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Reference list

Updates: January 2010

New subjects

Ackner, Desmond James Conrad, Baron Ackner (1920–2006), judge
Allan, Elkan Philip (1922–2006), journalist and television producer
Appiah, Enid Margaret [Peggy] (1921–2006), anthologist and charity worker
Argent, (Bernard) Godfrey (1937–2006), photographer
Arnold, Sir Malcolm Henry (1921–2006), trumpeter and composer
Auld, William (1924–2006), Esperanto poet and writer
Badawi, (Mohammed Aboulkhair) Zaki (1922–2006), scholar of Islam and Muslim community leader
Bagot, Milicent Jessie Eleanor (1907–2006), intelligence officer
Banks, Anthony Louis [Tony], Baron Stratford (1942–2006), politician
Banks, Olive Lucy (1923–2006), sociologist, historian, and feminist
Barkworth, Peter Wynn (1929–2006), actor
Barr, James (1924–2006), Old Testament scholar
Barrett, Roger Keith [Syd] (1946–2006), musician and songwriter
Battiscombe, (Esther) Georgina (1905–2006), biographer
Baxter, Raymond Frederic (1922–2006), broadcaster and writer
Bayliss, Sir Richard Ian Samuel (1917–2006), physician
Bedford, Sybille (1911–2006), writer
Beeson, Paul Bruce (1908–2006), physician
Bell, (Ernest) Arthur (1926–2006), plant chemist
Bell, Thomas George [Tom] (1933–2006), actor
Berman, Nestor Montague [Monty] (1913–2006), film and television producer
Black, Dorothy [Kitty] (1914–2006), theatrical agent and translator
Bleaney, Brebis (1915–2006), physicist
Blow, Sandra Betty (1925–2006), painter and collagist
Bond, Derek William Douglas (1920–2006), actor
Bond, Sir Kenneth Raymond Boyden (1920–2006), accountant and industrialist
Boston, Richard (1938–2006), journalist and author
Bowen, Denis Arthur (1921–2006), painter
Boyce, (Nora Elisabeth) Mary (1920–2006), scholar of Zoroastrianism
Boyne, (Donald Arthur) Colin Aydon (1921–2006), architectural journalist and editor
Brech, Edward Francis Leopold (1909–2006), management consultant, theorist, and historian
Brightman, John Anson, Baron Brightman (1911–2006), judge
Bullard, Sir Julian Leonard (1928–2006), diplomatist
Cadbury, Peter Egbert (1918–2006), test pilot and businessman
Cammaerts, Francis Charles Albert (1916–2006), special operations officer and teacher
Campbell, Ambrose (1919–2006), musician and bandleader
Carrier, Robert (1923–2006), cookery writer and restaurateur
Carter, Denis Victor, Baron Carter (1932–2006), farmer and politician
Castleman, Christopher Norman Anthony (1941–2006), merchant banker
Chan, Michael Chew Koon, Baron Chan (1940–2006), paediatrician
Chisnall, (James) Arthur White (1925–2006), social worker and club and concert promoter
Clarke, Nicholas Campbell (1948–2006), broadcaster and writer
Clements, Richard Harry (1928–2006), journalist
Cole, Grace Elizabeth Agnes Annie [Gracie] (1924–2006), trumpeter
Coombs, Robert Royston Amos [Robin] (1921–2006), immunologist
Craig, Stella Ross- (1906–2006), botanical artist
Cunliffe, Mitzi (1918–2006), sculptor [see under Cunliffe, Marcus Falkner (1922–1990)]
Curram, Louise [Lou Gish] (1967–2006), actress [see under Gish, Sheila (1942–2005)]
Cutler, Ivor (1923–2006), humorist and singer
Dacres, Desmond Adolphus [Desmond Dekker] (1941–2006), singer and songwriter
Dalitz, Richard Henry (1925–2006), particle physicist
Denman, Sir (George) Roy (1924–2006), civil servant and diplomatist
