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Reference list

Updates: January 2012

Abse, Leopold [Leo] (1917–2008), politician
Allen, Percival (1917–2008), geologist and sedimentologist
Appleby, (Florence) Lucy (1920–2008), cheese-maker
Ashton, Eric (1935–2008), rugby league player
Askham, Janet Mary (1941–2008), sociologist
Aspinall, Neil Stanley (1941–2008), music executive
Baddiley, Sir James (1918–2008), biochemist
Banbury, (Frederick Harold) Frith (1912–2008), actor, theatre director, and producer
Barnes, Clive Alexander (1927–2008), dance and drama critic
Barraclough, Sir John (1918–2008), air force officer
Barron, John Penrose (1934–2008), classical scholar and college head
Baskett, Peter John Firth (1934–2008), anaesthetist
Baxandall, Michael David Kighley (1933–2008), art historian
Baynes, Pauline Diana (1922–2008), illustrator
Beadle, Jeremy James Anthony Gibson (1948–2008), broadcaster and author
Benney, (Adrian) Gerald Sallis (1930–2008), goldsmith and silversmith
Beyer, Ralph Alexander (1921–2008), letter carver and sculptor
Bide, Sir Austin Ernest (1915–2008), chemist and industrialist
Blackmore, Frank Cuendet (1916–2008), road traffic engineer
Bradshaw, Anthony David (1926–2008), evolutionary biologist and restoration ecologist
Brewer, Derek Stanley (1923–2008), literary scholar and college head
Brien, Alan (1925–2008), journalist and novelist
Burns, Thomas [Tommy] (1956–2008), footballer and football manager
Burtt, Brian Laurence (1913–2008), botanist and plant taxonomist
Buzás, Stefan (1915–2008), architect
Calder, Angus Lindsay Ritchie (1942–2008), historian and literary critic
Caminer, David Tresman (1915–2008), computing systems engineer
Cary, Tristram Ogilvie (1925–2008), composer
Chadwick, Henry (1920–2008), theologian and church historian
Challenor, Harold Gordon (1922–2008), soldier and police officer
Chipp, David Allan (1927–2008), journalist and news agency executive
Chrysostomides, Iouliane (1928–2008), Byzantine scholar and teacher
Clarke, Sir Arthur Charles (1917–2008), science and science fiction writer
Coldstream, (John) Nicolas (1927–2008), archaeologist and historian
Cole, Henry Alfred (1930–2008), police constable and author
Cole, Michael (1928–2008), scientist and inventor
Colledge, (Magdalena) Cecilia (1920–2008), figure skater
Cook, Beryl Frances (1926–2008), painter
Corbet, Philip Steven (1929–2008), entomologist
Cosgrove, Denis Edmund (1948–2008), geographer
Cotton, Sir William Frederick [Bill] (1928–2008), television executive
Court, Hazel Marjorie (1926–2008), actress
Cowgill, (George) Bryan (1927–2008), television producer and executive
Cox, (Charles) Brian (1928–2008), poet, literary critic, and educationist
Cox, Sir Geoffrey Sandford (1910–2008), journalist and broadcasting executive
Crampsey, Robert Anthony (1930–2008), head teacher, writer, and broadcaster
Crick, Sir Bernard Rowland (1929–2008), political scientist and biographer
Cuckney, John Graham, Baron Cuckney (1925–2008), intelligence officer and industrialist
Cushing, David Henry (1920–2008), marine ecologist
Dalton, Sir Howard (1944–2008), microbiologist
Daly, John (1937–2008), film and music producer and promoter
Datta, Naomi (1922–2008), microbiologist
Delfont, Helen Violet Carolyn, Lady Delfont (1918–2008), actress and singer [see under Delfont, Bernard, Baron Delfont (1909–1994)]
Dobrée, Georgina (1930–2008), clarinettist
Douglas, Margaret Elizabeth (1934–2008), television producer and executive
Dundy, Elaine (1921–2008), novelist and biographer [see under Tynan, Kenneth Peacock (1927–1980)]
