Labour Representation Committee members of the British parliament elected in 1906

Labour Representation Committee members of the British parliament elected in 1906

At the general election of 1906, twenty-nine members of parliament were elected under the auspices of the Labour Representation Committee. They took the name Labour Party and were therefore the first members of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Keir Hardie being elected as their chairman in February 1906 [see Leaders of the Labour Representation Committee and the Labour Party]. They are listed below with their constituencies and affiliations.
George Nicoll Barnes (1859–1940); Glasgow (Blackfriars); engineers
Charles William Bowerman (1851?–1947); Deptford; compositors
John Robert Clynes (1869–1949); Manchester North East; Independent Labour Party
Will Crooks (1852–1921); Woolwich; Poplar Labour League
Charles Duncan (1865–1933); Barrow-in-Furness; engineers
Alfred Henry Gill (1856–1914); Bolton; cotton spinners
Thomas Glover (1852–1913); St Helens; miners
(James) Keir Hardie (1856–1915); Merthyr; Independent Labour Party
Arthur Henderson (1863–1935); Barnard Castle; ironfounders
John Hodge (1855–1937); Gorton; steel smelters
Walter Hudson (1852–1935); Newcastle upon Tyne; railwaymen
John Hogan Jenkins (1852–1936); Cardiff; shipwrights
Frederick William Jowett (1864–1944); Bradford West; Independent Labour Party
George Davy Kelley (1848–1911); Manchester South-West; lithographic printers
(James) Ramsay MacDonald (1866–1937); Leicester; Independent Labour Party
John Thomas Macpherson (1872–1921); Preston; steel smelters
James O'Grady (1866–1934); Leeds East; furniture trades
James Parker (1863–1948); Halifax; Independent Labour Party
Thomas Frederick Richards (1863–1942); Wolverhampton West; boot and shoe operatives
George Henry Roberts (1868–1928); Norwich; Typographical Association
James Andrew Seddon (1868–1939); Newton, Lancashire; shop assistants
David James Shackleton (1863–1938); Clitheroe; weavers
Philip Snowden (1864–1937); Blackburn; Independent Labour Party
Thomas Summerbell (1861–1910); Sunderland; Typographical Association
Will Thorne (1857–1946); West Ham; gasworkers
Stephen Walsh (1859–1929); Ince, Lancashire; miners
George James Wardle (1865–1947); Stockport; railwaymen
Alexander Wilkie (1850–1928); Dundee; shipwrights
William Tyson Wilson (1855–1921); West Houghton, Lancashire; carpenters and joiners

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