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Alexander Gordon

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Blakely, Fletcher (1783–1862), non-subscribing Presbyterian minister, was born on 13 May 1783 at Ballyroney, co. Down. He was the youngest son of Joseph Bleakly, a farmer, and was named after the Revd William Fletcher (d. 1824), Presbyterian minister of Ballyroney, who gave him his early education; both his parents died when he was very young. In 1799 he entered ...


Boucher, John (1819–1878), Unitarian minister, was born in Moneyreagh, co. Down, the son of David Boucher, a tenant farmer. His educational history is obscure, owing in part to the complex and unfortunately only spottily documented history of the Belfast Academical Institution, from which he was accorded the general certificate from the college department in 1837. He may then have pursued further theological instruction from ...


Herbison, David [called the Bard of Dunclug] (1800–1880), poet, was born on 14 October 1800 at Mill Street, Ballymena, co. Antrim, the fourth child of William Herbison (d. 1825), an innkeeper, and his wife, Elizabeth Wilson. At the age of three, following an attack of smallpox, he lost his sight. For four years he remained totally blind, but regained the sight in one eye after medical treatment. His education was adversely affected by his weak eyesight and poor health. He attended school for barely two years, and considered himself to be self-educated. In 1810 his father gave up his inn and moved to a small farm at ...


Henry Montgomery (1788–1865) by John Prescott Knight, exh. RA 1846 Phillips Picture Library


Montgomery, Henry (1788–1865), a founder of the Remonstrant Synod of Ulster, was born on 16 January 1788 at Boltnaconnel House, Killead, co. Antrim, the fifth son and youngest child of Archibald Montgomery, lieutenant in the volunteers, and his wife, Sarah, daughter of William Campbell...