Dunlop, Samuel Clarke (1922–2008), master mariner
Dunlop, (Stephen) Robert (1960–2008), racing motorcyclist [see under Dunlop, William Joseph (1952–2000)]
Dunwoody, Gwyneth Patricia (1930–2008), politician
Eames, Elizabeth Sara (1918–2008), archaeologist and expert on medieval tiles
Elliott, Walter Archibald, Lord Elliott (1922–2008), advocate and judge
Feilden, Sir Bernard Melchior (1919–2008), conservation architect
Fort, Dame Maeve Geraldine (1940–2008), diplomatist
Fournier, Robert Charles Privett (1915–2008), potter
Fowden, Sir Leslie (1925–2008), plant biochemist
Frankel, William (1917–2008), barrister and newspaper editor
Franks, Sir Arthur Temple [Dick] (1920–2008), special operations and intelligence officer
Fraser, George Macdonald (1925–2008), journalist, novelist, and screen-writer
Fraser, Ian Edward (1920–2008), submariner
Glossop, (Cyril) Peter (1928–2008), singer
Gomm, Richard Culling Carr- (1922–2008), army officer and charity founder
Goobey, Alastair Ross (1945–2008), pension fund manager
Goodwin, Leonard George (1915–2008), pharmacologist and medical protozoologist
Graham, David Michael Gordon [Davey] (1940–2008), guitarist and singer
Gray, (Thomas) Cecil (1913–2008), anaesthetist
Gray, Simon James Holliday (1936–2008), playwright and diarist
Grayson, Edward (1925–2008), barrister
Griffiths, Philip Jones (1936–2008), photojournalist
Gutteridge, William Frank [Bill] (1919–2008), international relations scholar
Hall, Clifford Samuel (1925–2008), singer and guitarist
Hall, Mary (1928–2008), nun and educationist
Handley, Vernon George [Tod] (1930–2008), conductor
Hardman, Leslie Henry (1913–2008), Jewish minister and army chaplain
Harling, (Henry) Robert (1910–2008), typographic designer, novelist, and magazine editor
Hart, Frederick Leslie (1914–2008), automotive engineer
Hayward, Douglas Frederick Cornelius (1934–2008), tailor
Heath, Roy Aubrey Kelvin (1926–2008), novelist
Herlie, Eileen (1918–2008), actress
Hermon, Sir John Charles (1928–2008), police officer
Hibbert, Arthur Raymond [Christopher] (1924–2008), historian
Hickox, Richard Sidney (1948–2008), conductor
Higgs, Sir Derek Alan (1944–2008), banker
Higman, Graham (1917–2008), mathematician
Hill, Sir John McGregor (1921–2008), nuclear physicist and public servant
Hobbs, John Raymond (1929–2008), pathologist and clinical immunologist
Hoddinott, Alun (1929–2008), composer
Holme, Richard Gordon, Baron Holme of Cheltenham (1936–2008), politician and businessman
Hunt, John Joseph Benedict, Baron Hunt of Tanworth (1919–2008), civil servant
Hunter, George Kirkpatrick (1920–2008), literary scholar
Hunter, Muir Vane Skerrett (1913–2008), barrister
Jack, Ian Robert James (1923–2008), literary scholar
Jay, Margaret Christian [Peggy] (1913–2008), local government politician [see under Jay, Douglas Patrick Thomas, Baron Jay (1907–1996)]
Jennett, (William) Bryan (1926–2008), neurosurgeon
Johnson, Henry James [Jim] (1924–2008), army officer and businessman
Johnston, (David) Russell Russell-, Baron Russell-Johnston (1932–2008), politician
Jones, David Hugh (1934–2008), theatre, film, and television director
Jones, Sir (John) Derek Alun- (1933–2008), industrialist
Jones, Sir John Henry Harvey- (1924–2008), industrialist
Kavanagh, Patricia Olive [Pat] (1940–2008), literary agent
Keatinge, William Richard (1931–2008), physiologist
Keeble, Sir (Herbert Ben) Curtis (1922–2008), diplomatist
Keen, Douglas Henry George (1913–2008), publisher
Keenan, Brian Paschal (1941–2008), Irish republican activist
Kelly, Sir (John William) Basil (1920–2008), judge
