April 2018 update

The April 2018 update of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford DNB) sees the addition of more than twenty new entries, featuring those from the worlds of politics and business, to artists and writers. Read a guide to the new update written by Sir David Cannadine in full here.

Although Hadriaan Beverland's philological studies concentrated primarily on ancient history and classical literature, he was fascinated by sex and studied all he could on the subject, for which he was convicted of writing godless, profane, and perverse works.

Hebraist and translator of medieval Hebrew poetry Nina Ruth Salaman began publishing translations of medieval Hebrew poems in the Anglo-Jewish press when she was seventeen and was the first—and only—woman to preach in an Orthodox synagogue in Great Britain.

Poet, secretary, and scribe Rowland Woodward, best known as a friend of the poet John Donne. Woodward transcribed one of the most important contemporary manuscript collections of Donne's poetry, the Westmoreland manuscript.

These are just three of the 27 new biographies added this update, of subjects who have helped shape the history and culture of Britain. A full list of subjects and Reference Groups added in this update can be found here.

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