2010), human biologist and auxologist
Tennant, Colin Christopher Paget, third Baron Glenconner (1926–2010), landowner and socialite
Townshend, George John Patrick Dominic, seventh Marquess Townshend (1916–2010), landowner and broadcasting executive
Toye, Beryl May Jessie [Wendy] (1917–2010), actress, dancer, and theatre and film director
Tree, Lady Anne Evelyn Beatrice (1927–2010), philanthropist and prison visitor
Walker, Catherine Marguerite Marie-Thérèse (1945–2010), couturier
Walker, Peter Edward, Baron Walker of Worcester (1932–2010), businessman and politician
Wall, Stephen de Rocfort (1931–2010), literary scholar
Walters, Sir Roger Talbot (1917–2010), architect
Walton, Susana Valeria Rose, Lady Walton (1926–2010), gardener [see under Walton, Sir William Turner (1902–1983)]
Warner, Sir Frederick Edward [Ned] (1910–2010), chemical engineer
Waterlow, John Conrad (1916–2010), physiologist and nutritionist
Watkins, Alan Rhun (1933–2010), journalist
White, Reginald James [Reg] (1935–2010), boatbuilder and sailor
Whittington, Harry Blackmore (1916–2010), geologist and palaeontologist
Wilkes, Sir Maurice Vincent (1913–2010), mathematician and computer technologist
Williams, Dudley Howard (1937–2010), organic chemist
Wisdom, Sir Norman Joseph (1915–2010), comedian and actor
Wiseman, Donald John (1918–2010), Assyriologist and biblical scholar
Wolfe, William Cuthbertson [Billy] (1924–2010), chartered accountant, manufacturer, and politician
Wolff, Otto Herbert (1920–2010), paediatrician
Wolfson, Leonard Gordon, Baron Wolfson (1927–2010), businessman and philanthropist
Wright, Anthony Edgar Gartside [pseud. Antony Grey] (1927–2010), gay rights campaigner