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Reference list

Updates: January 2013

Aitchison, (John Ronald) Craigie (1926–2009), artist
Allingham, Henry William (1896–2009), airman [see under Patch, Henry John [Harry] (1898–2009)]
Annakin, Kenneth Cooper [Ken] (1914–2009), film director
Arnell, Richard Anthony Sayer (1917–2009), composer
Ashley, Bernard Albert (1926–2009), businessman [see under Ashley, Laura (1925–1985)]
Baker, Francis Edward Noel- (1920–2009), politician and estate owner [see under Baker, Philip John Noel-, Baron Noel-Baker (1889–1982)]
Balcon, Jill Angela Henriette (1925–2009), actress
Ballard, James Graham (1930–2009), novelist and short story writer
Barlow, Frank (1911–2009), historian
Barron, Brian Munro (1940–2009), journalist and broadcaster
Barry, Brian Michael (1936–2009), social and political theorist
Beale, Geoffrey Herbert (1913–2009), geneticist
Bearn, Alexander Gordon (1923–2009), physician and medical scientist
Begg, Dame (Isoleen) Heather (1932–2009), singer
Berridge, Betty Eileen [Elizabeth] (1919–2009), novelist
Berrill, Sir Kenneth Ernest (1920–2009), economic historian and public servant
Blacker, Carmen Elizabeth Deidre (1924–2009), Japanese scholar
Blackham, Harold John (1903–2009), philosopher, humanist, and educationist
Blair, Betsy (1923–2009), actress [see under Reisz, Karel (1926–2002)]
Blaker, Peter Allan Renshaw, Baron Blaker (1922–2009), diplomatist and politician
Boulding, Mary [name in religion Maria] (1929–2009), nun and theologian
Bowett, Sir Derek William (1927–2009), jurist and college head
Bristow, Alan Edgar (1923–2009), helicopter pilot, businessman, and inventor
Brotherton, Helen Alice Jane (1914–2009), conservationist
Brown, Elizabeth Cadbury- (1922–2002), architect [see under Brown, Henry Thomas [Jim] Cadbury- (1913–2009)]
Brown, Henry Thomas [Jim] Cadbury- (1913–2009), architect
Bunn, Douglas Henry David (1928–2009), equestrian and businessman
Burgess, Tyrrell (1931–2009), educationist and journalist
Burrow, John Wyon (1935–2009), intellectual historian and historiographer
Buxton, Aubrey Leland Oakes, Baron Buxton of Alsa (1918–2009), television executive and conservationist
Buxton, John Noel (1933–2009), computer scientist
Byron, Kathleen (1921–2009), actress
Cardiff, Jack (1914–2009), cinematographer and film director
Carr, Ian Henry Randell (1933–2009), jazz trumpeter and author
Carruthers, Pamela Isabel Jameson (1916–2009), showjumping course designer
Carter, Yvonne Helen (1959–2009), general practitioner and medical educationist
Chapman, Nicola Jane [Nicky], Baroness Chapman (1961–2009), disability campaigner
Clyde, James John, Baron Clyde of Briglands (1932–2009), judge
Cohen, Gerald Allan [Jerry] (1941–2009), philosopher
Collins, Sheila Margaret (1921–2009), nurse and educationist
Craig, Maxwell Davidson (1931–2009), Church of Scotland minister
Craxton, John Leith (1922–2009), artist
Crewe, Albert Victor (1927–2009), physicist
Crofton, Sir John Wenman (1912–2009), physician and public health campaigner
Dahrendorf, Ralf Gustav, Baron Dahrendorf (1929–2009), sociologist, politician, and university administrator
Dainty, Jack (1919–2009), plant biophysicist
Daly, Cahal Brendan (1917–2009), Roman Catholic archbishop of Armagh and cardinal
Daly, Lawrence (1924–2009), trade unionist
Davidson, (Charles) Kemp, Lord Davidson (1929–2009), advocate and judge
Dearing, Ronald Ernest [Ron], Baron Dearing (1930–2009), civil servant, industrialist, and public servant
Dee, Simon (1935–2009), broadcaster
Deer, William Alexander [Alex] (1910–2009), petrologist and college head
Doughty, Sir (Graham) Martin (1949–2009), local government leader and countryside and environmental campaigner