Drake, Charles Edward [Charlie] (1925–2006), actor and comedian
Drummond, Sir John Richard Gray (1934–2006), television producer, broadcaster, and music administrator
Eltringham, (Stewart) Keith (1929–2006), zoologist
Ewing [Bain], Margaret Anne (1945–2006), politician
Farr, Dennis Larry Ashwell (1929–2006), art historian and museum director
Figures, Sir Colin Frederick (1925–2006), intelligence officer
Finlay, Ian Hamilton (1925–2006), poet, artist, and gardener
Finnis, Valerie Margaret Steriker (1924–2006), gardener and photographer
Fletcher, Alan Gerard (1931–2006), graphic designer
Foggon, George (1913–2006), civil servant and industrial relations adviser
Ford, Sir Edward William Spencer (1910–2006), courtier
Forth, Eric (1944–2006), politician
Fox, Levi (1914–2006), historian and conservationist
Fraser, Jill (1946–2006), theatre director
Freeman, Alan Leslie (1927–2006), disc jockey
Fretwell, Elizabeth Drina [Betty] (1920–2006), singer
Fryer, Peter James (1927–2006), journalist and historian
Ganz, Peter Felix (1920–2006), German scholar
Garrity, Frederick [Freddie] (1936–2006), singer
Grant, Ted (1913–2006), political activist
Gray, Sally (1915–2006), actress
Greenwood, Ronald [Ron] (1921–2006), footballer and football manager
Gregg, Pauline Emily (1909–2006), historian [see under Meiggs, Russell (1902–1989)]
Grierson, Philip (1910–2006), historian and numismatist
Griffith, Kenneth Reginald (1921–2006), actor and documentary film-maker
Guest, Val (1911–2006), film director and screenwriter
Halliwell, David Wiliam (1936–2006), playwright and theatre director
Hand, (Geoffrey) David (1918–2006), archbishop of Papua New Guinea
Harris, Ralph, Baron Harris of High Cross (1924–2006), economist and free-market polemicist
Hart, Philip Montagu D'Arcy (1900–2006), physician and medical researcher
Hartley, Marie (1905–2006), artist, historian, and collector
Hatto, Joyce Hilda (1928–2006), pianist
Hayter, Alethea Catharine (1911–2006), writer and British Council official
Heap, John Arnfield (1932–2006), polar researcher and civil servant
Hockley, Sir Anthony Heritage Farrar- (1924–2006), army officer
Hughes, Selwyn (1928–2006), evangelical minister and devotional writer
Hunt, Edgar Hubert (1909–2006), musician
Hussey, Joan Mervyn (1907–2006), Byzantine scholar
Hussey, Marmaduke James [Duke], Baron Hussey of North Bradley (1923–2006), newspaper and broadcasting executive
Ingilby, Joan Alicia (1911–2000) [see under Hartley, Marie (1905–2006)]
Ingram, Vernon Martin (1924–2006), molecular biologist
Jacobs, Louis (1920–2006), rabbi
Johnson, Frank Robert (1943–2006), journalist
Johnstone, James Connelly [Jimmy] (1944–2006), footballer
Jones, Emrys (1920–2006), geographer
Jones, Kenneth Jeffrey (1921–2006), athlete and rugby union player
Jones, Philip James (1921–2006), historian
Juda, Anneliese Emily [Annely] (1914–2006), art dealer and gallery owner
Kneale, (Thomas) Nigel (1922–2006), television dramatist
Laker, Sir Frederick Alfred [Freddie] (1922–2006), aviation entrepreneur
Lambton, Antony Claud Frederick, styled Lord Lambton (1922–2006), politician and writer
La Rose, John Anthony (1927–2006), trade unionist, publisher, and poet
Latham, John Aubrey Clarendon (1921–2006), artist
Lipstein, Kurt (1909–2006), jurist
Litvinenko, Aleksandr Valterovich (1962–2006), intelligence officer and dissident
