There are seven powerful ways to search the Oxford DNB:
Highlight Search
Magic Search
The Oxford DNB incorporates a feature that we call 'Highlight Search'. Simply highlight any text in an article and click the button next to the quick search box and the Oxford DNB will perform a search on the selected text.
Quick Search
The quickest way to search is to use Quick Search at the top right, or below:
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People Search
Search for a person or group of persons using a wide selection of characteristics. > Open people search now
Full Text Search
Search the full text of the dictionary for words and phrases in different contexts. > Open full text search now
References Search
Search the reference and bibliographic materials associated with each article. > Open references search now
Contributor Search
Search the index of contributors and find the articles each wrote. > Open contributor search now
Image Search
Search the portraits and illustrations that appear in the Oxford DNB. > Open image search now
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