Downes, Sir Edward Thomas [Ted] (1924–2009), conductor
Duckworth, Ruth (1919–2009), sculptor
Dunning, John Harry (1927–2009), scholar of international business
Einzig, Susan Henrietta (1922–2009), illustrator
Elkins, Margreta (1930–2009), singer
Elles, Diana Louie Maud, Baroness Elles (1921–2009), barrister, voluntary worker, and politician
English, Mary Phyllis (1919–2009), mycologist and historian
Evans, Anthony Glyn (1942–2009), materials scientist
Falaise, Maxime de la (1922–2009), fashion writer and food columnist [see under Birley, Marcus Oswald Hornby Lecky [Mark] (1930–2007)]
Fallaize, Elizabeth Anne (1950–2009), French scholar
Fanthorpe, Ursula Askham (1929–2009), poet
Fennessy, Sir Edward (1912–2009), radar pioneer and telecommunications executive
Finnegan, Christopher Martin [Chris] (1944–2009), boxer
Flanagan, (James) Barry (1941–2009), artist and sculptor
Flint, Valerie (1936–2009), historian
Floyd, Keith (1943–2009), restaurateur, food writer, and broadcaster
Foote, Peter Godfrey (1924–2009), Old Icelandic scholar
Fraenkel, Peter Maurice (1915–2009), civil engineer
Fraser, Moyra (1923–2009), ballerina and actress
Freud, Sir Clement Raphael (1924–2009), restaurateur, journalist, and politician
Frindall, William Howard [Bill] (1939–2009), cricket scorer and statistician
Ganley, (William) Bernard (1927–2009), rugby league player, broadcaster, and accountant
Garrod, Sir (John) Martin Carruthers (1935–2009), Royal Marines officer
Gash, Norman (1912–2009), historian
Gelling, Margaret Joy (1924–2009), place-names scholar
George, Edward Alan John [Eddie], Baron George (1938–2009), banker
Gill, Kenneth [Ken] (1927–2009), trade unionist and communist
Gingell, Sir John (1925–2009), air force officer
Godber, Sir George Edward (1908–2009), physician
Goldsmith, Edward René David [Teddy] (1928–2009), environmentalist and politician
Good, Irving John [Jack] (1916–2009), statistician and applied philosopher
Goody, Jade Cerisa Lorraine (1981–2009), television contestant and celebrity
Gore, Frederick John Pym (1913–2009), artist
Granger, Sir Clive William John (1934–2009), economist
Greenwood, Allen Harold Claude (1917–2009), aeronautical engineer and aerospace executive
Gregson, John, Baron Gregson (1924–2009), industrialist and politician
Groser, Michael (1918–2009), sculptor and musician [see under Groser, St John Beverley (1890–1966)]
Guthrie, Robert Isles Loftus [Robin] (1937–2009), charity administrator and public servant
Hall, (Alfred) Rupert (1920–2009), historian of science
Hall, Marie Boas (1919–2009), historian of science [see under Hall, (Alfred) Rupert (1920–2009)]
Hammond, Eric Albert Barratt (1929–2009), trade unionist
Hardy, Herbert Charles [Bert] (1928–2009), newspaper executive
Harman, Sir Jack Wentworth (1920–2009), army officer
Harper, John Lander (1925–2009), plant population ecologist
Harris, John Edwin [Jack] (1932–2009), metallurgist and science writer
Harrison, Charles Townsend (1942–2009), art historian
Harrison, Sir Ernest Thomas (1926–2009), businessman
Hart, Norman Antony [Tony] (1925–2009), artist and television presenter
Hart, Timothy Daniel [Tim] (1948–2009), folk musician and singer
Hartwell, (Ronald) Max (1921–2009), economic historian
Hazell, Bertie (1907–2009), trade unionist and politician
Henderson, Sir (John) Nicholas (1919–2009), diplomatist
Hockridge, Edmund James Arthur (1919–2009), singer and actor
Hodge, Sir Henry Egar Garfield (1944–2009), solicitor and judge
Holmes, George Arthur (1927–2009), historian
Holt, John Riley (1918–2009), experimental physicist
Hopkin, Sir (William Aylsham) Bryan (1914–2009), economist and public servant
Hoseason, James William Nicholson [Jimmy] (1927–2009), holiday entrepreneur