Lloyd, Christopher (1921–2006), gardener and author
Lloyd, June Kathleen, Baroness Lloyd of Highbury (1928–2006), paediatrician
Lusher, Gordon Douglas [Don] (1923–2006), trombonist and bandleader
McClelland, Ivy Lilian (1908–2006), scholar of Spanish literature
McDonald, (William) Ian (1933–2006), neurologist
Mackay, Eric Beattie (1922–2006), newspaper editor
McLean, (John David) Ruari McDowall Hardie (1917–2006), typographer and author
McManners, John (1916–2006), historian and Church of England clergyman
Macsween, John Angus (1939–2006), haggis manufacturer
Maizels, Alfred (1917–2006), economist, civil servant, and international civil servant
Mark, Janet Marjorie [Jan] (1943–2006), children's writer
Marwick, Arthur John Brereton (1936–2006), historian
Masefield, Sir Peter Gordon (1914–2006), aeronautical engineer, journalist, and industrialist
Matthews, Sir Peter Alec (1922–2006), engineer and businessman
Mawer, (Elizabeth) Barbara (1936–2006), biochemist
Mawer, June Knox- (1930–2006), writer and broadcaster
Mayne, Michael Clement Otway (1929–2006), dean of Westminster
Megarry, Sir Robert Edgar (1910–2006), judge and legal scholar
Megaw, Arthur Hubert Stanley [Peter] (1910–2006), architectural historian and archaeologist
Menter, Sir James Woodham (1921–2006), physicist, industrialist, and university administrator
Mishcon, Victor, Baron Mishcon (1915–2006), solicitor and politician
Monro, Hector Seymour Peter, Baron Monro of Langholm (1922–2006), farmer and politician
Morrow, Sir Ian Thomas (1912–2006), accountant and businessman
Mumford, Enid Mary (1924–2006), social scientist
Needham, Rodney (1923–2006), anthropologist
Newby, (George) Eric (1919–2006), travel writer and adventurer
Nicholson, David (1939–2006), jockey and racehorse trainer
Norris, (George) Leslie (1921–2006), poet and short-story writer
O'Malley, Mary Margaret (1918–2006), theatre founder
Orr, Robert Kemsley [Robin] (1909–2006), composer and musical administrator
Osgood, Peter Leslie (1947–2006), footballer
Osmond, Sir Douglas (1914–2006), police officer
Page, Sir John Joseph Joffre (1915–2006), businessman
Pallo, Jackie (1926–2006), wrestler
Parker, Sir (Arthur) Douglas Dodds- (1909–2006), colonial administrator, special operations officer, and politician
Pattinson, Sir (William) Derek (1930–2006), church administrator and Church of England clergyman
Peacocke, Arthur Robert (1924–2006), biochemist and theologian
Pearce, (Ann) Philippa (1920–2006), children's writer
Peyton, John Wynne William, Baron Peyton of Yeovil (1919–2006), politician
Phillips, Dewi Zephaniah (1934–2006), philosopher
Plowright, David Ernest (1930–2006), television producer and executive
Polani, Paul Emanuel (1914–2006), geneticist
Pollock, Sir Michael Patrick (1916–2006), naval officer
Pontefract, Ella (1896/7–1945) [see under Hartley, Marie (1905–2006)]
Posner, Michael Vivian (1931–2006), economist
Powell, Sir Richard Royle (1909–2006), civil servant
Prior, Allan (1922–2006), screenwriter and novelist
Profumo, John Dennis (1915–2006), politician and social worker
Rae, John Malcolm (1931–2006), headmaster and author
Raitt, Alan William (1930–2006), French scholar
Randle, Sir Philip John (1926–2006), biochemist
Rao, Raja (1908–2006), novelist
Rawlinson, Peter Anthony Grayson, Baron Rawlinson of Ewell (1919–2006), barrister and politician
Rees, Charles Wayne (1927–2006), organic chemist
