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Borrell, Henry Perigal (1795–1851), numismatist, after learning business in London established himself as a trader at Smyrna, where he lived from 1818 until his death. He devoted much of his attention to the discovery of inedited Greek coins, in which he was remarkably successful. The results of his discoveries were given in papers contributed to the Revue Numismatique, the Numismatic Chronicle, and various German numismatic periodicals. In 1836 he published at Paris a ‘Notice sur quelques médailles grecques des rois de Chypre’. His articles entitled ‘Coins in Andeda in Pisida’ and ‘On the coins reading OKOKLIEŌN’ were published in 1839 and 1841 respectively in the Numismatic Chronicle.

Borrell was an associate member of the Numismatic Society of London from 28 November 1839 until his death at the age of fifty-six, at Smyrna on 2 October 1851. His collection of coins, antiquities, and gems was sold by Sotheby and Wilkinson of London in 1851 and his numismatic library was sold at Sothebys on 28 February 1853.

[Anon.], rev. Joanne Potier


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