Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the new look online Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, which we’re proud to present after months of hard work. This is the first time since its launch in September 2004 that the site has had a major redesign, not just in look but also in how the site works, and we hope you’ll agree that it functions as well as it looks, and provides a good reading experience too.

The site now has a clean, modern design, which works well across all mobile and tablet formats, while the search is foregrounded to make it easier, we think, for users to take advantage of the richness of the text and the data behind it. Images and podcasts are now searchable in their own right, and our theme entries (feature essays, reference groups, and reference lists) are incorporated into the main body of content.

Regular readers may have noticed that the last time we updated the site with new entries was back in January this year, when we added those people who died in 2013, including my own entry on Margaret Thatcher. Since then it’s been necessary to pause in our updating to allow for the work on the new website, but we’ll begin updating again with the 2014 lives, on 11 January 2018, and after that with regular monthly releases of new content and additions to published entries.

I hope you enjoy looking around the Oxford DNB. The launch of the new site is an opportunity to discover new lives as well as revisiting familiar ones, and for experimenting with the many search capabilities.

Please do let us know what you think of the new site, whether positive or less so! We’re eager to receive feedback.

Until January!

David Cannadine

December 2017