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Chancellors of the exchequer (1559–2011)

The office of chancellor of the exchequer can be traced to the twelfth century, but its significance as a financial office is generally dated to the late sixteenth century, following reforms initiated by Sir Walter Mildmay and William Paulet, first marquess of Winchester (1474/5?–1572). Even after that date, the chancellorship remained a comparatively minor position, but it grew in importance in line with a shifting balance of power between the crown and parliament. Key resolutions passed by the House of Commons in 1706 and 1713 endowed the executive, rather than the monarchy, with the authority to initiate and approve financial legislation. These changes meant that the office of chancellor, formerly administrative, became increasingly political. Since the early nineteenth century, the chancellor of the exchequer has been the cabinet minister responsible for finance and the head of HM Treasury.
1559–1589Sir Walter Mildmay (1520/21–1589)
1589–1603Sir John Fortescue (1533–1607)
1603–1606George Home, earl of Dunbar (d. 1611)
1606–1614Sir Julius Caesar (bap. 1558, d. 1636)
1614–1621Sir Fulke Greville (1554–1628)
1621–1628Sir Richard Weston (bap. 1577, d. 1635)
1628–1629Edward Barrett, Lord Barrett of Newburgh (1581–1644/5)
1629–1642Francis Cottington, first Baron Cottington (1579?–1652)
1642–1643Sir John Colepeper (bap. 1600, d. 1660)
1643–1649Sir Edward Hyde (1609–1674)
1660–1661Sir Edward Hyde (1609–1674)
1661–1672Anthony Ashley Cooper, Baron Ashley (1621–1683)
1672–1676Sir John Duncombe (bap. 1622, d. 1687)
1676–1689Sir John Ernle (1617x20–1697)
1689–1690Henry Booth, Baron Delamere (1652–1694)
1690–1694Richard Hampden (bap. 1631, d. 1695)
1694–1699Charles Montagu (1661–1715)
1699–1701John Smith (1655/6–1723)
1701–1708Henry Boyle (1669–1725)
1708–1710John Smith (1655/6–1723)
1710–1711Robert Harley (1661–1724)
1711–1713Robert Benson (bap. 1676, d. 1731)
1713–1714Sir William Wyndham, third baronet (c.1688–1740)
1714–1715Sir Richard Onslow, third baronet (1654–1717)
1715–1717Robert Walpole (1676–1745)
1717–1718James Stanhope, Viscount Stanhope of Mahon (1673–1721)
1718–1721John Aislabie (1670–1742)
1721 (Feb–April)Sir John Pratt (1657–1725)
1721–1742Robert Walpole (1676–1745)
1742–1743Samuel Sandys (1695–1770)
1743–1754Henry Pelham (1694–1754)
1754 (March–April)Sir William Lee (1688–1754)
1754–1755Henry Bilson Legge (1708–1764)
1755–1756Sir George Lyttelton, first baronet (1709–1773)
1756–1757Henry Bilson Legge (1708–1764)
1757 (April–July)William Murray, Baron Mansfield (1705–1793)
1757–1761Henry Bilson Legge (1708–1764)
1761–1762William Wildman Barrington, second Viscount Barrington (1717–1793)
1762–1763Francis Dashwood, eleventh Baron Le Despencer (1708–1781)
1763–1765George Grenville (1712–1770)
1765–1766William Dowdeswell (1721–1775)
1766–1767Charles Townshend (1725–1767)
1767 (Sept–Oct)William Murray, earl of Mansfield (1705–1793)
1767–1782Frederick North, Lord North [see North, Frederick, second earl of Guilford (1732–1792)]
1782 (April–July)Lord John Cavendish (1732–1796)
1782–1783William Pitt [known as Pitt the younger] (1759–1806)
1783 (April–Dec)Lord John Cavendish (1732–1796)
1783–1801William Pitt [known as Pitt the younger] (1759–1806)
1801–1804Henry Addington (1757–1844)
1804–1806William Pitt [known as Pitt the younger] (1759–1806)
1806–1807Lord Henry Petty [see Fitzmaurice, Henry Petty-, third marquess of Lansdowne (1780–1863)]
