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Reference list

Updates: May 2011

New subjects

Æthelmaer (d. after 1070), bishop of Elmham
Æthelric (d. in or after 1076), bishop of Selsey [see under Stigand (d. 1087)]
Æthelwine (d. in or after 1071), bishop of Durham
Batchelor, John (1820–1883), politician and businessman
Bebb, Gwyneth Marjory (1889–1921), campaigner for women's admission to the legal profession
Burton, William Shakespeare (1824–1916), painter
Butterworth, William (1769–1834), slave-ship sailor and engraver
Chandler, John (d. 1426), bishop of Salisbury
Costelloe, Karin Elizabeth Conn (1889–1953), psychiatrist [see under Bebb, Gwyneth Marjory (1889–1921)]
Davies, Alun Bennett Oldfield- (1905–1988), broadcaster and public servant
Davies, Daniel (1859–1930), choral conductor
Davies, George Maitland Lloyd (1880–1949), pacifist
Davies, (Florence) Rose (1882–1958), political activist
Davies, (Thomas) Ryan (1937–1977), actor and comedian
Edwards, John Hugh (1869–1945), Congregational minister and politician
Edwards, Onesimus [Ness] (1897–1968), trade unionist and politician
Egley, William Maw (1826–1916), genre painter
Elsley, Arthur John (1860–1952), artist
Evans, Henry [Harry] (1873–1914), musician
Farquharson, Joseph (1846–1935), landscape painter
Fielding, Mary Maria (1804–1895), botanist [see under Fielding, Henry Borron (1805–1851)]
Francis, David [Dai] (1911–1981), trade unionist
Gallie, (Walter) Bryce (1912–1998), philosopher [see under Gallie, Menna Patricia (1919–1990)]
Gallie, Menna Patricia (1919–1990), writer
Gibb, Robert (1845–1932), historical genre and portrait painter
Gilbert, John (d. 1397), diplomat, administrator, and bishop of St David's
Gilliatt, Roger William (1922–1991), clinical neurologist
Godfrey (d. 1088), bishop of Chichester [see under Stigand (d. 1087)]
Godward, John William (1861–1922), genre painter
Heyworth, William (d. 1447), abbot of St Albans and bishop of Coventry and Lichfield
Hicks, George Elgar (1824–1914), genre painter
Houédard, Pierre Thomas Paul Jean (1924–1992), Benedictine monk and poet
Hutchison, Robert Gemmell (1855–1936), painter
Ingram, Maud Isabel (1889–1965), solicitor [see under Bebb, Gwyneth Marjory (1889–1921)]
Jones, Arthur Stuart Duncan- (1879–1955), dean of Chichester
Jones, Elizabeth Mary [known as Moelona] (1877–1953), novelist
Jones, Evan Rowland (1840–1920), soldier in the USA, American consul, and author
Keating, Joseph (1871–1934), novelist
Kemp, Thomas (c.1414–1489), bishop of London
Lashly, William (1867–1940), polar explorer
Linton, Arthur Vincent (1868–1896), cyclist
Lloyd, John Ambrose (1815–1874), composer
Lockley, Ronald Mathias (1903–2000), conservationist
Lorimer, John Henry (1856–1936), genre and portrait painter
Lucas, John Seymour (1849–1923), genre painter
Lucas, Marie Elizabeth Seymour (1850–1921), painter [see under Lucas, John Seymour (1849–1923)]
Luce, Sir William Henry Tucker (1907–1977), colonial administrator and diplomatist
Medford, Richard (d. 1407), administrator and bishop of Salisbury
Michael, James (1875–1904), cyclist
Morgan, Godfrey Charles, Viscount Tredegar (1831–1913), soldier and landowner
Morgan, John Vyrnwy (1860–1925), minister of religion and writer
Myers, Eveleen (1856–1937), photographer [see under Tennant, Gertrude Barbara Rich (1819–1918)]
Nettlefold, John Sutton (1866–1930), housing reformer and town planner
Nettlefold, Lucy Frances (1891–1966), company director and local government politician [see under Bebb, Gwyneth Marjory (1889–1921)]
Newton, Kathleen Irene Ashburnham (c.1854–1882), artist's model [see under Tissot, Jacques Joseph (1836–1902)]
O'Neill, George Bernard (1828–1917), genre painter
Peers, Donald Rhys Hubert (1909–1973), singer
Piercy, Benjamin (1827–1888), civil engineer
Pinto, Vivian de Sola (1895–1969), literary scholar
Praty, Richard (c.1390–1445), bishop of Chichester
Protheroe, Daniel (1866–1934), musician
Pyne, Hugh (1569/70–1628), lawyer and alleged traitor
Reid, Sir George (1841–1913), portrait painter
Rossiter, Charles (1827–1897), genre painter
Rossiter, Frances Tripp (1833–1905), painter [see under Rossiter, Charles (1827–1897)]
Selous, Henry Courtney (1803–1890), artist and illustrator
Spofford, Thomas (d. 1456), abbot of St Mary's, York, and bishop of Hereford
Stanhope, John Roddam Spencer (1829–1908), painter
Staniforth, Joseph Morewood (1863–1921), cartoonist
Stanley, Dorothy, Lady Stanley (1855–1926), painter and illustrator [see under Tennant, Gertrude Barbara Rich (1819–1918)]
Stanton, Charles Butt (1873–1946), trade unionist and politician
Staples, Sir Robert Ponsonby, twelfth baronet (1853–1943), painter
Stigand (d. 1087), bishop of Chichester
Stone, Marcus Clayton (1840–1921), historical genre painter and illustrator
Strudwick, John Melhuish (1849–1937), painter
Talbot, Christopher Rice Mansel (1803–1890), landowner and politician
Talbot, Emily Charlotte (1840–1918) [see under Talbot, Christopher Rice Mansel (1803–1890)]
Tayler, Albert Chevallier (1862–1925), genre painter
Tennant, Charles (1796–1873), landowner and politician [see under Tennant, Gertrude Barbara Rich (1819–1918)]
Tennant, Gertrude Barbara Rich (1819–1918), society hostess
Thomas, Alfred, Baron Pontypridd (1840–1927), politician
Thomas, Sir Daniel Lleufer (1863–1940), stipendiary magistrate
Thomas, David (1794–1882), iron manufacturer
Thomas, John Brinley George (1917–1997), journalist
Thomas, Robert John Roydon (1926–1999), sculptor
Thompson, (Thomas) Raymond (1907–1976), mathematician and computer manager
Tissot, Jacques Joseph (1836–1902), artist
Titcomb, William Holt Yates (1858–1930), artist
Toms, Isaac (1710–1801), Independent minister and writer
Valentine, Lewis Edward (1893–1986), Baptist minister and Welsh nationalist
Vaughan, Arthur Owen [pseud. Owen Rhoscomyl] (1863–1919), author and patriot
Vosper, Sydney Curnow (1866–1942), painter
Walters, Evan John (1892–1951), painter
Wells, William (d. 1444), bishop of Rochester and diplomat
Whaite, Henry Clarence (1828–1912), painter
Williams, (John Ellis) Caerwyn (1912–1999), Celtic scholar
Winstone, Howard (1939–2000), boxer
Woodville, Sir Edward (d. 1488), soldier and courtier
Wynne, David (1900–1983), composer
Wynne, (Sarah) Edith (1842–1897), singer
Zobole, Ernest (1927–1999), painter and art teacher