Hudson, Thomas Charles (1915–2009), computer industry executive
Imlah, Michael Ogilvie [Mick] (1956–2009), poet and literary critic
James, Anne Eleanor Scott-, Lady Lancaster (1913–2009), journalist and author
Jones, Barrie Russell (1921–2009), ophthalmologist
Jones, James Larkin [Jack] (1913–2009), trade unionist
Jones, Richard Lewis [Dic] (1934–2009), farmer and Welsh-language poet
Jones, Sir (Peter) Hugh Jefferd Lloyd- (1922–2009), Greek scholar
Jordan, (John) Colin Campbell (1923–2009), political activist
Kaan, Frederik Hermanus (1929–2009), Congregationalist and United Reformed minister and hymn writer
Kaplický, Jan (1937–2009), architect
Kay, Humphrey Edward Melville (1923–2009), haematologist and oncologist
Kemp, Eric Waldram (1915–2009), bishop of Chichester
Kennedy, Sir Ludovic Henry Coverley (1919–2009), writer, broadcaster, and campaigner against injustice
Kiernan, (Edward) Victor Gordon (1913–2009), historian
Kirkup, James Harold (1918–2009), poet and translator
Knight, Vivien Margaret (1953–2009), art historian and gallery director
Kolakowski, Leszek (1927–2009), philosopher and historian of ideas
La Rue, Danny (1927–2009), entertainer
Laing, Sir (William) Kirby (1916–2009), industrialist [see under Laing, Sir John William (1879–1978)]
Lamb, Christopher John (1950–2009), plant biochemist
Lawless, Terence Joseph [Terry] (1934–2009), boxing manager and trainer
Ledger, Sally (1961–2009), literary scholar
Lewis, Naomi (1911–2009), poet and literary critic
Lindsay, (John) Maurice (1918–2009), poet, editor, and cultural historian
MacCormick, Sir (Donald) Neil (1941–2009), jurist and Scottish nationalist
Maddox, Sir John Royden (1925–2009), scientific journalist and editor
Magee, Robert James [Roy] (1930–2009), Presbyterian minister
Mandikian, Arda (1924?–2009), singer and arts administrator
Manners, Gerald (1932–2009), geographer
Martin, (Francis) Troy Kennedy (1932–2009), screenwriter
Martyn, John (1948–2009), musician and songwriter
Mason, Peter Geoffrey (1914–2009), headmaster
Maw, (John) Nicholas (1935–2009), composer
Mayne, Richard John (1926–2009), international civil servant, author, and translator
McGoohan, Patrick Joseph (1928–2009), actor, television producer, and director
McGrath, Thomas Philip [Tom] (1940–2009), playwright, poet, and arts promoter
Mellis, Margaret Nairne (1914–2009), artist
Mellor, David Rogerson (1930–2009), silversmith and industrial designer
Moore, Philip Brian Cecil, Baron Moore of Wolvercote (1921–2009), courtier
Moorhouse, Geoffrey (1931–2009), journalist and author
Morley, Angela (1924–2009), composer and musical arranger
Morley, David Cornelius (1923–2009), paediatrician
Morris, Barbara Joyce (1918–2009), arts and crafts scholar [see under Morris, Max (1913–2008)]
Morris, Jeremiah Noah [Jerry] (1910–2009), physician and epidemiologist
Mortimer, Sir John Clifford (1923–2009), barrister and author
Murphy, James [John] (1913–2009), building contractor
Nokes, David Leonard (1948–2009), biographer and literary scholar
O'Brien, Sir Richard (1920–2009), industrial relations reformer
Oliver, Cordelia McIntyre (1924–2009), artist and art and theatre critic
Osborne, Edward Benjamin [Tony] (1922–2009), composer and musical arranger
Painting, Norman George (1924–2009), actor, broadcaster, and writer
Parkinson, Georgina Julia (1938–2009), ballerina and ballet mistress
Patch, Henry John [Harry] (1898–2009), soldier
Pathy, (Mohan Sankar) John (1923–2009), geriatrician
Pears, David Francis (1921–2009), philosopher
Perry, Samuel Victor (1918–2009), biochemist
Peters, Alan George (1933–2009), furniture designer-maker
Pidgeon, Monica Helen Ida (1913–2009), architectural journalist and editor
