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Reference list

Updates: January 2011

New subjects

Ackrill, John Lloyd (1921–2007), philosopher
Adams, Carol (1948–2007), educationist
Akehurst, Sir John Bryan (1930–2007), army officer
Allen, Philip, Baron Allen of Abbeydale (1912–2007), civil servant
Almeida, June Dalziel (1930–2007), virologist
Arden, Don (1926–2007), rock music manager and promoter
Badham, Molly Winifred (1914–2007), zoo proprietor and conservationist
Baker, Laurence Wilfred (1917–2007), architect in India
Ball, Alan James (1945–2007), footballer and football manager
Bell, (Alexander) Scott (1941–2007), insurance and financial services executive
Bethell, Nicholas William, fourth Baron Bethell (1938–2007), politician and writer
Bevan, Natalie Alice (1909–2007), artist, muse, and collector
Biffen, (William) John, Baron Biffen (1930–2007), politician
Birley, Marcus Oswald Hornby Lecky [Mark] (1930–2007), club owner
Blow, Isabella (1958–2007), fashion journalist and stylist
Bonham, Derek Charles (1943–2007), industrialist
Bowie, Malcolm McNaughtan (1943–2007), scholar of French and comparative literature
Boyse, Edward Arthur (1923–2007), immunologist
Bracewell, Dame Joyanne Winifred (1934–2007), barrister and judge
Braden, Bernard Chastey (1916–1993), actor and broadcaster [see under Kelly, Barbara (1924–2007)]
Bramall, Margaret Elaine (1916–2007), social worker and charity director [see under Bramall, Sir (Ernest) Ashley (1916–1999)]
Brandt, George William (1920–2007), film-maker and scholar of film, television, and drama
Bridge, Nigel Cyprian, Baron Bridge of Harwich (1917–2007), judge
Brooks, Anthony Morris [Tony] (1922–2007), special operations and intelligence officer
Browne, George Edric (1920–2007), singer, songwriter, and actor
Budden, Julian Medforth (1924–2007), musicologist and radio producer
Burnett, Sir John Harrison (1922–2007), botanist and university administrator
Cahn, Robert Wolfgang (1924–2007), materials scientist
Campbell, Sir Alan Hugh (1919–2007), diplomatist
Campbell, Steven Macmillan (1953–2007), painter
Cartwright, Thomas William [Tom] (1935–2007), cricketer
Cass, Frank (1930–2007), publisher
Cattermole, James (1910–2007), political organizer
Channon, (Henry) Paul Guinness, Baron Kelvedon (1935–2007), politician
Chapple, Derek Barton- [performing name Derek Waring] (1927–2007), actor [see under Tutin, Dame Dorothy (1930–2001)]
Chissell, Joan Olive (1919–2007), music critic
Clarke, Peter William Hanwell (1948–2007), social worker and children's commissioner
Cockfield, (Francis) Arthur, Baron Cockfield (1916–2007), businessman and politician
Cohn, Norman Rufus Colin (1915–2007), historian
Collins, Philip Arthur William (1923–2007), literary scholar
Colvin, Sir Howard Montagu (1919–2007), architectural historian
Coren, Alan (1938–2007), humorous writer
Corner, Beryl Dorothy (1910–2007), paediatrician
Cox, Lawrence Jack [John] (1920–2007), civil engineer and advocate of organ donation
Croll, Elisabeth Joan (1944–2007), Sinologist and anthropologist
Dally, Ann Gwendolen (1926–2007), doctor and medical historian
Davie, George Elder (1912–2007), philosopher and historian
Davis, John Michael Newsom- (1932–2007), neurologist
Deedes, William Francis [Bill], Baron Deedes (1913–2007), journalist and politician
Dehn, Olive Marie (1914–2007), poet and children's writer [see under Dehn, Paul Edward (1912–1976)]
Dempster, Nigel Richard Patton (1941–2007), journalist
Denton, Sir Eric James (1923–2007), marine biologist and physiologist
Dougan, (Alexander) Derek (1938–2007), footballer and author
