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Reference list

Updates: September 2011

New subjects

Balchin, William George Victor [Bill] (1916–2007), geographer
Barnes, Joseph (1549/50–1618), bookseller and printer
Barrett, Sir Arthur Arnold (1857–1926), army officer
Beckinsale, Robert Percy [Becky] (1908–1998), geographer
Bedford, Eric (1909–2001), architect
Briggs, Sir Harold Rawdon (1894–1952), army officer
Brodie, John Alexander (1858–1934), civil engineer and town planner
Buchanan, Keith McPherson (1919–1997), geographer
Buchanan, Robert Ogilvie (1894–1980), geographer
Burrows, George Reynolds Scott (1827–1917), army officer
Carter, Francis William [Frank] (1938–2001), geographer
Cartwright, Albert (1868–1956), journalist and newspaper and magazine editor
Chalk, (John) Warren (1927–1987), architect
Climo, Sir Skipton Hill (1868–1937), army officer
Cohen, Sir (Benn) Jack Brunel (1886–1965), campaigner for former servicemen
Cole, Robert Benjamin Ageh Wellesley (1907–1995), medical practitioner and author
Cowan, David Tennant (1896–1983), army officer
Cox, Sir Anthony Wakefield [Tony] (1915–1993), architect
Crosby, Theo (1925–1994), designer and architect
Desani, Govindas Vishnoodas (1909–2000), journalist and author
Dickerson, Isaac Perry (1850/1852–1900), singer and preacher
Dixon, Reginald Herbert (1904–1985), theatre organist
Donkin, Robert Arthur [Robin] (1928–2006), geographer
Dover, Cedric Cyril (1904–1961), entomologist, anthropologist, and poet
Downing, Henry Francis (1846–1928), diplomatist and author
Drew, Dame Joyce Beverly [Jane] (1911–1996), architect
Dury, George Harry (1916–1996), geographer and geomorphologist
Eadgyth (c.911–946), queen of the East Franks, consort of Otto I
Eden, Frederick Charles (1864–1944), architect
Ewbank [née Ekeblad], Inga-Stina (1932–2004), literary scholar and translator
Fawcett, Charles Bungay (1883–1952), geographer
Fried, Erich (1921–1988), poet, translator, and essayist
Gallichan, Walter Matthew (1862–1946), author and freethinker [see under Hartley [married names Gallichan; Lewis], Catherine Gasquoine (1866/–1928)]
Gasc, Ferdinand Eugène Auguste (1826–1904), lexicographer
Gildea, Sir James (1838–1920), army officer and philanthropist
Gili, John Louis (1907–1998), bookseller, publisher, and Catalan scholar
Gili, Jonathan Francesc (1943–2004), documentary film-maker, publisher, and collector
Gopal, (Bissano) Ram (1912?–2003), Indian classical dancer
Gordon, Sir Alexander John [Alex] (1917–1999), architect
Gould, Peter Robin (1932–2000), geographer
Gwynne, (Alban) Patrick (1913–2003), architect
Hamilton [née Nanco], Marguerite Alberta Cora [Rita] (1907–1982), Hispanic scholar
Hartley [married names Gallichan; Lewis], Catherine Gasquoine (1866/7–1928), author and art historian
Hochee, John (1789–1869), servant and landowner
Hollamby, Edward Ernest [Ted] (1921–1999), architect and town planner
House, John William (1919–1984), geographer
Howard, (Henry) Eliot (1873–1940), ornithologist and businessman
Howitt, (Thomas) Cecil (1889–1968), architect
Jenkins, Romilly James Heald (1907–1969), archaeologist, Byzantinist, and Greek scholar
Jennings, Joseph Newell (1916–1984), geomorphologist
Jones, Llewellyn Rodwell (1881–1947), geographer
Jordan, (John) Robert Furneaux (1905–1978), architectural historian and journalist
Keay, Sir Lancelot Herman (1883–1974), architect
Keith, Annas [Agnes], countess of Moray and of Argyll (c.1540–1588), noblewoman
