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Reference list

Updates: May 2009

New subjects

Abu Bakar (1833–1895), sultan of Johore
Arnott, Samuel (1852–1930), gardener and politician
Barnes, James (bap. 1806, d. 1877), gardener
Barr, Peter (1826–1909), seedsman and nurseryman
Bean, William Jackson (1863–1947), arboriculturist and dendrologist
Beaton, Donald (1802–1863), gardener
Bishop, Maurice Rupert (1944–1983), prime minister of Grenada
Brunton, (Richard) Henry (1841–1901), civil engineer
Caen, John (c.1247–1310), notary public and royal official
Charles, Dame (Mary) Eugenia (1919–2005), prime minister of Dominica
Chitepo, Herbert Wiltshire Tfumaindini (1923–1975), barrister and politician in Rhodesia
Climping, John of (d. 1262), bishop of Chichester
Dawes, Jesse Cooper (1878–1955), sanitary inspector
D'Ombrain, Henry Honywood (1818–1905), Church of England clergyman and gardener
Drake, Sarah Anne (1803–1857), botanical artist
Eassie, William (1832–1888), sanitary engineer and pioneer of cremation
Eckford, Henry (1823–1905), gardener and hybridist
Ellis, Sir Albert Fuller (1869–1951), mining engineer and phosphate commissioner in the south Pacific
Gerrard, Edward (1810–1910), taxidermist
Grimshaw, Beatrice Ethel (1870–1953), traveller and author
Gunn, Thomas Edward (1844–1923), taxidermist
Haden, George (1788–1856), engineer
Hals, John (c.1407–1490), bishop of Coventry and Lichfield
Hanbury, Sir Thomas (1832–1907), merchant and gardener
Harewell, John (1320x25?–1386), administrator and bishop of Bath and Wells
Hill, Richard (d. 1496), bishop of London
Hogg, Robert (1818–1897), nurseryman and author
Horsfall, Thomas Coglan (1841–1932), philanthropist
Howe, Sir Robert George (1893–1981), diplomatist and colonial governor
Hussey, Anna Maria (1805–1853), mycologist and botanical illustrator
Hyams, Edward Solomon (1910–1975), gardener and ecologist
Ibrahim (1873–1959) [see under Abu Bakar (1833–1895)]
Innes, Emily Anne (1843–1927), author
Jennings, (Josiah) George (1810–1882), sanitary engineer
Joseph, Helen Beatrice May (1905–1992), anti-apartheid activist
Kemp, Edward (1817–1891), landscape gardener
Kirk, Alexander Carnegie (1830–1892), mechanical engineer and inventor
Lawrence, Louisa (1803/4–1855), horticulturist
Lawrence, Sir (James John) Trevor, second baronet (1831–1913), hospital administrator and horticulturist [see under Lawrence, Louisa (1803/–1855)]
Lawson, Charles (1795–1873), seed merchant and agriculturist
Leofwine (d. in or before 1095), abbot of Coventry and bishop of Lichfield
Leyland, Christopher John (1849–1926), naval officer and silviculturist
Limesey, Robert de (d. 1117), bishop of Coventry
Lobb, Thomas (bap. 1817, d. 1894), plant collector [see under Lobb, William (bap. 1809, d. 1863)]
Lobb, William (bap. 1809, d. 1863), plant collector
Ludlow, Frank (1885–1972), traveller
M'Intosh, Charles (1794–1864), horticulturist
McNab, James (1810–1878), horticulturist and botanist
McNab, William (1780–1848), horticulturist
Margai, Sir Milton Augustus Strieby (1895–1964), prime minister of Sierra Leone
Maries, Charles (1851–1902), plant collector and garden designer
Mifsud, Sir Ugo Pasquale (1889–1942), prime minister of Malta
Neilson, Walter Montgomerie (1819–1889), railway locomotive manufacturer
Paterson, Sir Clifford Copland (1879–1948), engineer
Peche, Robert (d. 1126) [see under Limesey, Robert de (d. 1117)]
Phalke, Dhundiraj Govind (1870–1944), film-maker
Phipson, Wilson Weatherley (1838–1891), engineer
Potter, Walter (1835–1918), taxidermist
Pykenham, William (d. 1497), lawyer and ecclesiastic
Rai, Dhanpat (1880–1936), novelist and short story writer
Renton, Dorothy Graham (1898–1966), gardener
Renton, John Taylor (1891–1967) [see under Renton, Dorothy Graham (1898–1966)]
Roe, John (1795–1874), civil engineer
Sandford, Henry of (d. 1235), bishop of Rochester
Seffrid (I) (d. 1150), bishop of Chichester
Shanks, John (1825–1895), sanitary engineer
Simpson, James (1799–1869), waterworks engineer
Snelling, Lilian (1879–1972), botanical artist
Spencer, Oscar Alan (1913–1993), colonial administrator and economist
Spicer, Peter (1839–1935), taxidermist
Stackhouse, Emily (1811–1870), botanical artist
Streeter, Frederick (1877/9–1975), gardener and broadcaster
Thom, Robert, of Ascog (1774–1847), civil engineer and industrialist
Thomas, Francis Inigo (1865–1950), architect and garden designer
Thomas, John (1797–1881), Wesleyan missionary and Tongan scholar
Tremayne family (per. 1741–1901), politicians and gardeners
Tremayne, Henry Hawkins (bap. 1741, d. 1829) [see under Tremayne family (per. 1741–1901)]
Tremayne, John (1825–1901) [see under Tremayne family (per. 1741–1901)]
Tremayne, John Hearle (bap. 1780, d. 1851) [see under Tremayne family (per. 1741–1901)]
Twyford, Thomas William (1849–1921), sanitary ware manufacturer
Ward, (James) Rowland (1847–1912), taxidermist
Weir, James (1842/3–1920), engineer and inventor
Wenden, Richard of (d. 1250), bishop of Rochester
Williams, John Charles (1861–1939), gardener and politician
Williams, Michael (1785–1858), mining entrepreneur and politician [see under Williams, John Charles (1861–1939)]
Wilson, Guy Livingstone (1885–1962), gardener
Withers, Augusta Joanna Elizabeth Innes (bap. 1793, d. 1876), botanical artist
Wyville, Robert (d. 1375), bishop of Salisbury