Douglas, Dame (Margaret) Mary (1921–2007), social anthropologist
Duke, Neville Frederick (1922–2007), air force officer and aviator
Eames, (Gwladys) Marion (1921–2007), novelist and radio producer
Edwards, John Hilton (1928–2007), human geneticist
Elgar, Sybil Lillian (1914–2007), educationist
Ellenshaw, Peter (1913–2007), special effects artist and landscape painter
Ellis, Susan Caroline Williams- (1918–2007), ceramics designer and manufacturer
Emmanuel, Ivor Lewis (1927–2007), singer and actor
Ervine, David Walter (1953–2007), paramilitary and politician
Evans, Sir (William) Vincent John (1915–2007), international lawyer, diplomatist, and judge
Exton, Clive (1930–2007), screenwriter
FitzHerbert, Luke Jos (1937–2007), charity campaigner and social activist
Forte, Charles, Baron Forte (1908–2007), caterer and hotelier
Fox, Sir Michael John (1921–2007), judge
Franca, Celia (1921–2007), ballet dancer, choreographer, and ballet director
Francis, Frederick William [Freddie] (1917–2007), cinematographer and film director
Fraser, Sir (James) Campbell (1923–2007), industrialist
Fraser, Peter Marshall (1918–2007), classical scholar and historian
Frost, Robert William (1950–2007), Methodist minister and evangelist
Garson, Mary Sunniva (1921–2007), nun and founder of the Benedictine sisters of Grace and Compassion
Gaster, Jacob (1907–2007), solicitor and communist activist [see under Gaster, Moses (1856–1939)]
Ghoussoub, Mai (1952–2007), writer, publisher, and artist
Gilmour, Ian Hedworth John Little, Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar (1926–2007), politician and author
Glyn, Andrew John (1943–2007), economist and socialist
Goldberg, Sir Abraham (1923–2007), physician
Goldman, Sir Samuel (1912–2007), civil servant
Graham, Colin (1931–2007), opera director and librettist
Gravell, Raymond William Robert [Ray] (1951–2007), rugby player, broadcaster, and actor
Grima, Andrew Peter (1921–2007), jeweller
Guyatt, Richard Gerald Talbot (1914–2007), graphic designer
Hall, Terence (1926–2007), ventriloquist and children's author
Hamburger, Michael Peter Leopold (1924–2007), poet, translator, and literary critic
Handford, Peter Thomas (1919–2007), film sound recordist
Hatch, Sir David Edwin (1939–2007), broadcasting executive
Hauser, Frank Ivor (1922–2007), theatre director
Hawkes, John Gregory (1915–2007), botanist
Hazlehurst, Ronald (1928–2007), musician
Henshaw, Alexander Adolphus Dumphries (1912–2007), aviator
Henshaw, Michael Noel (1930–2007), accountant
Herbert, Sir Walter William [Wally] (1934–2007), polar explorer
Hetherington, Sir Thomas Chalmers [Tony] (1926–2007), lawyer and civil servant
Hezlet, Sir Arthur Richard (1914–2007), naval officer and submariner
Hodges, Sir Lewis Macdonald [Bob] (1918–2007), air force officer
Hoffenberg, Sir Raymond [Bill] (1923–2007), physician
Hogg, Richard Milne (1944–2007), historian of the English language
Honeycombe, Sir Robert William Kerr (1921–2007), metallurgist
Hornby, Richard Phipps (1922–2007), politician and building society chairman
Hudson, John Pilkington (1910–2007), horticultural scientist and bomb disposal officer
Hurley, Susan Lynn (1954–2007), philosopher
Hutchison, Terence Wilmot (1912–2007), philosopher and historian of economics
Ingpen, Joan Mary Eileen (1916–2007), musicians' agent and opera administrator
Inwood, Christiane Sourvinou- (1945–2007), Greek scholar
Jackson, Michael (1942–2007), journalist and writer on beer and whisky
Jauncey, Charles Eliot, Baron Jauncey of Tullichettle (1925–2007), judge
Jeger, Lena May, Baroness Jeger (1915–2007), politician and journalist
