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Reference list

Updates: September 2010

New subjects

Abrahams, Israel (1858–1925), Jewish scholar and historian
Ali, Dusé Mohamed (1866–1945), journalist and playwright
Arnost (d. 1076) [see under Siward (d. 1075)]
Bakewell, George (1805–1883), police officer
Barnard, Lambert (d. 1567/8), painter and calligrapher
Barrow, William (d. 1429), bishop of Carlisle
Berkeley, Hubert John Aloysius (1864–1942), colonial administrator
Brown, Henry (b. c.1815, d. in or after 1878), slavery abolitionist and magician
Brown, Isaac (fl. 1884–1909), impostor
Buckett, Rowland (bap. 1571, d. 1639), decorative painter and joiner
Burns, Thomas Ferrier (1906–1995), publisher and journalist
Cafferata, Raymond Oswald (1897–1966), colonial police officer
Caminada, Jerome (1844–1914), police officer
Cavenagh, Sir (William) Orfeur (1820–1891), army officer and colonial governor
Chattopadhyaya, Virendranath (1880–1937), Indian nationalist and communist
Cherrill, Frederick Rupert (1892–1964), police officer and fingerprint expert
Conant, Sir Nathaniel (1745–1822), bookseller and police magistrate
Cottington, George (d. in or before 1648), artist
Coulson, Noel James (1928–1986), scholar of Islamic law
Crakehall, John of (d. 1260), administrator
Cunningham, Sir Charles Banks (1884–1967), colonial police officer
Desai, Morarji Ranchhodji (1896–1995), prime minister of India
Dew, Walter (1863–1947), police officer
Dighton, William (1717–1769), excise officer and murder victim
Dosunmu, Samson Olabowale (1914–1991?), gambler and nightclub proprietor
Dowbiggin, Sir Herbert Layard (1880–1966), colonial police officer
Duck, Ann (bap. 1717, d. 1744), criminal
Fabian, Robert Honey (1901–1978), police officer and broadcaster
Fletcher, Yvonne Joyce (1958–1984), police officer
Goddard, Henry (1800–1883), police officer
Grimwood, Ethel Brabazon (1867–1928), the ‘heroine of Manipur’
Gwynn, Sir Charles William (1870–1963), army officer
Halland, Gordon Herbert Ramsay (1888–1981), police officer
Handyside, Eric Charles (d. 1926), police officer in India
Harishchandra (1850–1885), Hindi poet, playwright, and literary editor
Hopton, John (c.1405–1478), landowner
Hughes, Brewster (1912–1986), guitarist and bandleader
Jenkins, Edmund Thornton (1894–1926), composer and jazz musician
Jones, (John) Mervyn Guthrie Griffith- (1909–1979), barrister and judge
Kempster, John (1836–1916), police journalist and temperance campaigner
Koenigswarter [née Rothschild], (Kathleen Annie) Pannonica de, baroness de Koenigswarter (1913–1988), musical patron
Kyngescote, John (c.1414–1463), bishop of Carlisle
Lane, Homer Terril (1875–1925), educationist and psychoanalyst
Lewsham, Amelia (b. c.1748, d. in or after 1798), ‘white negress’
Leyburne, Roger (1465/6–1507), administrator and bishop of Carlisle
Lindsay, Lionel Arthur (1861–1945), police officer
Luxembourg, Louis de (d. 1443), bishop of Ely in commendam, administrator, and cardinal
McDavid, Sir Herbert Gladstone (1898–1966), shipowner
McHardy, John Bunch Bonnemaison (1801–1882), naval and police officer
McKoy, Christine (1851–1912), conjoined twin [see under McKoy, Millie (1851–1912)]
McKoy, Millie (1851–1912), conjoined twin
McLevy, James (1793/4?–1873), police officer and author
Macnaghten, Sir Melville Leslie (1853–1921), police officer
Macoun, Michael John (1914–1997), colonial police officer
Melville, William (1850–1918), police officer and intelligence officer
Melville, Sir James Benjamin (1885–1931), barrister and politician [see under Melville, William (1850–1918)]
Miller, William Alexander (1890–1970), local politician
Mokhehle, Ntsu Clement (1918–1999), prime minister of Lesotho
Monro, James (1838–1920), police officer
Moriarty, Cecil Charles Hudson (1877–1958), police officer
Moshoeshoe II (1938–1996), king of Lesotho
Muir, Sir Richard David (1857–1924), barrister
Nawab begums of Bhopal (act. 1819–1926), Muslim female rulers in the central Indian principality of Bhopal
Otolorin, John Adetayo (c.1886–1963), landlord, theatrical agent, and community leader
Payne, John Charles (1872–1952), singer and choirmaster
Peacock, Sir Robert (1859–1926), police officer
Popkess, Athelstan Horn (1893–1967), police officer
Qudsia Begum (1801–1881) [see under Nawab begums of Bhopal (act. 1819–1926)]
Rafter, Sir Charles Haughton (1857?–1935), police officer
Russell, James Samuel Risien (1863–1939), neurologist
Ruthven, George Thomas Joseph (1792/3–1844), police officer
Rutling, Thomas (1854–1915), singer
Sadler, Sir James Hayes (1851–1922), army officer and colonial governor
St Johnston, Sir (Thomas) Eric (1911–1986), police officer
Sant, Mowbray Lees (1863–1943), police officer
Saunders, Alan (1886–1964), colonial police officer
Savidge, (Marjorie) Irene (1905–1985), factory worker and subject of police interrogation
Shah Jahan Begum (1838–1901) [see under Nawab begums of Bhopal (act. 1819–1926)]
Shrewsbury, William James (1795–1866), missionary
Sikandar Begum (1818–1868) [see under Nawab begums of Bhopal (act. 1819–1926)]
Simpson, Sir Joseph (1909–1968), police officer
Singuineau, Francis Ethelbert Dominic (1913–1992), actor
Smith, Cornelia Estelle (1875–1970), music-hall entertainer and actress
Smith, Sir George (1858–1938), colonial governor
Souch, John (bap. 1594, d. 1645?), artist
Strachan, William Arthur Watkin (1921–1998), air force officer, legal administrator, and political activist
Suhrawardy, Huseyn Shaheed (1892–1963), chief minister of Bengal and prime minister of Pakistan
Sultan Jahan Begum (1858–1930) [see under Nawab begums of Bhopal (act. 1819–1926)]
Syers, Henry Charles (1853?–1897), soldier and colonial police officer
Syme, John (1872–1945), police officer and campaigner
Tagore, Dwijendranath (1840–1926), poet and philosopher
Taylor, Avril Coleridge- (1903–1998), composer and conductor
Tozer, Alfred (1831–1911), fire officer [see under Tozer, Alfred Robert (1853–1906)]
Tozer, Alfred Robert (1853–1906), fire officer
Trimmingham, Ernest (1880/81–1942), actor
Vitré, Barbara Mary Denis de (1905–1960), police officer
Wadia, Ardaseer Cursetjee (1808–1877), civil engineer
Welch, Saunders (1711–1784), grocer and magistrate
Wensley, Frederick Porter (1865–1949), police officer
Williams, Egbert Austin (1874–1922), dancer and entertainer
Wills, (William) David (1903–1980), social worker
Wyles, Lilian Mary Elizabeth (1885–1975), police officer