Kemp, Sir (Edward) Peter (1934–2008), civil servant
Kerr, David Allan (1945–2008), theologian and scholar of Islam
Kington, Miles Beresford (1941–2008), humorist, jazz critic, and broadcaster
Knowles, Jeremy Randall (1935–2008), chemist
Koerner, Roy Martindale (1932–2008), glaciologist and polar explorer
Laddie, Sir Hugh Ian Lang (1946–2008), barrister, judge, and legal scholar
Laing, Sir (John) Maurice (1918–2008), industrialist [see under Laing, Sir John William (1879–1978)]
Lambton, Ann Katharine Swynford (1912–2008), orientalist and Persianist
Lancaster, Terence Roger (1920–2007), journalist [see under Douglas, Margaret Elizabeth (1934–2008)]
Lawther, Patrick Joseph (1921–2008), physician and medical researcher
Levey, Sir Michael Vincent (1927–2008), art historian and gallery director
Lewis, Geoffrey Lewis (1920–2008), Turkish scholar
Lloyd, (Hugh) Russell (1916–2008), film editor
Lockhart, Alexander John [Sandy] Bruce-, Baron Bruce-Lockhart (1942–2008), politician
Lyons, (Isidore) Jack (1916–2008), businessman, philanthropist, and convicted fraudster
Lyons, Bernard (1913–2008), businessman and philanthropist [see under Lyons, (Isidore) Jack (1916–2008)]
Lyth, Isabel Edgar Punton (1917–2008), psychoanalyst and social scientist
Lyttelton, Humphrey Richard Adeane (1921–2008), jazz musician and broadcaster
Macarthur, Arthur Leitch (1913–2008), Presbyterian and United Reformed Church minister
MacEwen, Ann Maitland (1918–2008), architect and town planner
MacEwen, Malcolm (1911–1996) [see under MacEwen, Ann Maitland (1918–2008)]
Macfadyen, Donald James Dobbie, Lord Macfadyen (1945–2008), judge
Markham, Edward Archibald (1939–2008), poet and novelist
Marland, (Peter) Michael (1934–2008), headteacher and educationist
McEwen, Alexander Dundas (1935–2008), folk singer
McEwen, Roderick (1932–1982), botanical artist and folk singer [see under McEwen, Alexander Dundas (1935–2008)]
Mellers, Wilfrid Howard (1914–2008), composer and musicologist
Meyer, Laverne Ignatius Henry (1935–2008), dancer and choreographer
Michie, (Janet) Ray, Baroness Michie of Gallanach (1934–2008), politician
Minghella, Anthony (1954–2008), playwright, screenwriter, and film director
Mitchell, Adrian Christopher (1932–2008), poet
Mitchell, John [Mitch] (1947–2008), drummer
Morrice, Norman Alexander (1931–2008), choreographer and ballet director
Morris, Max (1913–2008), headteacher and trade unionist
Morris, Sir (James) Richard Samuel (1925–2008), engineer and industrialist
Moss, Patricia Ann (1934–2008), showjumper and rally driver
Munro, Dame Alison (1914–2008), civil servant and headmistress
Neal, Sir Leonard Francis (1913–2008), trade unionist and industrial relations adviser
Nerina, Nadia (1927–2008), ballerina
Nixon, Sir Edwin Ronald (1925–2008), computer industry executive
Noakes, George (1924–2008), bishop of St David's and archbishop of Wales
North, John David (1934–2008), historian
O'Brien, Conor Cruise (1917–2008), diplomatist, politician, and author
O'Neill, (Katharine) Jean, Lady O'Neill of the Maine (1915–2008), horticulturist [see under O'Neill, Terence Marne, Baron O'Neill of the Maine (1914–1990)]
Orr, Sir David Alexander (1922–2008), businessman
Papadakis, Andreas Constantine (1938–2008), publisher
Partridge, Monica Agnes (1915–2008), Russian and Slavonic scholar
Perkins, Geoffrey Howard (1953–2008), comedy writer and radio and television producer
Pinter, Harold (1930–2008), actor, playwright, and director
Pippard, Sir (Alfred) Brian (1920–2008), physicist
Podro, Michael Isaac (1931–2008), art historian