Jellicoe, George Patrick John Rushworth, second Earl Jellicoe and Baron Jellicoe of Southampton (1918–2007), army officer, politician, and businessman
Johnson, William Henry [Peerie Willie] (1920–2007), musician
Jolliffe, Peter Benedict (1947–2007), antiquarian bookseller
Jones, Grenfell [Gren] (1934–2007), cartoonist
Jones, Karen Ida Boalth Spärck (1935–2007), computer scientist
Kalman, Andras (1919–2007), art dealer
Kelly, Barbara (1924–2007), performer and television personality
Kendall, David George (1918–2007), mathematician and statistician
Kenrick, Bruce Henderson (1920–2007), Presbyterian minister and housing campaigner
Kerr, Antonella Reuss, marchioness of Lothian (1922–2007), journalist and charity founder
Kerr, Deborah (1921–2007), actress
King, Alexander (1909–2007), chemist, international civil servant, and environmentalist
King, Dame Thea (1925–2007), clarinettist and pianist
Kirkwood, Patricia [Pat] (1921–2007), actress and singer
Kitaj, Ronald Brooks (1932–2007), painter and essayist
Kogan, Maurice (1930–2007), civil servant and scholar of education and public policy
Kwok, Sui King [Lily] (1918–2007), restaurateur
Kyle, (John) Keith (1925–2007), journalist, broadcaster, and historian
Lambert, Verity Ann (1935–2007), television and film producer
Legum, Margaret Jean (1933–2007), economist, journalist, and political activist [see under Legum, Colin (1919–2003)]
Leslie, Sir Peter Evelyn (1931–2007), banker
Lister, Moira (1923–2007), actress
Lynton, Norbert Casper (1927–2007), art historian and critic
Macfarlane, Sir George Gray (1916–2007), engineer and public servant
McGeoch, Sir Ian Lachlan Mackay (1914–2007), naval officer
McGregor, Sir Ian Alexander (1922–2007), malariologist
Macintosh, Farquhar (1923–2007), educationist and promoter of the Gaelic language
MacKeith, James Alexander Culpin (1938–2007), forensic psychiatrist
McLaren, Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea (1927–2007), geneticist
Macquarrie, John [Ian] (1919–2007), theologian
McRae, Colin Steele (1968–2007), rally driver
Magnusson, Magnus (1929–2007), Icelandic scholar, broadcaster, and environmentalist
Manning, Bernard John (1930–2007), comedian
Marshall, Sir Arthur Gregory George (1903–2007), aviator, pilot instructor, and industrialist
Mason, Stephen Finney (1923–2007), chemist and historian of science
Massingberd, Hugh John Montgomery- (1946–2007), genealogist, obituaries editor, and author
Mathias, Roland Glyn (1915–2007), poet and literary critic
Melly, (Alan) George Heywood (1926–2007), writer and singer
Melrose, Denis Graham (1921–2007), physiologist
Meneghello, Luigi (1922–2007), Italian scholar and author
Michie, Donald (1923–2007), geneticist and computer scientist
Michie, James Crain (1927–2007), poet and publisher
Millar, Sir Oliver Nicholas (1923–2007), art historian
Milton, (Clement) Arthur (1928–2007), cricketer and footballer
Moore, Sir (John) Jeremy (1928–2007), Royal Marines officer
Morley, Sheridan Robert (1941–2007), theatre critic and biographer
Moule, Charles Francis Digby (1908–2007), New Testament scholar
Murphy, Sir Leslie Frederick (1915–2007), banker and industrialist
Nevill, James Francis (1927–2007), police officer
Nolan, Michael Patrick, Baron Nolan (1928–2007), judge
Norman, Andrew John (1943–2007), athletics administrator and agent
Nuttall, Anthony David (1937–2007), literary scholar
Nuttall, Geoffrey Fillingham (1911–2007), Congregational minister and church historian
Odell, John William [Jack] (1920–2007), businessman and toy manufacturer