Rees, Merlyn Merlyn-, Baron Merlyn-Rees (1920–2006), politician
Renfrew, Glen McGarvie (1928–2006), journalist and news agency executive
Rheinberg, Netta (1911–2006), cricketer and cricket administrator
Riddelsdell, Dame Mildred (1913–2006), civil servant
Roth, Sir Martin (1917–2006), psychiatrist
Rowlands, Sir John Samuel (1915–2006), airforce officer
Russell, Sir Peter Edward Lionel (1913–2006), Spanish and Portuguese scholar
Russell, William Morris (1920–2006), engineer and designer
Sainsbury, Simon David Davan (1930–2006), businessman and philanthropist
Sapper, Alan Louis Geoffrey (1931–2006), trade unionist
Sargant, Naomi Ellen, Lady McIntosh of Haringey (1933–2006), broadcaster and educationist
Schofield, Sylvia Anne Terry (1916–2006), writer and traveller
Schwarzkopf, Dame (Olga Maria) Elisabeth Friederike (1915–2006), singer
Scott, Sir (William) David Stewart (1921–2006), submariner and naval officer
Shackleton, Sir Nicholas John (1937–2006), earth scientist and palaeoclimatologist
Shearer [Kennedy], Moira (1926–2006), ballet dancer, actress, and writer
Sherman, Sir Alfred (1919–2006), journalist and political activist
Simon, Jocelyn Edward Salis, Baron Simon of Glaisdale (1911–2006), politician and judge
Singer, Sir Hans Wolfgang (1910–2006), development economist
Slade, Julian Penkivil (1930–2006), composer and playwright
Smith, Sir Leslie Edward George (1919–2006), industrialist
Smith, Linda Helen (1958–2006), comedian
Smithers, Sir Peter Henry Berry Otway (1913–2006), intelligence officer, politician, and gardener
Spark, Dame Muriel Sarah (1918–2006), poet and novelist
Spencer, John (1935–2006), snooker player
Strawson, Sir Peter Frederick (1919–2006), philosopher
Stubbs, John Francis Alexander Heath- (1918–2006), poet
Tennant, Sir Iain Mark (1919–2006), television executive and businessman
Thompson, Donald James (1933–2006), athlete
Thomson, Kenneth Roy, second Baron Thomson of Fleet (1923–2006), businessman and newspaper proprietor
Tomlinson, (Philip) Richard Henry (1943–2006), teacher and theatre director
Townsend, Peter (1919–2006), Sinologist and art magazine editor
Trueman, Frederick Sewards [Fred] (1931–2006), cricketer and broadcaster
Twitchett, Denis Crispin (1925–2006), historian
Veale, Sir Alan John Ralph (1920–2006), engineer and industrialist
Watt, William Montgomery (1909–2006), Scottish Episcopal clergyman and scholar of Islam
Webster, John Brighton (1934–2006), advertising executive
Weir, Sir Michael Scott (1925–2006), diplomatist
Weir, Thomas [Tom] (1914–2006), mountaineer, naturalist, and broadcaster
Wharton, Michael Bernard (1913–2006), satirical journalist
Whitelaw, James Hunter (1936–2006), engineer
Wilford, Sir (Kenneth) Michael (1922–2006), diplomatist
Willett, Frank (1925–2006), museum director, archaeologist, and art historian
Williams, Charles Adolphus [Charlie] (1927–2006), footballer and comedian
Williams, Sir (John) Kyffin (1918–2006), painter
Williams, Nigel Prichard (1955–2006), charity worker and children's commissioner
Williams, Ursula Moray (1911–2006), children's writer and illustrator
Wilson, John (1927–2006), police officer
Wooderson, Sydney Charles (1914–2006), athlete
Woodrow, Joash (1927–2006), painter
Yellowlees, Sir Henry (1919–2006), medical officer
Young, Priscilla Helen Ferguson (1925–2006), social worker