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Reference list

Updates: May 2010

New subjects

Addy, Mark Anthony (1840–1890), boatman and life-saver
Armour, Peter James (1940–2002), Italian scholar
Axon, John (1900–1957), railwayman
Ayres, Alice (1859–1885), domestic servant and heroine
Baldick, Robert André Édouard (1927–1972), French scholar and translator
Barnham, Alice (1523–1604), silkwoman and benefactor
Barnham, Francis (1515/16–1576), draper and alderman [see under Barnham, Alice (1523–1604)]
Beckett, Allan Harry (1914–2005), engineer
Bell, Clara (1834–1927), translator
Bithell, Jethro (1878–1962), German scholar
Bollaert, William (1807–1876), traveller and author
Bolsover, George Henry (1910–1990), historian
Boothby, Penelope (1785–1791), artist's model and subject of poetry
Bradfield, John of (d. 1283), bishop of Rochester
Bredsdorff, Elias Lunn (1912–2002), Danish scholar
Breul, Karl Hermann (1860–1932), German scholar
Brown, Maud Frances Forrester- (1885–1970), orthopaedic surgeon
Bruford, Walter Horace (1894–1988), German and Russian scholar
Burton, William Kinninmond (1856–1899), civil engineer and photographer
Chamerovzow, Louis Alexis (1816–1875), anti-slavery campaigner and author
Charlton, Donald Geoffrey (1925–1995), scholar of French literature
Closs, August Max (1898–1990), German scholar
Closs, Hannah Margaret Mary (1905–1953), art critic and novelist [see under Closs, August Max (1898–1990)]
Cushing, George Frederick (1923–1996), Hungarian scholar
Dionisotti, Carlo Roberto Emilio (1908–1998), Italian scholar
Draper, John (d. 1552), Augustinian canon and bishop-suffragan of Winchester
Drew, Kathleen Mary (1901–1957), phycologist
Dunlop, John, of Gairbraid (1789–1868), temperance campaigner
Elliott, Lilian Elwyn (1874–1963), traveller and journalist [see under Joyce, Thomas Athol (1878–1942)]
Gifford, (Charles) Henry (1913–2003), literary scholar
Gill, Austin (1906–1990), French scholar
Gowland, William (1842–1922), metallurgist and archaeologist
Goy, Edward Dennis (1926–2000), Serbo-Croat scholar
Graham, Stephen (1884–1975), travel writer and novelist
Grant, Helen Frances (1903–1992), Spanish scholar
Graves, Philip Perceval (1876–1953), journalist and author
Greenwood, James William (bap. 1835, d. 1927), author and journalist
Griffiths, Sir (Ernest) Roy (1926–1994), businessman and government adviser
Guile, Daniel (1814–1882), trade unionist
Hare, Richard Gilbert (1907–1966), Russian scholar
Harrison, (Barbara) Jane (1945–1968), air steward
Hartley, Wallace Henry (1878–1912), musician and bandleader on the RMS Titanic
Hazlitt, William (1811–1893), editor and translator
Jones, Edward [nicknamed the Boy Jones] (b. 1824), trespasser
Joyce, Thomas Athol (1878–1942), anthropologist and archaeologist
Kaufmann, Gordon Bernie (1888–1949), architect
Kinder, Thomas William (1817–1884), engineer and director of the Japanese imperial mint
Legge, (Mary) Dominica (1905–1986), French scholar and historian
Limentani, Uberto (1913–1989), Italian scholar
Lückes, Eva Charlotte Ellis (1854–1919), nurse
Lynch, Henry Finnis Blosse (1862–1913), traveller and politician
Manesty, Samuel (1758–1812), merchant and diplomat
Marriage, Ellen (1865–1946), translator
Matthew, Patrick (1790–1874), arboriculturist and social reformer
Maude, Dorothea Clara (1879–1959), physician and surgeon
Mavrogordato, John Nicolas (1882–1970), Greek scholar and translator
Morten, (Violet) Honnor (1861–1913), nurse and journalist
Orr, John (1885–1966), linguist and French scholar
Pallis, Alexander (1850–1935), cotton merchant and translator
Pallis, Marco Alexander (1895–1989), musician, mountaineer, and metaphysician [see under Pallis, Alexander (1850–1935)]
Percy, William (1428–1462), bishop of Carlisle
Pierce, Francis William (1915–1999), Spanish and Portuguese scholar
Priebsch, Robert (1866–1935), German scholar
Procter, Evelyn Emma Stefanos (1897–1980), historian and college head
Rendel, Leila Margaret (1882–1969), social worker and children's campaigner
Robinson, David (1787–1849), journalist and economist
Rose, William John (1885–1968), historian
St Joseph, (John) Kenneth Sinclair (1912–1994), geologist, archaeologist, and aerial photographer
Salter, Thomas (1477/8–1558), Carthusian monk and Roman Catholic priest
Scrope, Richard (c.1419–1468), bishop of Carlisle
Shirley, Sewallis Evelyn (1844–1904), politician and founder of the Kennel Club
Simmons, John Simon Gabriel (1915–2005), librarian and Slavonic scholar
Stahl, Ernest Ludwig (1902–1992), German scholar
Stokes, (Charles) Adrian Scott (1854–1935), artist
Stroud, John Anthony (1923–1989), social worker and author
Stuart, John Spencer Innes (1940–2003), Russian scholar and art historian
Sydenham, Richard (c.1340–1403), justice [see under Sydenham, Simon (c.1370–1438)]
Sydenham, Simon (c.1370–1438), bishop of Chichester
Tappe, Eric Ditmar (1910–1992), Romanian scholar
Tongue, Richard (1795–1873), artist
Tutill, George (1817–1887), banner and regalia maker
Wallis, Alfred (1855–1942), artist
Welton, Gilbert (d. 1362), bishop of Carlisle
Westkarre, William (d. 1486), Augustinian canon and suffragan bishop
Weston, William (d. in or before 1505), merchant and explorer
Williams, Peggy Eileen [pseud. Margiad Evans] (1909–1958), writer and artist
Willoughby, Leonard Ashley (1885–1977), German scholar
Wilson, Edward Meryon (1906–1977), Spanish scholar
Wirgman, Charles (1832–1891), journalist and illustrator
Wouldham, Thomas (d. 1317), bishop of Rochester