Oliver, Peter Raymond, Baron Oliver of Aylmerton (1921–2007), judge
Orgel, Leslie Eleazer (1927–2007), theoretical chemist and molecular biologist
Orton, Peter Charles (1943–2007), television executive and businessman
Pagel, Bernard Ephraim Julius (1930–2007), astrophysicist
Parkes, Margaret, Lady Parkes (1925–2007), educationist
Pearson, Colin James (1923–2007), potter
Pennington [married name Tutin], Winifred Anne (1915–2007), botanist and palaeolimnologist
Pimlott, Steven Charles (1953–2007), opera and theatre director
Reeves, Christopher Reginald (1936–2007), merchant banker
Reid, Sir Norman Robert (1915–2007), painter and gallery director
Richardson, Ian William (1934–2007), actor
Ridley, Walter John (1913–2007), songwriter and record producer
Roberts, Sir Gareth Gwyn (1940–2007), physicist and university administrator
Roddick, Dame Anita Lucia (1942–2007), businesswoman
Rudduck, Jean (1937–2007), educationist
Scannell, Vernon (1922–2007), poet and novelist
Scott, Peter Graham (1923–2007), television director and producer
Seaton, Michael John (1923–2007), physicist and astronomer
Sellick, Phyllis Doreen (1911–2007), pianist [see under Smith, Cyril James (1909–1974)]
Shepperd, Sir Alfred Joseph (1925–2007), industrialist
Sheridan, Bernard (1927–2007), solicitor
Sherrin, Edward George [Ned] (1931–2007), film, theatre, and television producer and writer
Singer, Aubrey Edward (1927–2007), broadcasting executive
Smith, Ian Douglas (1919–2007), prime minister of Rhodesia
Smith, Sir John Lindsay Eric (1923–2007), banker, politician, and philanthropist
Southward, Alan James (1928–2007), marine biologist
Stanier, Sir John Wilfred (1925–2007), army officer
Stott, Richard Keith (1943–2007), journalist and newspaper editor
Stoyle, Roger John Blin- (1924–2007), physicist
Tannahill, (Margery) Reay (1929–2007), food historian and historical novelist
Thomson, (Robert Howard) Garry (1925–2007), museum conservator and author
Thorneycroft, Contessa Carla Maria Concetta Francesca, Lady Thorneycroft (1914–2007), fashion editor and conservationist [see under Thorneycroft, (George Edward) Peter, Baron Thorneycroft (1909–1994)]
Tomkins, Sir Edward Emile (1915–2007), diplomatist
Tomlinson, Jane Emily (1964–2007), amateur athlete and charity fund-raiser
Torrance, Thomas Forsyth (1913–2007), theologian
Train, Christopher John (1932–2007), civil servant and historian
Ucko, Peter John (1938–2007), archaeologist and anthropologist
Varah, (Edward) Chad (1911–2007), Church of England clergyman and founder of the Samaritans
Ward, John Stanton (1917–2007), painter
Watkins, Sir Tasker (1918–2007), judge
Watson, John Hugh [Adam] (1914–2007), diplomatist and scholar of international relations
Watts, Sir Arthur Desmond (1931–2007), international lawyer and diplomat
Weatherill, Bruce Bernard [Jack], Baron Weatherill (1920–2007), speaker of the House of Commons
Webster, Henry George (1917–2007), automotive engineer
Wedgwood, John (1919–2007), consultant geriatrician
Williamson, Duncan James (1928–2007), storyteller and singer
Wilson, Anthony Howard [Tony] (1950–2007), television broadcaster and music entrepreneur
Wilson, Sir Colin Alexander St John (1922–2007), architect
Wolf, Peter Otto (1918–2007), civil engineer and hydrologist
Wolfson, Sir Brian Gordon (1935–2007), businessman
Wollaston, Nicholas William (1926–2007), novelist and travel writer [see under Wollaston, Alexander Frederick Richmond (1875–1930)]
Wooldridge, Ian Edmund (1932–2007), sporting journalist and broadcaster
Woolmer, Robert Andrew [Bob] (1948–2007), cricketer and cricket coach
Young, Aida (1920–2007), film producer