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Reference list

Updates: October 2009

New subjects

Alexander, Alexander (b. 1781/2), soldier and writer
Al-Nahas, Mustafa (1879–1965), prime minister of Egypt
Appiah, Joseph Emmanuel (1918–1990), politician in Ghana
Armour, Jean (1765–1834), wife of Robert Burns and subject of poetry
Bain, James Thompson (1860–1919), trade unionist in South Africa
Bell, Robert Fitzroy (1859–1908), publisher and founder of the Edinburgh students' representative council
Bintworth, Richard (c.1285–1339), administrator and bishop of London
Blyth, James (1839–1906), electrical engineer and university teacher
Boffa, Sir Paul (1890–1962), prime minister of Malta
Bradshaw, Robert Llewellyn (1916–1978), premier of St Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla
Braunstone, Henry of (d. 1288), bishop of Salisbury
Caldcleugh, Alexander (1795–1858), businessman and traveller
Campbell, Peter (1782–1832), soldier and first organizer of the Uruguayan naval force
Carter, Sir John Gregorio (1919–2005), lawyer and diplomatist
Catherwood, Frederick (1799–1854), architect and traveller
Chalmers, George (1857–1928), mining engineer in Brazil
Chatfield, Frederick (1801–1872), diplomatist
Clavière, Étienne (1735–1793), political writer and financier
Clinton, Roger of (d. 1148), bishop of Chester
Clouston, Joseph Storer (1870–1944), novelist and historian
Colville, David (c.1581–1629), classical and oriental scholar
Corner, William de la (d. 1291), bishop of Salisbury
Crosby, Sarah (1729–1804), Methodist preacher
Devereux, John (1778–1860), United Irishman and army officer in the Colombian service
D'Ivernois, Sir Francis (1757–1842), political exile and politician in Geneva
Dollar, Robert McVey (1844–1932), shipowner and philanthropist
Duffield, William (c.1475–1537/8), Franciscan friar and suffragan bishop
Dumont, Pierre-Étienne-Louis (1759–1829), editor and promoter of the work of Jeremy Bentham
Duncan, John (1866–1945), painter and illustrator
Durdent, Walter (d. 1159), bishop of Coventry
Duroveray, Jacques-Antoine (1747–1814), political exile and politician in Geneva
Erghum, Ralph (c.1338?–1400), bishop of Bath and Wells
Fletcher, Christian, Lady Abercrombie (1619/20–1691), royalist heroine
Fraser, Patrick Allan- (1813–1890), artist and architect
Frederica, Princess (1848–1926)
Freeman, Ann (1797–1826), Methodist Bible Christian preacher
Garden, Mary (1874–1967), singer
Gibb, Andrew Dewar (1888–1974), legal scholar and Scottish nationalist
Gibbs, (Matilda) Blanche (1817–1887), philanthropist [see under Gibbs, William (1790–1875)]
Gibbs, William (1790–1875), businessman and religious philanthropist
Gibson, Sir Herbert, first baronet (1863–1934), landowner and livestock breeder in Argentina
Gilmour, James (1843–1891), missionary
Gray, William (c.1388–1436), diplomat and bishop of Lincoln
Greenup, Mary Courthope (1789–1846), adventurer and businesswoman in Colombia
Grubb, Wilfrid Barbrooke (1865–1930), missionary and explorer in Paraguay
Guthrie, James (1897–1937), racing motorcyclist
Hand, Rupert (d. in or after 1846), army officer in the Colombian service and teacher in Venezuela
Hastie, William (1754/5–1832), architect and town planner
Hedges, Frederick Albert Mitchell- (1882–1959), adventurer and archaeologist
Hole, William Fergusson Brassey (1846–1917), painter and etcher
John [John of Greenford] (d. 1180), bishop of Chichester
Jones, Lewis (1837–1904), settler in Patagonia and writer
Kalley, Robert Reid (1809–1888), missionary
Kalley, Sarah Poulton (1825–1907) [see under Kalley, Robert Reid (1809–1888)]
King, Sir Alexander Boyne (1888–1973), cinema manager and booking agent
Koebel, William Henry (1872–1923), businessman and author
Latcham, Richard Edward (1869–1943), civil engineer and anthropologist
Leitch, Archibald (1865–1939), engineer and architect
Lim Yew Hock (1914–1984), chief minister of Singapore
Longespée, Nicholas (d. 1297), bishop of Salisbury
Lorne, Tommy (1890–1935), music-hall entertainer and comedian
Love, Thomas George (1792/3–1845), journalist in Argentina
Lumsden, Sir Peter Stark (1829–1918), army officer
Macleod, Joseph Todd Gordon [pseud. Adam Drinan] (1903–1984), poet and radio announcer
Malloch, Peter Duncan (1852–1921), fishing tackle maker and naturalist
Mandeville, John Henry (1773–1861), diplomat
Marechera, Dambudzo (1952–1987), novelist and poet
Matthews, Abraham (1832–1899), Congregational minister and settler in Patagonia
McNeillie, John Kincaid [pseud. Ian Niall] (1916–2002), writer
Menelaws, Adam (1748/9?–1831), architect and landscape designer
Morris, Noah (1893–1947), biochemist and physician
Münchhausen, Gerlach Adolf von, Baron Münchhausen in the nobility of the Holy Roman empire (1688–1770), politician and diplomat
Münchhausen, Philipp Adolf von, Baron Münchhausen in the nobility of the Holy Roman empire (1694–1762), politician and administrator
Münster, Ernst Friedrich Herbert von, Count Münster-Ledenburg in the nobility of the Holy Roman empire (1766–1839), politician and courtier
O'Connor, Francisco Burdett (1791–1871), army officer in the Bolivian service
O'Higgins, Bernardo (1778–1842), army officer and supreme director of Chile
Pennell, William (1765–1860), consul in Brazil
Peregrino, Francis Zaccheus Santiago (c.1851–1919), pan-Africanist and newspaper editor in South Africa
Philp, Hugh (1786–1856), golf club maker
Ryan, Sarah (1724–1768), Methodist preacher
Scammel, Walter (d. 1286), bishop of Salisbury
Shiels, William (1783–1857), artist
Smart, John (d. in or after 1539), abbot of Wigmore and suffragan bishop
Staples, Robert Ponsonby (1784/5–1852), consul and merchant in Buenos Aires and Mexico
Stevens, Siaka Probyn (1905–1988), prime minister and president of Sierra Leone
Stewart, William (1830–1916), medical practitioner and businessman in Paraguay
Tennant, Harold John (1865–1935), politician
Thomson, James (1788–1854), evangelist and school promoter
Tooth, Mary (1778–1843), Methodist preacher
Trent, William (1653x66–1724), merchant and founder of Trenton, New Jersey
Turnbull, David (1793?–1851), journalist and slavery abolitionist
Vowell, Richard Longfield (1795–1870), army officer in South America and writer
Wetherell, James (bap. 1823, d. 1858), merchant and consul in Brazil
Whytehead, William Henry Keld (1825–1865), naval architect and engineer
Woodward, Michael (1932–1973), Roman Catholic priest
Zaghlul, Saad (1857x9–1927), prime minister of Egypt