Postgate, (Richard) Oliver (1925–2008), children's television writer and producer
Puxon, (Christine) Margaret (1915–2008), gynaecologist, obstetrician, and barrister
Pym, Francis Leslie, Baron Pym (1922–2008), politician
Raymond, Paul (1925–2008), theatrical impresario, publisher, and property owner
Rees, Peter Wynford Innes, Baron Rees (1926–2008), politician
Richardson, Joanna Leah (1925–2008), biographer
Rigby, Terence Christopher Gerald (1937–2008), actor
Ritchie, (Joseph) Murdoch (1925–2008), neuroscientist, biophysicist, and pharmacologist
Roberts, Eirlys Rhiwen Cadwaladr (1911–2008), advocate of consumer rights
Robertson, Sir Lewis Findlay (1922–2008), industrialist and public servant
Rolt, Anthony Peter Roylance (1918–2008), soldier, racing driver, and engineer
Rooke, Sir Denis Eric (1924–2008), engineer and industrialist
Rosen, Harold (1919–2008), educationist
Rothwell, Rosalind Alice, Lady Barbirolli (1911–2008), oboist
Routh, John Reginald Surdeval [Jonathan] (1927–2008), television presenter, author, and painter
Roza, Lilian Patricia (1926–2008), singer
Russell, John (1919–2008), art critic
Saffman, Philip Geoffrey (1931–2008), applied mathematician
Sandberg, Alexander Christer Edward (1923–2008), civil and structural engineer
Scofield, (David) Paul (1922–2008), actor
Serpell, Sir David Radford (1911–2008), civil servant
Shields, Sir Robert (1930–2008), surgeon
Shivas, Mark (1938–2008), film and television producer
Smalls, Derek Creighton [Bertie] (1937–2008), bank robber and police informant
Smith, Antony John (1934–2008), medical journalist
Smith, Michael George (1943–2008), songwriter and musician
Spriggs, Elizabeth Jean (1929–2008), actress
Stokes, Donald Gresham, Baron Stokes (1914–2008), industrialist
Stonefrost, Maurice Frank (1927–2008), local government officer
Telford, Sir Robert (1915–2008), engineer and industrialist
Templeton, Sir John Marks (1912–2008), investment adviser and philanthropist
Tennant, Pauline Laetitia, Lady Rumbold (1927–2008), actress and poet [see under Baddeley, Hermione Youlanda Ruby Clinton (1906–1986)]
Thoday, John Marion (1916–2008), radiobiologist and geneticist
Thomas, Marjorie Gwendolen (1923–2008), singer
Thomas, Peter Kynaston (1926–2008), neurologist
Thomson, George Morgan, Baron Thomson of Monifieth (1921–2008), politician and public servant
Thornes, John Barrie (1940–2008), geographer and geomorphologist
Tremlett, Christopher William (1936–2008), boat designer and manufacturer
Tuohy, Thomas (1917–2008), chemical engineer and nuclear industry executive
Vallat, Sir Francis Aimé (1912–2008), international lawyer, professor, and civil servant
Varley, Eric Graham, Baron Varley (1932–2008), politician
Vickers, James Oswald Noel [Jon] (1916–2008), educationist and trade unionist
Walbank, Frank William (1909–2008), ancient historian
Walker, Diana Barnato (1918–2008), aviator
Watkin, (Francis) David (1925–2008), cinematographer
Whale, John Hilary (1931–2008), journalist and newspaper editor
Wheeler, Sir Selwyn Charles Cornelius- (1923–2008), journalist and broadcaster
Whiteside, Derek Thomas (1932–2008), historian of mathematics
Wilson, Eric Charles Twelves (1912–2008), army officer and colonial administrator
Witherington, (Cecile) Pearl (1914–2008), special operations officer
Wright, Richard William [Rick] (1943–2008), keyboard player
Wyre, Raymond Keith (1951–2008), probation officer and sexual crime consultant
Yahya Ali Omar (1924–2008), Swahili scholar
Yates, John (1925–2008), bishop of Gloucester
Zarnecki, Jerzy (1915–2008), art historian