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Alcuin [Albinus, Flaccus] (c. 740–804), abbot of St Martin's, Tours, and royal adviser, was a major figure in the revival of learning and letters under the Frankish king and emperor, Charlemagne (r. 768–814).


Alcuin (c. 740–804) medallion drawing © reserved


Seaxburh [St Seaxburh, Sexburga] (b. in or before 655, d. c. 700), queen of Kent, consort of King Eorcenberht, and abbess of Ely, is described by Bede in his Historia ecclesiastica as the eldest daughter of Anna, king of the East Angles (d. 654?)...


Wulfthryth [St Wulfthryth] (d. c. 1000), abbess of Wilton, was queen of England, the second consort of King Edgar, for a brief period before her appointment as abbess. Details of Wulfthryth's parentage are not known, but she must have been of noble birth like her cousin ...