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Reference list

Updates: May 2012

Angadi, Ayana Deva (1903–1993), journalist and arts promoter
Angadi, Patricia Clare (1914–2001), novelist and painter [see under Angadi, Ayana Deva (1903–1993)]
Applebee, Constance Mary Katherine (1873–1981), promoter of women's field hockey
Applegarth, William Reuben (1890–1958), athlete
Beckwith, Agnes Alice (1861–1951), swimmer [see under Beckwith, Frederick Edward (1821–1898)]
Beckwith, Frederick Edward (1821–1898), swimmer
Beckwith, William Henry (1857–1892), swimmer [see under Beckwith, Frederick Edward (1821–1898)]
Belville, (Elizabeth) Ruth Naomi (1854–1943), horologist and merchant
Belville, John Henry (1795?–1856), horologist and assistant astronomer [see under Belville, (Elizabeth) Ruth Naomi (1854–1943)]
Belville, Maria Elizabeth (1811/1812–1899), school teacher [see under Belville, (Elizabeth) Ruth Naomi (1854–1943)]
Bidlake, Frederick Thomas (1867–1933), cyclist and journalist
Birchenough, Florence Ethel (1894–1973) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Bludworth, Sir Thomas (b. in or before 1623, d. 1682), merchant and mayor of London
Bohun, Margaret de (c.1121–1196/7), heiress and monastic patron
Brickett, Walter Septimus (1865–1933), swimming coach
Butler, Guy Montagu (1899–1981), athlete
Cakebread, Jane (1827/1828–1898), inebriate and subject of medical enquiry
Causton, John (d. 1353), merchant
Clive, Robert George Windsor-, earl of Plymouth (1857–1923), politician and philanthropist
Cowper, Agnes (b. c.1559, d. after 1619), servant and vagrant
Croft, Henry (1861–1930), road sweeper and founder of the pearly tradition
Cummings, Ivor Gustavus (1913–1992), civil servant
Dixey, Phyllis Selina (1914–1964), variety and striptease artiste
Dodd, Sir Edward James (1909–1966), police officer
Dudeney, Henry Ernest (1857–1930), compiler of mathematical puzzles
Dyson, Geoffrey Harry George (1914–1981), athlete and teacher of physical education
Edwards, Eileen Winifred (1903–1988) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Elsyng, William (d. 1349), mercer and hospital founder
Erhardt, Carl Alfred (1897–1988), ice hockey player
Evans, William Davies (1790–1872), master mariner and chess player
Eve, (Arthur) Malcolm Trustram, first Baron Silsoe (1894–1976), public servant
Finlay, Donald Osborne (1909–1970), athlete and air force officer
Fletcher, Jane (1890–1968), swimmer
Ford, Horace Alfred (1821x2–1880), archer
Gardner, Maureen Angela Jane (1928–1974), athlete and ballet teacher
Gill, William Henry (1839–1923), Manx folklorist and composer
Gonson, Sir John (1676/7–1765), magistrate
Green, Phyllis Adine (1908–1999) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Gregg, Hubert Robert Harry (1914–2004), songwriter, actor, and broadcaster
Gunsberg, Isidor Arthur (1854–1930), chess player and journalist
Halstead, Nellie (1910–1991) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Hampton, Alice (d. 1516), vowess and benefactor
Hampton, Sir William (d. 1482/3), mayor of London [see under Hampton, Alice (d. 1516)]
Hanley, Clifford Leonard Clark (1922–1999), writer and lyricist
Hatt, Hilda May (1903–1975) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Hiscock, Eileen May (1909–1958) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Hulley, John (1832–1875), promoter of physical education
Humber, Thomas (1841–1910), bicycle manufacturer
Hyde, Douglas Arnold (1911–1996), journalist and political activist
Johnstone, Clarence Nathaniel (Tandy) (1885–1953) [see under Layton, (John) Turner (1894–1978)]
Kearney, Peadar (1883–1942), Irish revolutionary and songwriter
