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Hutt, John (1746–1794), naval officer, uncle of Sir William Hutt, became lieutenant of the Lively on 10 April 1773, while serving in North America; later he moved to the Hind (7 January 1774) and Scarborough (20 April 1774). In 1780 he was serving in the West Indies in the brig St Lucia; in October he was moved to the Sandwich by Sir George Rodney, who, on 12 February 1781, promoted him to the command of the brig Antigua (14 guns).

On 28 May, during De Grasse's attempt to recapture the island of St Lucia, the Antigua was lying in Dauphin Creek; she was seized and burnt, Hutt and the ship's company being made prisoners. In November he was allowed to return to England on parole, and, being shortly afterwards exchanged, was tried for the loss of his ship, and acquitted. In July 1782 he was appointed to command the sloop Trimmer in the channel, and in the following year he was posted to the Camilla (20 guns), in which he went out to Jamaica. The Camilla returned to England in November 1787, and in July 1790 Hutt became captain of the frigate Lizard. In September he was sent to a position off Ferrol to gather intelligence of the Spanish force, and brought back the news that the Spanish fleet had retired to Cadiz.

In 1793 Hutt was appointed to the Queen (98 guns) as flag captain to Rear-Admiral Sir Alan Gardner, whom he had already known as commodore on the Jamaica station, and during that year he was involved in the unsuccessful attempt to retake Martinique. He was still in the Queen, in Howe's fleet, when, on 29 May 1794, in an engagement preliminary to the battle of 1 June, he lost a leg. No serious danger to his life was at first apprehended, but after the return of the fleet to Spithead his condition deteriorated and he died on 30 June 1794.

J. K. Laughton, rev. Randolph Cock


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