1807–1812Spencer Perceval (1762–1812)
1812–1823Nicholas Vansittart (1766–1851)
1823–1827Frederick John Robinson (1782–1859)
1827 (April–Sept)George Canning (1770–1827)
1827–1828John Charles Herries (1778–1855)
1828–1830Henry Goulburn (1784–1856)
1830–1834John Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp (1782–1845)
1834–1835Sir Robert Peel, second baronet (1788–1850)
1835–1839Thomas Spring Rice (1790–1866)
1839–1841Francis Thornhill Baring (1796–1866)
1841–1846Henry Goulburn (1784–1856)
1846–1852Sir Charles Wood, third baronet (1800–1885)
1852 (Feb–Dec)Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)
1852–1855William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
1855–1858Sir George Cornewall Lewis, second baronet (1806–1863)
1858–1859Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)
1859–1866William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
1866–1868Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)
1868 (Feb–Dec)George Ward Hunt (1825–1877)
1868–1873Robert Lowe (1811–1892)
1873–1874William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
1874–1880Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, eighth baronet (1818–1887)
1880–1882William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
1882–1885Hugh Culling Eardley Childers (1827–1896)
1885–1886Sir Michael Edward Hicks Beach, ninth baronet (1837–1916)
1886 (Feb–Aug)Sir William George Granville Venables Vernon Harcourt (1827–1904)
1886–1887Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill (1849–1895)
1887–1892George Joachim Goschen (1831–1907)
1892–1895Sir William George Granville Venables Vernon Harcourt (1827–1904)
1895–1902Sir Michael Edward Hicks Beach, ninth baronet (1837–1916)
1902–1903Charles Thomson Ritchie (1838–1906)
1903–1905Joseph Chamberlain (1836–1914)
1905–1908Herbert Henry Asquith (1852–1928)
1908–1915David Lloyd George (1863–1945)
1915–1916Reginald McKenna (1863–1943)
1916–1919Andrew Bonar Law (1858–1923)
1919–1921(Joseph) Austen Chamberlain (1863–1937)
1921–1922Sir Robert Stevenson Horne (1871–1940)
1922–1923Stanley Baldwin (1867–1947)
1923–1924(Arthur) Neville Chamberlain (1869–1940)
1924 (Jan–Nov)Philip Snowden (1864–1937)
1924–1929Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874–1965)
1929–1931Philip Snowden (1864–1937)
1931–1937(Arthur) Neville Chamberlain (1869–1940)
1937–1940Sir John Allsebrook Simon (1873–1954)
1940–1943Sir (Howard) Kingsley Wood (1881–1943)
1943–1945Sir John Anderson (1882–1958)
1945–1947(Edward) Hugh Neale Dalton (1887–1962)
1947–1950Sir (Richard) Stafford Cripps (1889–1952)
1950–1951Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell (1906–1963)
1951–1955Richard Austen Butler (1902–1982)
1955–1957(Maurice) Harold Macmillan (1894–1986)
1957–1958(George Edward) Peter Thorneycroft (1909–1994)
1958–1960Derick Heathcoat Amory (1899–1981)
1960–1962(John) Selwyn Brooke Lloyd (1904–1978)
1962–1964Reginald Maudling (1917–1979)
1964–1967(Leonard) James Callaghan (1912–2005)
1967–1970Roy Harris Jenkins (1920–2003)
1970 (June–July)Iain Norman Macleod (1913–1970)
1970–1974Anthony Perrinott Lysberg Barber (1920–2005)
1974–1979Denis Winston Healey (b. 1917)
1979–1983Sir (Richard Edward) Geoffrey Howe (b. 1926)
1983–1989Nigel Lawson (b. 1932)
1989–1990John Major (b. 1943)
1990–1993Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont (b. 1942)
1993–1997Kenneth Harry Clarke (b. 1940)
1997–2007(James) Gordon Brown (b. 1951)
2007–2010Alistair Maclean Darling (b. 1953)
2010–George Gideon Oliver Osborne (b. 1971)