Kettridge [formerly Kottritsch], Julius Ornan (1876–1951), lexicographer
Lister, Sir (Thomas) Frederick (1886/7–1966), campaigner for former servicemen
Lucas, Colin Anderson (1906–1984), architect
Lucas, Dione (1909–1971), cookery writer and teacher [see under Lucas, Colin Anderson (1906–1984)]
Lucena, Lorenzo (1807–1881), Roman Catholic and Church of England priest, translator, and Hispanic scholar
Luxembourg, Jaquetta de, duchess of Bedford and Countess Rivers (c.1416–1472), noblewoman
Lyde, Lionel William (1863–1947), geographer
Marshall, Malcolm Denzil [Maco] (1958–1999), cricketer
Maxwell, Francis William [Frank] (1863–1941), architect [see under Maxwell, James (1838–1893)]
Maxwell, James (1838–1893), architect
McKinney, Nina Mae (1912–1967), singer and actress
McMorran, Donald Hanks (1904–1965), architect
Oatley, Sir George Herbert (1863–1950), architect
Ogilvie, Alan Grant (1887–1954), geographer
Origo [née Cutting], Dame Iris Margaret (1902–1988), writer and historian
Pace, George Gaze (1915–1975), architect
Paget, Sir Arthur Henry Fitzroy (1851–1928), army officer
Ping Lun [Pong Lun] (c.1861–1904), murderer
Pollen, Francis Anthony Baring (1926–1987), architect
Pounds, Norman John Greville (1912–2006), geographer
Quennell, Charles Henry Bourne (1872–1935), architect and writer
Quennell [née Courtney], Marjorie (1883–1972), architectural writer [see under Quennell, Charles Henry Bourne (1872–1935)]
Redding, (David) Noel (1945–2003), musician
Rees, Thomas Wynford (1898–1959), army officer
Rosenberg, Eugene (1907–1990), architect
Ryder, (John) Gordon (1919–2000), architect
Sabu Dastagir [real name Selar Sabu] (1924–1963), actor
Sandbach [née Mathews], Mary Warburton (1901–1990), translator
Selim Aga (c.1826–1875), freed slave, autobiographer, and explorer
Seznec, Jean Joseph (1905–1983), art historian and scholar of French literature
Shankar, Uday (1900–1977), dancer and choreographer
Shepley [née Humphrey], Ida (1908–1975), actress and singer
Skeen, Sir Andrew (1873–1935), army officer
Skipper, George John (1856–1948), architect
Smith, Michael Garfield (1921–1993), social anthropologist
Starkie, Walter Fitzwilliam (1894–1976), Hispanic scholar and travel writer
Steel, Robert Walter (1915–1997), geographer and university administrator
Stopford, Sir Montagu George North (1892–1971), army officer
Thompson, Sir Robert Grainger Ker (1916–1992), colonial official and military adviser
Thornely, Sir Arnold (1870–1953), architect
Tuke, (William) Charles (1843–1893), architect [see under Maxwell, James (1838–1893)]
Turner, Hugh Thackeray (1853–1937), architect
Vere, Maud de [née Maud Ufford] , countess of Oxford (1345?–1413) [see under Vere, Thomas de, eighth earl of Oxford (1336x–1371)]
Vere, Richard de, eleventh earl of Oxford (1385–1417), magnate and soldier
Vere, Thomas de, eighth earl of Oxford (1336x8–1371), magnate and soldier
Wells, (Albert) Randall (1877–1942), architect
Whitby, George Frederick (1916–1973), architect [see under McMorran, Donald Hanks (1904–1965)]
White, William (b. in or before 1559, d. 1618), printer and bookseller
Wilson, Salim Charles [Hatashi Masha Kathish; Atobhil Macar Kathiec] (c.1859–1946), freed slave and Christian evangelist
Wingate, Sir Ronald Evelyn Leslie, second baronet (1889–1978), imperial administrator and wartime deception planner
Yate [Yates], Thomas (c.1604–1681), college head and publishing entrepreneur
Yates, Peter (1920–1982), architect and artist [see under Ryder, (John) Gordon (1919–2000)]