Plummer, (Arthur) Desmond Herne, Baron Plummer of St Marylebone (1914–2009), local government politician
Prokovsky, André (1939–2009), dancer and choreographer
Prout, Christopher James Osborne, Baron Kingsland (1942–2009), barrister and politician
Quicke, Sir John Godolphin (1922–2009), farmer, landowner and cheesemaker
Quinlan, Sir Michael Edward (1930–2009), civil servant
Race, Stephen Russell [Steve] (1921–2009), musician and broadcaster
Rampling, Godfrey Lionel (1909–2009), athlete and soldier
Richard, Wendy (1943–2009), actress
Richards, Ron (1929–2009), record producer
Richardson, Natasha Jane (1963–2009), actress
Rickards, (Richard) Barrie (1938–2009), palaeontologist and angler
Ridler, Vivian Hughes (1913–2009), master printer
Robertson, (William) Stanley (1940–2009), singer and storyteller
Robson, Sir Robert William [Bobby] (1933–2009), footballer and football manager
Rogers, Peter Edward (1914–2009), film producer
Rothschild, Edmund Leopold de (1916–2009), merchant banker and horticulturist
Rothschild, Henry William (1913–2009), gallery owner and promoter of crafts and design
Russell, Michael Anthony Hamilton (1932–2009), psychiatrist and public health scientist
Ryan, John Gerald Christopher (1921–2009), children's author and illustrator
Rydill, Louis Joseph (1922–2009), naval architect
Saville, John (1916–2009), historian
Shepherd, David Robert (1940–2009), cricketer and umpire
Simms, Eric Arthur (1921–2009), naturalist and broadcaster
Slynn, Gordon, Baron Slynn of Hadley (1930–2009), judge
Smiley, David de Crespigny (1916–2009), army officer and special operations officer
Snow, David William (1924–2009), ornithologist
Stanton, Graham Norman (1940–2009), New Testament scholar
Steinberg, Leonard, Baron Steinberg (1936–2009), bookmaker
Stone, William Frederick [Bill] (1900–2009), seaman [see under Patch, Henry John [Harry] (1898–2009)]
Tanner, Haydn (1917–2009), rugby player and businessman
Todd, Richard Andrew Palethorpe (1919–2009), actor
Toulmin, Stephen Edelston (1922–2009), philosopher and historian of ideas
Townsend, Peter Brereton (1928–2009), sociologist and campaigner against poverty
Tumim, Winifred Letitia, Lady Tumim (1936–2009), charity administrator
Turner, Joan Theresa (1922–2009), comic singer and impressionist
Upward, Edward Falaise (1903–2009), writer
Walters, Sir Alan Arthur (1926–2009), economist
Waterhouse, Keith Spencer (1929–2009), novelist, playwright, and newspaper columnist
Watts, Helen Josephine (1927–2009), singer
Weston, Pamela Theodora (1921–2009), clarinettist and musicologist
Wheeler, Sir (Henry) Neil George (1917–2009), air force officer
Wild, John Julian Cuttance (1914–2009), surgeon and developer of ultrasound
Williams, Dinah Eiluned Lyon (1911–2009), organic farmer
Williams, Bleddyn Llewellyn (1923–2009), rugby player, journalist, and businessman
Williams, Michael (1935–2009), geographer
Williams, Sir David Glyndwr Tudor (1930–2009), legal scholar and university administrator
Willison, Sir David John (1919–2009), army officer
Wilson, Philip Alexander Poole- (1943–2009), cardiologist and clinical scientist
Wolff, Sulammith [Sula] (1924–2009), child and adolescent psychiatrist
Wood, Robert Paul [Robin] (1931–2009), teacher, writer, and film critic
Wood, Sir Alan Marshall Muir (1921–2009), civil engineer
Woodward, Edward Albert Arthur (1930–2009), actor
Wright, Barbara Winifred (1915–2009), translator
Wright, Sir (John) Oliver (1921–2009), diplomatist
Young, Wayland Hilton, second Baron Kennet (1923–2009), politician [see under Young, (Edward) Hilton, first Baron Kennet (1879–1960)]
Zadek, Peter Max (1926–2009), theatre director
Zienkiewicz, Olgierd Cecil [Olek] (1921–2009), civil engineer