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Mingana, Alphonse [formerly Hurmiz Mingana] (1878?–1937), Syriac and Christian Arabic scholar, was born on 23 December probably in 1878 (not 1881 as usually stated) in Sharansh al-'Ulya in the district of Zakho, vilayet of Mosul (now northern Iraq), the eldest of the eight children of ...


See Rassam, Hormuzd


Rassam, Hormuzd (1826–1910), archaeologist and civil servant, was born in Mosul, Mesopotamia, then within the Ottoman empire, afterwards in northern Iraq. He was the youngest son and eighth child of Antun and Theresa Rassam, who were members of Mosul's Christian Chaldean community, his father being archdeacon of the uniate ...


Hormuzd Rassam (1826–1910) by Lock & Whitfield, pubd 1881 © National Portrait Gallery, London