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Massasoit (c. 1600–1661), leader of the Algonquian Indians, was born near Bristol, Rhode Island. The exact date of his birth and the names of his parents are unknown. He rose to become sachem (chief) of a band of southern New England Algonquian Indians later known to the English as the Wampanoag Pokanoket. In March 1621 he entered into an alliance with a group of English separatist puritans who had established a small and vulnerable village at ...


Metacom [Philip; called King Philip] (c. 1630–1676), leader of the Algonquian Indians, was born in or near Mount Hope in what is now Rhode Island, the second son of Massasoit (also known as Osamequin) (c. 1600–1661), Wampanoag sachem, who, in 1620, greeted the first pilgrims in the land they named ...


Pocahontas (c. 1596–1617) by Simon de Passe, 1616 © National Portrait Gallery, London


Pocahontas [Matoaka, Amonute; married name Rebecca Rolfe] (c. 1596–1617), Algonquian Indian princess, was the daughter of Chief Powhatan (or Wahunsonacock) (d. 1618) of the Virginia Algonquian nation. Probably named Matoaka at birth, she was a prepubescent youngster and her father's favourite daughter and known as ...