Kersh, Gerald (1911–1968), novelist and short-story writer
Kinnear, William Nicoll Duthie (1880–1974), oarsman
Knight, John Peake (1828–1886), railway manager and promoter of traffic signals
Laffan, Robert Stuart de Courcy (1853–1927), sports administrator and Church of England clergyman
Larcombe, (Thomas) Dudley Thomas Reynolds (1879–1944), sports administrator [see under Larcombe , Ethel Warneford (1879–1965)]
Larcombe, Ethel Warneford (1879–1965), badminton and lawn tennis player
Lascelles, Frank William Thomas Charles Christian Culpeper (1875–1934), pageant master
Layton, (John) Turner (1894–1978), composer, singer, and pianist
Legh, Alice Blanche (1856–1948), archer
Light, Hilda Mary (1890–1969), sports administrator
Lines, Mary (1893–1978) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Logsdail, William (1859–1944), artist
London, John Edward (1905–1966), athlete
Losse, Hugh (d. 1555), administrator and property speculator
Lunn, Gladys Anne (1908–1988) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Mabot, Richard (c.1487–1539), cleric
Maiden, Geoffrey Basil (1907–1977), novelist
Mallin, Frederick Granville (1902–1987) [see under Mallin, Henry William (1892–1969)]
Mallin, Henry William (1892–1969), boxer
Melly, Charles Pierre (1829–1888), philanthropist [see under Melly, George (1830–1894)]
Melly, Florence Elizabeth (1856–1928), educationist [see under Melly, George (1830–1894)]
Melly, George (1830–1894), politician and merchant
Morris, Olive Elaine (1952–1979), political activist
Nokes, Malcolm Cuthbert (1897–1986), athlete and schoolmaster
Palmer, Vera Maud (1901–1998) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Parr, Lilian (1905–1978), footballer
Peach, (Clement) Blair (1946–1979), schoolteacher and victim of police brutality
Pearse, Innes Hope (1889–1978), medical practitioner and biologist [see under Williamson, George Scott (1883–1953)]
Piercy, Violet (b. 1889?), athlete
Pinkhurst, Adam (fl. 1385–1410), scribe to Geoffrey Chaucer
Ray, Thomas (1862–1904), athlete
Rudge, Mary (1842–1919), chess player
Salomons, Leopold (1841–1915), financier and landowner
Scorey, George Albert (1882–1965), policeman
Scott, Ethel Edburga Clementina (1907–1984) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Severs, Dennis Lee (1948–1999), collector and museum creator
Shields, Ella (1879–1952), music-hall performer and male impersonator
Shoveller, Stanley Howard (1881–1959), hockey player
Smith, Gavin (b. c.1550, d. in or after 1604), engineer and projector
Smith, Henry (1549–1628), benefactor
Stewart, (Atwell) Roy (1925–2008), actor and businessman
Sullivan, Timothy Daniel (1827–1914), Irish nationalist
Taylor, (Olwen) Megan (1920–1993), figure skater
Thompson, Edith Marie (1877–1961), sports and empire settlement administrator
Tildesley, Christopher (fl. 1384–1414), goldsmith
Tubbs, Ralph Sydney (1912–1996), architect and exhibition designer
Wallace, (David) Euan (1892–1941), army officer and politician
Webb, Violet Blanche (1915–1999) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Weston, Mary Edith Louise (1905–1978) [see under Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)]
Whitford, Arthur John (1908–1996), gymnast
Whitmore, Walter Thomas Jones (1831–1872), promoter of croquet
William, David (c.1440–1491), administrator and diplomat
Williamson, George Scott (1883–1953), medical practitioner and biologist
Williamson, Roy Murdoch Buchanan (1936–1990), musician and songwriter
Women athletes between the world wars (act. 1919–1939)
Wright, Edward William Barton (1860–1951), martial arts instructor
Young, Edward Preston (1913–2003), designer and submariner