What's new: June 2018

June 14, 2018

This update adds thirty new articles (including one reference group article), containing thirty-six biographies, accompanied by fifteen portrait likenesses. Those entries marked with an asterisk (*) are freely available for a period of three months from publication.

Two themes represented in the update are lives of women who made professional careers in theatre and performance in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, curated as advisory editor by Maggie B. Gale, professor of drama at the University of Manchester; and women who wrote for the periodical and newspaper press from the mid-nineteenth century into the early twentieth century. Read the full editorial introduction to this month’s update.

New and updated subjects - June 2018

Albanesi, Margherita Cecilia Brigida Lucia Maria [Meggie] (1899–1923), actress
Allan, Maud [real name Ulla Maude Durrant] (1873–1956), dancer*
Baker, (Gertrude) Elizabeth (1876–1962), playwright
Baldwin, Richard junior (1724–1770), bookseller and publisher
Balfour, Betty (b. 1902?, d. 1977), actress
Bensusan, Inez Isabel (1871–1967), actress, playwright, and suffragist
Black [née Spottiswoode], Helen Cecilia (1836–1906), journalist and philanthropist
Brayton, Elizabeth [Lily] (1876–1953), actor and theatrical producer
Burgess, Joseph (1853–1934), journalist and socialist
Collier, Constance (1878–1955), actress
Edwards, Henry (1883–1952), actor and film director
Francis [née Jervis], Eliza Warren (1810–1900), author of domestic manuals and journal editor
Greville [née Graham], Lady (Beatrice) Violet (1842–1932), journalist and author
Humphry [née Graham], Charlotte Eliza (1842/3–1925), journalist
Jeans, Isabel (1891–1985), actress
Jennings, Gertrude Eleanor (1877–1958), playwright
Kendall, Emma Goldworth [May] (1861–1943), writer
King, Hetty [real name Winifred Emms; first married name Lotinga; second married name Lamond] (1883–1972), music hall performer and male impersonator*
Lewer [née Garrett], Ethel Harriet Comyns (1861–1946), periodical proprietor and editor
Loftus, Cissie (1876–1943), actress
Low, Frances Helena (1862–1939), journalist and anti-suffragist
Marston, Robert Bright (1853–1927), angler, publisher, and editor
Pullan [née Chesney], Matilda Marian (1819–1862), writer on needlework and journalist
Reeve, Ada (1874–1966), actress*
Reville, Alma Lucy [married name Hitchcock] (1899–1982), film editor and script writer
Tooley [née Southall], Sarah Anne (1856–1946), journalist and author
Tree, Viola Emmie Aida (1884–1938), actress and theatre producer
White, Ada Constance [known as Chrissie White; married names Whitten, Edwards] (1895–1989), actress
Young, Murdo (1790/91–1870), newspaper editor and proprietor

New reference groups - June 2018

Actresses' Franchise League (act. 1908–1958)

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